Cell Phones
Jul 31st, 2008 by thesuper

The sales of other models of cell phones provider cell phone AT&T virtually stopped completely the day on which the iPhone 3G was announced in April, the company president, Mohammed Nadir said during a conference that discussed the latest results of the quarter . Although the mobile phone business helped Rogers to get a 11 percent increase in quarterly profits to 2.8 billion dollars without the iPhone for sale, the executive of the company noted that demand for other aircraft “was slowed down “The same day that Rogers announced that Apple would launch the device during the summer.

Maverick Software Announces a Line of Games for IPhone
Jul 20th, 2008 by thesuper

Maverick Software, a developer of games “casual” has announced its landing platform in the iPhone and iPod Touch and advanced diplomas from 4 games developed from scratch by the company for these devices.

– the powerhouse
Jul 16th, 2008 by thesuper

For past Chairman of the Democratic National Committee for 4 years (from February 2001-February 2005) it was obvious that we would see him join Barack Obama as soon as the Democratic Party chose its candidate for the Presidency.

Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as Carter before them, gained so much from his involvement with them, that there is no Democratic hopeful that would readily be happy to go into elections whether for Congress or the Senate without . (This is without a doubt the secret to success when it comes to elections in the United States.)

Development Plans Ubuntu 8.10 and Mandriva 2009: We Already Have Their Alpha 2
Jul 15th, 2008 by thesuper

Both Ubuntu as Mandriva Linux have recently released their respective versions of Alpha 2 development of its forthcoming editions. The new Ubuntu will be called Intrepid and Singapore is ready to launch its final version for the day on October 30. For its part, Mandriva Linux 2009 a few days to advance the distribution of Canonical and the expected date for final release is on October 9.

As for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Singapore, according to its public roadmap, after releasing just a couple of days its second Alpha Alpha versions are estimated 4 more before reaching the only beta-awaited day on October 2. From there, one is scheduled Release Candidate (RC) for the day on October 23 and directly launch a week later the official final version. Other important milestones during the development of this new edition is the freezing of new features (on August 28) and the user interface (September 11).

Mandriva Linux has also published development plans for its 2009 edition, which detailed that this has been the latest version Alpha and will make way for the two versions Beta scheduled to take place on July 29 and August 19. The following will enjoy the two versions estimated to candidates on 3 and September 23. On October 2 will be released a final version official internal but users must wait another week for the official final version of the operating system.

Links | Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Roadmap, 2009 Mandriva Linux Development

Deluxe PocMon 1.1
Jul 3rd, 2008 by thesuper

Deluxe PocMon are here for your Mac and brings new twists to the adventures of the pills come. This is a rehash of old classic Amiga? Deluxe PacMan, voted in the list of 100 Best Amiga games of all time.

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