Learning Process
Oct 25th, 2012 by thesuper

INTRODUCTION Since the start of the world that the man feels necessity to play. The symbolic game or the trick of make-of-counts propitiates the fancy, allowing the access to the autonomy to the creativity, the imagination and the representation and knowledge of the world. The proposal primary of this research searched to study the importance of the playful one for the infantile education, considering the playful one as free activity, spontaneous without delimited end. The specific objectives had been: to understand the importance of the body as essential instrument in the trick, as well as the importance of playing, the games and the tricks for the infantile development. We know that all the children present satisfaction when is inserted in the world of the trick, therefore in the truth this to play represents for the children a vital necessity. In the sequence it was commented on the contribution of playing, therefore, the same it is an activity that does not present consequence for the child. Also it was commented, on the school and playful activities, together with the practical one of the professor in relation to the playful one.

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