Elegant Outfits
Apr 29th, 2014 by thesuper

Pumps in plus sizes – classic sporty or chic – the shoe for the woman of today is a pump an absolute allround shoe, because these women’s shoes is so widespread and available in many variations, that pumps can be worn for the occasion. If classic pumps for business everyday, sporty, comfortable pumps for ladies to shop or chic pumps to the evening dress. The selection is large, at least as long looking after women’s oversized shoes not. Plus size pumps immigrated only increased for a few years in the assortments of the manufacturer. This article gives an overview of current plus size pumps and presents classic, sporty and elegant pumps in size 43-46.

Ladies Classic pumps in oversize must meet numerous requirements. On the one hand this oversize shoes for ladies must look classically serious, fit well with the costume, trouser suit of the other business outfits, but be simultaneously female and feminine. Also be classic Women’s pumps in size 43, 44, 45 o. 46, often more than 10 or 12 h on the day worn, so comfort especially must be taken into account. Typical colors of oversize pumps which are used in the Office, are more covered – the predominant colors are black, grey and Brown.

Gabor is a manufacturer that has a variety of classic pumps in oversize in the offer and can inspire timeless current forms, old and young. In addition, ladies pumps in oversize by Gabor leather are made both comfortable to wear, as is also sturdy and durable. Modern pumps in size 43-46 are held mostly in leisure. Shopping, on holiday or on a casual party – are the situations where this lingerie in oversized likes to be elected. Therefore 43 is 44, 45 o. 46 sales at modern and sporty ladies pumps in size, slightly lower, so that with those oversized shoes also perfectly dance can be curved.

ITB Leisure Trend Forum
Apr 23rd, 2014 by thesuper

On the 6 March 2013 in Hall 4.1 on the growth market of the ITB leisure: experts discuss latest trends on the ITB of the leisure market is the largest growth market in Europe and with value creation potential of 300 billion euros of one of the biggest factors of economy in Germany. Then, the leisure market is experiencing a radical change, which is supported by a change in the value of the customer. The scarcity of time and attention, comfort and holistic well-being dominate in the consumer world. To deepen this topic, Sylvia Dinter by the SD Group initiated together with Prof. Dr. Heike Bahre, Professor economics / tourism and event management at the bbw University of Berlin, the 3. ITB LEISURE TREND FORUM, which is held on the 6th of March 2013 from 14:00 to 16:00 on the main stage of Hall 4.1 of the ITB. In this expert forum to the growth market recognizable trends and developments in the current leisure industry are leisure with well-known guests from business and science discussed.

Where is the journey going? The ITB 2013 it will show! The economic situation in Europe affects the tourism industry of the continent very differently. But the ITB World travel trend report shows that the development is positive overall. So, the Europeans will undertake 2013 even more trips abroad. At the same time, Europe can enjoy more visits by extra-European travellers. More knowledge of the report: it attracts Europeans increasingly in distant lands. So the long-haul travel increased last year by about four percent.

In line with the trend in particular North and South America and the Asia Pacific region, are a plus two or even around eight per cent achieved. In contrast, trips in goals within Europe and the Mediterranean by only two percent rose. As a lifestyle product the most important part in the holiday, whether long-haul or trip to Europe, the feel-good factor is feel-good factor.

Carefree Leisure
Apr 17th, 2014 by thesuper

Year certificates in Bavaria have been distributed the school year 2012/2013 many students must repeat the class or undergo during the holidays of the so-called investigation and fear that they may advance so still in the next grade level. For the kids and for the parents who are in that situation is that very stressful. Often, the parents do not know how they should properly deal with their offspring and how they support their children properly. The entire family is a stressful situation and nothing is left from the well-deserved vacation. But not only the parents but also the children are very affected by this situation. Constant fears to fail, the summer holidays can not be exploited, because Yes must be learned, the pressure produced by the parents and anger at a itself, that it is no longer brought students charge very. Also that feeling to do anything right, and that one is even not enough imposes itself to the little.

Often parents in those situations just respond incorrectly and (understandably) more pressure to build, while the children want only support and security from MOM and dad. But the parents and children can use more than just the tuition to get an anniversary of review or stay with the seats to cope. Because often it is not only “little to do” most of the time there are trattorias problems that cause the bad grades. By test anxiety about self-doubt, shame up to fear of failure. The problems that the children do not so much want to talk and keep to themselves. But right there a blockage occurs often, so that a kind of inner denial towards the learning place, which brings nothing tutoring and learning. For this reason the Association of psychological consultants offers support the affected families to cope with this exceptional situation and restore the family atmosphere, so that everyone feels comfortable and peacefully and together you can begin the new school year.

Because alone a difficult family situation or the Fear of failure can expose the children extremely. Therefore, the Association of psychological consultants solutions and strategies helps to deal with these problems and to avoid them in the future. But also existence of grade should perhaps together in the family summary be and are considering what next year might go better. Here, too, the Association of psychological consultants can support the families and find new ways. Because the welfare of children is particularly close to the heart the members of the Association, the consulting practices of the Association of psychological Bertater provide free probatorische sessions for desperate students and/or their parents nationwide by mid-September, so that the next school year relaxed and motivated can be started.

Latin America
Apr 4th, 2014 by thesuper

Accept what comes to you total and completely so that you can appreciate it and learn it, then let it go. While we have life, surprises can occur at any time, leading to what is known as an opportunity, especially when you least expect it, so situations occur which become decisive factors in our existence. Personally, I never thought being from another continent very far away from Latin America, which should one day would visit Brindisi, exactly 11 years ago, comes to that city by a twist of fate, I found it to who today joins me in this life that has been given to me as a second chance, since I already had my first test, as it was being in a coma nine days and having me given the opportunity to return to this planetbeing for doctors that they served me a miracle, indeed, that I never thought that shortly after my back flirting with death in other dimensions I had the opportunity to go to Italy, although I confess my interest was Spain, specifically to the captivating Barcelona, fact that could not be performed by not having availability of passage to the time that had proposed me, and thus arrive at Brindisi the first time, being decisive that visit, because it made me make a new home with someone met whom in that city and that for the first time we wereat least in this dimension, probably our souls already knew and touched us again to share these physical forms that you gave us, to solve some outstanding debts that we not solved, in other opportunities that called Karma that all bring. The fact, that already in those eleven years, are four times that I have returned to Brindisi, just return a few days ago, I was a good time for the city to whom I had the opportunity to get to know better, enjoy its landscapes, its tranquility, its sea, its food, fruits, and especially his joy, tranquility, security in transit through its cobbled streets and most of allgo in late for its Boardwalk, very visited, quaint, clean, with many quiet that really makes you enjoy the moment, all the contrary of the country where I live, that this time passes by much insecurity, violence, uncertainty, wave of abductions, as also is the beautiful Venezuela.

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