Altai Drum
Mar 31st, 2011 by thesuper

In some of the Mongol tribes, the shaman's drum is called the 'black deer. " Stick, which beat the tambourine, the Altai people called 'stick'. Wonderful speed is one of the hallmarks of taltosa, Hungarian shaman. Taltos once 'sat on a reed, and rode at a gallop, and came to the goal before the rider. " All of these beliefs, perceptions and symbols associated with the 'flight', 'horse riding' or 'speed' of shamans, are shaped by expressions of ecstasy – mystical journeys taken by super-human resources, the reach of mere mortals. The idea of an ecstatic journey, we meet in the title, which shamans Jurack of tundra give his tambourine: onions, onions, or singing.

According Letisalo and Harvey, which was originally a drum used for the expulsion of evil spirits, but it could also serve as a bow. Of course, diamonds are sometimes used to expel evil spirits, but in such cases it special application is forgotten and we are dealing with a 'magic sound' through which demons are expelled. Such examples are the modification function quite often in the history of religions. However, we do not believe that the primary function of the drum was exorcism. Shaman drum is different from all other instruments 'magic sound' exactly what it makes possible an ecstatic experience. Does it ever an ecstatic experience from the beginning prepared the magic sounds tambourine, which are considered 'voice of spirits', or is it a state arises as a result of excessive concentrations caused by long ringing – a problem that we currently do not consider.

Artit Bori Valeggio
Mar 7th, 2011 by thesuper

Science fiction and fantay world for a long time agitated the mind of men. Conidering the work of artit, people gradually forget about the viciitude of the real world, and even a couple of minute, tranferred to a fully another ituation where the pacehip, fantay creature, magic and advanced technology are quite common. A couple of decade ago, painting depicting fantay and fiction could be counted on the finger of one hand. Epecially characteritic of thi ituation wa for our country, in which fiction and fantay are conidered harmful tyle and deign for girl and at all conidered public a a challenge to the moral foundation of ociety. Fortunately, thing have changed. Today, picture of fantay can be found eaily via the Internet. In addition, there are reource that work a 'art gallery', where all poted picture orted into different categorie and allow for long hour admiring amazing univere, created by the ll of artit. By the way, about the artit.

At the moment, a nice loong image depict not only World-famou international artit, but talented artit from Ruia. I mut ay that the picture in a fantay they do no wore than that of all the recognized authoritie of the genre, and it pleae, becaue the Ruian-Slavic culture boat original mythology, and to the boundle expane of the myteriou como, we are not indifferent to tradition. If you mention pecific name, then, firt of all, it make ene to eparate the picture Artit Bori Valeggio, Han Rudolf Giger, Lui Royo, , Oleg Babn, Vladimir Cooper and Eugene Deco. All thee artit, of coure, were not pioneer in the field of fantay and fiction viual art, but they did everything to beautiful drawing of fantatic univere have attracted the attention of the ma audience. Skeptical art lover might ak: 'Why in the Baically thi or that art gallery exhibit a fantatic painting? Why all thoe empty dream of a miracle, and heroe do not exit in our age where running the how the percentage of profit and realim? " The whole point i that a beautiful painting – by it perfect. After all, thi nd of art amaze u with your mooth line, an intricate interplay of color, the game of contrat (for example, image of young, attractive women on the background i abolutely trange, alien background), and, of coure, fantatic toryline.

Surely each of u from time to time want to forget about the realitie of the world, and cience fiction work by artit like the bet way to cope with thi tak. Beautiful picture may well be placed on the dektop, or end a gift to a friend, a well a upload them to your computer in order to create their own collection of beauty. A place for imagination there jut great. Technology enthuiat intereted in picture of craftmen on the endle outer pace, our ditant future, where fighting between a flotilla of pacehip, and the intrigue i already trailing in the entire galaxie. There are dozen of comic book lover hundred of picture your favorite uperheroe. And fan of magic and word can dicover the magnificent image of fantay. Immere yourelf in the proce of creating their own collection, add to They liked the new picture, and generally do not dwell on the daily work and reality. Sci-Fi univere i much more intereting and give hundred of unforgettable image, including each of u ha omething jut for yourelf.

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