Command of Language
Jan 26th, 2013 by thesuper

We are just as important to monitor their care while you work. We need to learn to work on the result, rather than working, because we need or we will discover for yourself so decided. It is not necessary suggest that passive prosledovanie learning process will provide us with a brilliant command of the language. Precede a specific purpose, as well as deadlines for their execution. Know your pace. If you are a normal page is very simple text (2,000 characters) for 20 minutes. Define it for yourself and finish reading at least 20 minutes. Likewise, learning new words.

If you know that you can learn 20 words in 10 minutes, not Reduce your own pace. Break down complex problem into several simpler ones. Focus on one task at a time. Most of us, single-function. Therefore, for greater efficiency spent time learning, you should not turn on the tv, listen to loud music, talking with friends, draw, play computer games, etc. This will keep from scattering your attention and destroy confidence after the successful completion of the assignment. Do not skip classes. The more you miss, the more you keep up.

And you feel it. When you are given a lesson on the issue, and you can not answer it, you have negative feelings. Naturally, we can not help, even on an unconscious level, the aim to avoid such feelings and look for an excuse not to go to class. Herein lies the greatest danger, because if we did not come to his senses in time, then come to school will no longer make sense.

The Cause
Jan 25th, 2013 by thesuper

This also is an exercise. Interesting an analysis to this tip in what the association says respect that is made with the maintenance of the perspectives. What this wants to say? Very probably, when you take a decision for impulse, you it is, at that accurate moment, suffering from what costumo to call intellectual blindness. Of this form, you it is leaving and abandoning the way of the side wisdom, leaving its perspectives and, depending on the situation, when to give account, can not have correction for the error. Additionally, we must ' ' calibrar' ' ' ' relaxem' '. This does not mean that we must simply rest and leave ' ' wood quebrar' ' being valid us to be pacific people tranquilas and. Also we cannot confuse the positively energetic behavior, that has as its counterpoint the passivity, with impulsive behavior. They are different things.

Summarizing history, let us analyze the difficult situations with wisdom, let us examine our condition to give an intelligent reply (either personally or for email) e, when we will only have recovered security, tranquilidade and our mental facultieses, we answer. 9 ' ' Refeio&#039 enjoys one; ': What it means this? Let us look for to focar in what it is happening NOW. At this accurate moment, in this as. How to intervene with the past? How to intervene with the future? It does not have as. Passed and future they are effect, not causes. to a large extent of the time, we are worried about both and we forget in to adjust them our attention to the gift. To the cause.

To enjoy ' ' of one refeio' ' it means, literally, that we must feeding in them well. To choose well what we ingest is an intelligence signal. If not to intervene with Now, our taxes go showing in them, more ahead, that we were made a mistake.

Jan 25th, 2013 by thesuper

The Macunama romance could critically be summarized of many forms, but this work has according to approach it vision of the proper author who, in addressed letter to Sousa professor of the Silveira, it mentions itself as, ' ' A poem comic hero, caoando of the being psychological Brazilian, settled in one figure of legend, the mstica way them traditional poems. The fantastic Real and the casting ones in a plan. The casting symbol, satire and the free fancy. Absence 7 of regionalism for the fusing of the regional characteristics. Brazil alone, and one only. (LOPEZ, 1974, P.8) a text in which if they find congregated some elements constituent as problems to be boarded, the satire, the symbol, the nationalism and the regionalism. a problem if raises ahead then of the registration of the satire as; according to Tel (LOPEZ 1974, P. 8), ' ' Problems of the estruturao of the workmanship' '.

what, pparently, it seems to place Macunama, breaking itself of the agreement of this term, as something that, second (HUTHEON 1985, P. 74); ' ' uses, frequently, the parody as I propagate to ridicularizar the vices or madnesses of the humanity, in view of its correction' ' it is configured in the desire to materialize the Brazilian character as a to be restored model. It occurs that such desire, in case that proven, would also go against all the theoretical recital of the movement of the week of the modern art and against the proper author, Mrio de Andrade. What, according to transcription of the stretch of a letter: But the truth is that I failed, if the book is all it a satire, a Rebelled conformismo on what it is, what I feel and see that is for the Brazilian people, the Aspect? enjoyed? it prevailed. It is certain that I failed. Because it does not satisfy me to botar the guilt in the Brazilians, the guilt has of being mine, because who wrote the book was I.

Jan 18th, 2013 by thesuper

Of this form, not only you will be fomenting its social and citizen competition, but its personal autonomy. Your small work group organizes It realises a familiar meeting, inviting cousins, uncles, grandparents and other family; and it raises a rain to them of ideas to protect of the contamination the place in which you live. Later they choose those that seem more appropriate to them and raise a small plan of work to carry out them. Often, to the children it costs to them to take care of the surroundings because simply, it does not seem to them that he is something that the others do. For that reason, conducting battle like which you we propose, you will give the force them and it brings back to consciousness to take care of the place in which they live, so that the people to whom can also enjoy want it. Since you will have realized, to work the basic competitions is much more easy than it seems.

It is not tried but to in this way organize and to adapt the actions that already we realised like adults to the world of your children to become them nearer, and, to foment its adhesion. To educate them from small in the social competition, will assure that their integration in society is easier and natural. For this reason, it is worth the trouble to try at least, once for week, to make them contributor of the cultural and intercultural life of its town, district or city. These are some ideas that are happened to me, nevertheless, the list of activities that can be realised are infinite. I only wait for haberte motivated so that you work this competition with your children, adapting them to your personal style. A greeting, Jenny War Hernandez

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