Brazil Cinema
Oct 3rd, 2015 by thesuper

The term was used by it as ' ' representations coletivas' ' , that it would be a set of categories that would explain or justify the reality, in the field of Social Sciences. The study of the social representations it is of utmost importance for the understanding of the relations between individual and society. The problematic one of the research involves the interest for the cinemanovista movement, as well as its aesthetic and representacionais characteristics inside of the Brazilian cultural scene and the existing logic in the studies on social representations promoted by Durkheim. The New Cinema was the responsible one for a gigantic rupture with the existing cinematographic style in the decade of 1960 in Brazil. Having as slogan the phrase celebrates of Glauber Rock: ' ' An idea in the head, a camera in mo' ' , this new ideal of cinema came to breach with the preexisting style to make North American cinema.

The proposal of the pioneers of the revolutionary movement was to create a critical cinema directed toward the social one, distanciando itself of the ideal of only commercial cinema. As conceptual theoretical base some will be used periodic of theoreticians as Walter Benjamin, one of integrant of the call ' ' School of Frankfurt' ' , and its studies that if had destined to evidence the cinema as being an element of the medias of masses and Christian Metz that if considered to study the cinema with its artistic peculiarities and the importance of if understanding as if of the process of transmission of meanings for the spectators. To understand as it appeared the New Cinema we will use workmanships as the Generation of the new cinema: For an anthropology of the cinema of Peter Simonard who offers a profile of this new cinema, as well as the research that if they had destined to analyze the critical reaction of the cinematographic one is of Brazil through the workmanship of Alexander Figueira intitled of new Cinema: The wave of the young cinema and its reception in France.

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