The Spinal
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… On the other hand, the cerebellum has the task to save automated motion sequences. One learns, for example, dancing, so you must perform relatively conscious one after the other the individual steps. Here the cerebrum controls the muscles directly. With some practice, the movement sequences are regulated by the cerebellum has saved the associated pulse trains during the learning phase. The transition to the spinal cord is called after brain. Key features include the regulation of blood pressure, the respiratory muscles and cough reflexes.

About 12 pair of nerves, it is in conjunction with sense organs, muscles and Glands in the head. Source:, extract what dementia Alzheimer’s disease? In short: it reduces the amount of information input, the information processing speed and the amount of output. Everything takes longer and longer fewer reality related. (a) the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, choice: Forget/remember, recognition, vision, orientation… Behavior, mood: Fear anger grief, speech disorder, retreat… The symptoms will vary individually and temporarily this! What happens in the head? Man is an eyes – and suckle animal first. Human behavior is known as an animal (Anima and animus (C. G.

Jung)). The basics of human life work based on autonomous Central autonomic nervous system I (s. O., analog) – hormone – / emotion controlled: Lust contrasts, fears, frustration, love, good evil, lack of abound,… On this level works also a intelligent pet! It can expect me to recognize and welcome my self. Keeping a dog When the master wake! An elephant covered a dead conspecifics with branches! In the course of evolution, the man got to the CNS II. The large – or thinking brain (cortex). We therefore confine the animals, and not the us. Functioning of the brain: A. There are following specific functioning of the brain (4-dimensional protein-mass): every thought is part of (protein mass supplied with blood (oxygen)) and wave (Chemistry (sensor)-electricity Chemistry (muscle)) at the same time.

Internet TV Channels
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You can by EBIZZ.TV / Veoh legally the latest movies in the highest quality download. In over 550 channels Music videos, live performances and sporting events, as well as documentaries, fashion shows, real estate offers, cooking, animal movies and comedies sent around the clock in HD quality. An overview of the channels can be found under cat.htm. More info: Vanessa Marcil. Ebizz.TV offers a targeted approach at national or at the international level but also advertisers”, so Michaela Krcho, founder of mk4media and marketer of EBIZZ.TV. In addition to video advertising, sponsorship of special-interest channels and the creation of own brand channel in the focus of the marketing are available. The United States used the offer of Elle, Ford models, CBS, National Lampoon, US Weekly, and BMW/mini.

A journalistically highly professional environment offered advertisers. At EBIZZ.TV there is no user-generated content”, Krcho further differentiated the fundamental difference to conventional video portals. About EBIZZ.In the Veoh network with over 500 own Internet TV channels and 50,000 associated channels, TV EBIZZ TV is one of the global reach of most but also target group most accurate Portals. In February, the network according to Nielsen Net scored ratings over 28 million unique users, page views over 350 million (210 millions of video streams). Veoh media sizes such as time behind Warner and Walt Disney Ex-CEO Michael Eisner, as well as investment banks and others. Germany recorded monthly now 6.9 million unique users. Mk4media mk4media is an advertising and Contentvermarktungsgesellschaft for digital worlds and advertising savvy audiences.

Festival Box
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The moment passed most delicate it with a singer who began to blunt and who had even been preselected to act in the Festival of Benidorm, although it had fallen in eliminatory the previous ones. Ah, no! said Carminic, that therefore the aspiring was called to star of the scenes I I do not act if noncollection right now. The industralist of the theater that he had contracted the artist was overwhelmed. Additional information at Charlotte Hornets supports this article. They lacked five minutes for the action and there they were the three: the singer, its representative and he in the dressing room that Antoito that is to say, the future Don Antonio Maria Alvarez Hinojosa knew very well, because not in vain it was the sixth time that took to some of his represented to act in that one room. Antoito removed from the right pocket of its jacket the money that finished receiving by the action that was going to take place next: You have here it! and was it Carminic with a melodramatic gesture You are going where it to keep? In the teats? The girl remained disturbed before the unpredictable attitude of her representative. This one took advantage of the hesitation the artist to go to the industralist: You do not have a place where is safe the money during the action of my star? There will be this way no a safe-deposit box where to keep it minutes? asked perfectly, knowing that this box existed. Because yes said, sweaty, the industralist, who wanted that one finished already and that the girl went to the scene where murmurs of impatience between the audience began to take place. After that one picture there is a strong box.

is not spoken more trenched the Antoito subject. Dame the key of the box. The other carry out an order like a robot. .

Technological Development
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This work was divided in 5 chapters. In this chapter the technological development in Brazil was presented briefly, the birth and the profile of the company, its situation problem and the objective of the study. In Chapter II, the birth of the technology of the information in Brazil and the World and until the arrival described the management of the knowledge. In Chapter III, the concepts of the MPS.BR had been boarded, a program of improvements of the process of software development, aiming at the excellency. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Farrelly , another great source of information. In Chapter IV, some suggestions of techniques for the application of a new culture based on the MPS.BR are presented having aimed at to diminish the impact in the team that will make the implantation. Steven Brill can provide more clarity in the matter. In Chapter V, one exposes the final, pertinent consideraes to the results that expect to reach: the excellency.

II. Technology of the Information the technology of the information had its first appearance next to the necessity to collect, to select, to process and to spread an enormous amount of excellent data during World War II, mainly on the part of the United States, Great-Britain and the Ussr. (FREIRE, 2006) During years 50, a mass of scientists, engineers and financiers the studies had started, of what, later, Borko would nominate as Science of the Information: Properties and the behavior of the information, the forces that dirigem the flow and the use of the information and the techniques, manual how much in such a way mechanical to process the information being aimed at its storage, recovery and dissemination. 3 (BORKO, 1968, apud ARRAES et al, 2007) Although Borko to have definite Science of the Information before the appearance of the first microcomputer in 1981, for IBM, values its power of vision how much to the fields of study of this science, described for Galvo in the year of 2000: – Demand of the information – document Production and reproduction – linguistic Analysis – Translation – documentary Languages – Analysis and project of systems – Standards of recognition of images and voice – Systems specialists In this same decade, already was started to give importance of the study of the human behavior in the process of recovery of the information.

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