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UP MANAGEMENT 1. One of the biggest potential risks to business is that taking into account the experience of the multinational is possible that this technology has increased, lower prices and greater ability to penetrate the market. 2. No. Under no circumstances Electronix SA must close on the contrary should identify the opportunities that always accompanied by threats. 3. Without knowing enough depth company and speculating a bit I quote the following strategies, including: a. Electronicax SA could be associated with similar national companies and thus minimize the impact to achieve the multinational market. b. It would be interesting to explore other types of market where the multinational can not reach, such as small municipalities in which the multinational would not go for operating costs and administrative costs are outweighed by the number of clients, this makes ELECTRONICAX SAbecause it is also smaller more agile. c. You could implement an advertising campaign based on nationalism and ownership by the company outlining a slogan like “COLOMBIAN NATIONAL BUSINESS USA and help our economy grow,” for example. d. Seek ways to meet with executives of the company in Colombia and a well developed business plan proposing to become a subsidiary of the same and to seek non extinction. As a final note to the response at this point believe that Colombians are ingenious enough to create multiple different alternatives. 4. I think not, for gambling under the rules of free market competition is permitted and is uneven, rather the members of the company should thus manage to grow your small business.Without competition we stagnate and we must also remember that nothing and nobody is infallible.

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The resolution digital photography is measured by multiplying the height by the width of the photographs that allows for the camera and usually starts with one million pixels, for cheaper cameras, and rising to over ten million pixels, for professional cameras. The term “pixel” (English picture element) is the smallest unit that captures a gray value or color photography. A camera will generate four million pixel images larger than a two million, which allows for a printout of up to 50 x 75 cm, but not necessarily of higher quality since this aspect is of utmost importance to the quality of optics used. However, given that more megapixel cameras are more expensive, it is usually also have better lenses. Another feature of digital photography is the digital zoom. With this zoom you can enlarge a photo, but the effect is not an optical zoom.The optical zoom and wide about what you want to photograph without decreasing the resolution of the camera, as it gets closer to the goal. Digital zoom, on the contrary, enhances the picture that has already received, so that decreases the resolution, as it would be commissioning an extension to the laboratory or using a graphics ing program. Today digital cameras can also take videos, usually at resolutions of 320×240 or 640×480 pixels and between 12 and 60 frames per second, sometimes with sound (mono normal) for more complete models. These videos are only a supplement to the main function of the camera, take pictures, so not usually of great quality, this requires a camcorder.

The catalog ICSALUD-MDP
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The catalog ICSALUD-MDP group and integrates the VHL-Argentina The Online Union Catalog, desarrolaldo by this Panel, and open access for querying the existence of material availability and case of the 13 Library databases specialized in health, the city of Mar del plata, was recently Incorporating as one of the Information Sources of the VHL-Argentina (Biblioteca Virtual en Salud de Argentina). Upon entering the site of the VHL-ARGENTINA user may inspect it by accessing the central section called “Scientific Literature” and under “Health sciences in general.”‘Health Sciences-General’ is the VHL space that allows access to scientific literature on health bibliographic database of national and international. This allows, for example, from the references retrieved, the user accesses to documents available through SCAD-service access to the original document. The ICSALUD-MDP members welcome the incorporation of the catalog as one of the main sources of information cited by the VHL as an achievement and recognition for the work products of this group.

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See also: Western painting, Fauvism and Cubism Paul C zanne had begun as an Impressionist but what he wanted, a logical construction of reality based on a view from a single point of view, with modulated color fields flat, became the basis of a new visual art, to be later developed into Cubism George Braque and Pablo Picasso. Expressionist painters explored the use of the pictorial surface coarse, drawing and color distortions and exaggerations intense. The Expressionists produced emotionally charged paintings that were reactions and perceptions of contemporary experience and reactions to Impressionism and other more conservative direction of the late nineteenth-century painting. Although artists like James Ensor and Edvard Munch were influenced mainly by the work of the Post-Impressionists were instrumental in the advent of abstraction in the twentieth century.The post-impressionism as practiced by Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, Vincent van Gogh and Paul C zanne had an enormous impact on art of the twentieth century and led to the advent of the twentieth century abstraction. The heritage of painters like Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin and Seurat was essential for the development of modern art. In the early twentieth century, Henri Matisse and other young artists precubistas including Georges Braque, Andr Derain, Raoul Dufy and Maurice de Vlaminck revolutionized the Paris art world with paintings of landscapes and figures “savages” of colorful and expressive, critics called Fauvism. The crude language of color as developed directly influenced the Fauves another pioneer of abstraction Kandinsky. Although Cubism at the end depends on the subject was represented with the Fauvism art movement that directly opened the door to abstraction in the twentieth century.Pablo Picasso made his first Cubist works based on C zanne’s idea that all depiction of nature can be reduced to three solids: cube, sphere and cone. With painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon 1907, Picasso created a dramatically new and radical picture depicting a brothel primitive and raw with five prostitutes, violently painted women, reminiscent of African masks and their new trbales cubist creations. Analytical Cubism was jointly developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque from about 1908 to 1912. Analytical Cubism, the first clear manifestation of cubism, was followed by Synthetic Cubism practiced by Braque, Picasso, Fernand L ger, Juan Gris, Albert Gleizes, Marcel Duchamp and countless other artists into the twenties. Synthetic Cubism is characterized by the introduction of different textures, surfaces, collage elements, papier coll and a variety of different objects together.Com collage artists Kurt Schwitters and Man Ray and others influenced by Cubism were instrumental in the development of a movement called Dada. Since the beginning of the century cultural connections between artists from the major European and American cities had become extremely active as they worked to create an art form that matched the high aspirations of modernism. The ideas were able to influence each other through artists’ books, exhibitions and manifestos so that many sources were open to experimentation and formed the basis of diversity of modes of abstraction.The following extract from The World Backwards, gives some impression of the interconnectedness of contemporary culture: “The knowledge of David Burliuk of modern art movements had to be extremely current, therefore the second Knave of Diamonds exhibition, held in January in 1912 (in Moscow) includes not only paintings sent from Munich, but some members of the German group Die Br cke, while Paris came works by Robert Delaunay, Henri Matisse and Fernand L ger, and Picasso. During the spring David Burliuk gave two lectures on Cubism and planned a controversial publication, the Knave of Diamonds was financing. Went abroad in May and returned determined to rival the Der Blaue Reiter almanac that had emerged from the printers while he was in Germany.

SENA – FONDEBA boost for employment generation projects
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Sustainable development projects for vulnerable people improve their quality of life drive the Development Fund Barrancas, Guajira FONDEBA and SENA. The purpose is to carry out technical training, organizational and business, each group will develop business plans or make productive or social projects that allow for pooling, which will be funded or financed by FONDEBA. The training will start after the characterization is made to benefit the population to be located in the zone of influence FONDEBA. It expects to serve over 150 people in areas of Carpentry, Crafts and Making Blankets, Welding, Bakery, Dressmaking, Fish Culture, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Basic Accounting, Partnerships, Leadership and Associativity. Under the agreement, will train staff in the municipality of Barrancas serving the Fund to make the accompaniment to the beneficiaries in the management of credit and project methodology. SENA will be responsible for supporting the consolidation of at least three businesses in operation, with resources of the Undertaking.

Business Game evolutio
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Business Game evolutio Evolutio Evolutio Business Game Business Game is a business strategy game in which the participant lives in the first person the experience of running a business. Its main objective is to promote learning in first person from the business reality and the different management strategies. Thus, the purpose of participating in the competition is to obtain the highest level of equity in the company, managing round to round to be its CEO.

Category: Municipalities missing
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Category: Municipalities missing from Spain by year disappearance Hello anyone who knows about these categories could be ordered I do not see that makes much sense to have Category: Municipalities missing between 1970 and 1981 Category: town disappeared between 1971 and 1981 at the same time. Greetings, Farisori message 16:15 7 January 2009 (UTC) Instead of a year would do it for decade or more, per century. Fernando 18:28 7 January 2009 (UTC) Well, I think they have their usefulness. Surely the year of disappearance explain the phenomena to which each municipality was exposed to disappear (industrial revolution, rural exodus, forced displacement hydraulic infrastructure design). For the years when the category is split (apparently arbitrarily, instead of going by decade, of course) I think it is due to the periodicity of the censuses of the INE, the source most likely to label a location as disappeared (or put another way, which is uninhabited).What I do not fit is the use of the term municipality, since it has different connotations to the locality. Rename “categories Montgomery (Do It Yourself) 18:41 7 January 2009 (UTC) PD: What it should be detailed in the name of the category is that these locations are all apparently Spanish. In the end I went around the bush and have not clearly answered the question Farisori: The censuses of 1970 and 1981 are therefore the second category should be integrated in the first, since that time frame is used to compare the number of inhabitants. More info here Montgomery (Do It Yourself) 18:50, 7 January 2009 (UTC) Ok Montgomery, but what to Category: Municipalities missing in the province of Guadalajara between 1971 and 1981 what to do Rename “also” … between 1970 and 1981 Salutes, Farisori message 01:00, 8 January 2009 (UTC) Yes, I suppose, but if in doubt ask your creative best. Hopefully that will pass through here.Montgomery (Do It Yourself) 08:29 8 January 2009 (UTC) Hello, I have drawn on the page of the INE, in disorders of the municipalities in population censuses since 1842, although in Category: Municipalities missing in the province of Guadalajara between 1971 and 1981 there is an error, should be 1970 and 1981. Un Saludo. -Carlosblh (Talk) 08:51, 8 January 2009 (UTC) Ok, thanks for responding. Although the issue as well is beyond me, I have only this last correction, leaving the rest as is. If someone wants to take over, it would be great. Many greetings, Farisori message 18:30 10 Jan 2009 (UTC)

Plot of the story
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The game takes place over 6 days in New York in 1997. The incident began on Dec. 24 and ends on 30. Aya Brea, an NYPD rookie 24 years, is attending an opera at Carnegie Hall in New York during Christmas when suddenly, at the time the lead actress begins her aria, almost everyone in the theater burst into flames . Aya, the man beside her and an actress on the stage are the only people in the entire building left undamaged. Aya confronts the actress, Melissa Pearce, who fight against it with some strange powers, and before disappearing backstage Pearce cryptically mentions that mitochondria in cells of Aya need more time to develop. After meeting with the actress, Aya feels a change in your body: a strange sensation of intense heat along with some new powers. Aya explores between racks looking for Pearce and Melissa’s diary found in a clubhouse.Discover the desire for the actress to play the main role of the play and a concert in Central Park, and his addiction at a particular medication because lately he was feeling sick because his body temperature rose suddenly for no reason. In the last room on the back of the theater, Aya finds Pearce playing the piano, suddenly mutates into a floating sort of monster. Pearce states that she is no longer Melissa Pearce, but “Eve”, a hell being a single goal: to free all existing mitochondria. After a strange vision of Aya, Eve escapes through the sewer system, but Aya is confronted with it again after defeating a variety of mutant creatures, called NMCS, or Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures. By the way, Aya thinks he sees the ghost of a girl that is familiar. Eve says she’ll give you more time to Aya to evolve and escape while Aya fights a huge mutant alligator. All this takes place in a multitude of scenarios full of suspense and imagination.After an uncomfortable news conference at police regarding the events at Carnegie Hall, Aya goes to see a scientific expert on mitochondria to the Natural History Museum with Daniel, his partner in the Police Department. Dr. Hans Klamp provides them with diverse scientific information on the mitochondria apparently useless, but Aya and Daniel Klamp suspect that something hidden from them, especially seeing that reacts strangely when referred to Eve. Back at the station, Commissioner Baker informed them that Eve is in the amphitheater at Central Park, where Melissa Perce was giving a recital. Daniel said that his ex-wife and son went to go see him, and without hesitation, he and Aya rushed over there to rescue them. Upon arrival, Aya has to go alone in the park because Daniel is at risk of catching fire if it enters the sphere of influence mitochondrial Eve.After passing through the park opened battling mutant animals, Aya makes it to the amphitheater, but it’s too late to stop Eve, who uses his power to the entire audience in a gelatinous mass blend orange. Aya goes after Eve fleeing the amphitheater, and as you progress through the park back to have strange visions of a hospital room, and go back to the girl ghost, who identifies as Maya, her deceased younger sister. Eve finally reached, and both end up fighting in a cart, where he berates Eve Aya who is on the side of those pathetic humans and do not jump on it. Finally, the horse racing, and flaming because of Eve, falls dead, the cart crashes and Aya becomes unconscious. Then follow with Daniel for a short time. Daniel meets his son, Ben, who escaped the amphitheater, while the ex-wife of Daniel, Lorraine, has been absorbed by the gelatinous mass. Meanwhile, the police decided to evacuate all of Manhattan and set up a perimeter emergency Eve at the threat posed to the entire city.The scene changes and we see a young Japanese man, Kunihiko Maeda, trying to cross a police barricade, which achieved when one of the police begins to burn, causing a distraction. Then we see Aya wakes Maeda’s apartment in Soho, where he is Daniel. Maeda explains to two similar incidents occurred long ago in Japan (in the novel of the same name as the game). It all started when a scientist tried to culture the cells alive by his wife, who died in a car accident, to revive it. The process worked, but their mitochondria seized a woman’s body, but the lifetime of Eve, the mitochondria in question, was brief. The scientist’s wife was an organ donor, and after his death, his kidneys were transplanted in him a young girl.

A “microcosm” of the Nation
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Currently, Bogota is the largest financial center, politics and culture of Colombia. As the major educational center, with famous universities like the University of Los Andes, Javeriana, Nacional, Rosario, School of Engineering Julio Garavito, etc.. Bogota is a cosmopolitan city in constant expansion. It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas, not only in Colombia but in South America. Its more than seven million people, including multitudes of immigrants from all over the world, make the capital a true “microcosm” of the nation. Has a variety of industries such as motor vehicle assembly, food processing, printing and publishing houses, manufacture of beverages, textiles, metal goods, machinery, electrical equipment, etc.. Many banks and corporations maintain their principal home in Bogota. Railways and highways, including the Pan American Highway, linking the city with other major centers. Bogota includes the city and its surroundings (metropolitan area). The nearest cities are Bosa, Engativa Fontib n, Suba and Usme. Usaqu n is part of the capital district, from 1991. Bogot offers both residents and visitors everything that a modern city can offer: a vibrant and diverse cultural and intellectual life and a huge selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs with a variety of dining and entertainment. This picturesque city known for its colonial architecture, its collection of pre-Columbian art made of gold, splendid colonial churches and its magnificent museums, is also a city of futuristic architecture with ultramodern buildings and construction giant. It is also a city of “gamines” as children of the tales of Dickens, beggars, shantytowns and major traffic congestion. This incredible mix of prosperity and poverty, Maseratis and mules, makes Bogot one of the most chaotic, fascinating and aggressive metropolises of the world.Tourists who visit fall in love with it and want to stay there forever. Http:// v 5TODmC18jp0

Why EAA adverse
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Why EAA adverse effects The presence of adverse effects is strongly related to the formation of metabolites produced during the transformations it undergoes in plasma testosterone. These transformations dominate the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estrogens. The formation of DHT is known as reduction and in this reaction involves the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase metabolite responsible for benign prostatic hypertrophy, alopecia, acne and aggression training. The formation of estrogen is called aromatization and involves the enzyme called aromatase. This metabolite is responsible for producing gynecomastia, fluid retention, hypertension, lipogenesis and testicular atrophy (oligospermia). Other side effects: liver dysfunction, abnormal cholesterol levels, decreased immunoglobulins.The anabolic androgenic steroid, but not narcotic or psychotropic substances are consumed in many cases with a pattern of abuse in many sports, so that consumption of anabolic steroids for recreational, aesthetic or competitive, is considered by many psychiatrists as a drug, which produces short and long term health problems, physical and mental well in some cases, the type of psychosis. Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances related to male sex hormones (androgens). Cause skeletal muscle growth (anabolic effects), development of male sexual characteristics (androgenic effects) and also have some other effects. We use the term “anabolic steroid” here because of its familiarity, although the correct term for these compounds are steroids anabolic-androgenic steroids.Anabolic steroids were developed in the late 1930s primarily to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which the testes do not produce enough testosterone for growth, development and normal sexual functioning. The primary medical uses of these compounds are the treatment of delayed puberty, some types of impotence and body wasting caused by HIV infection or other diseases. During that decade, scientists discovered that anabolic steroids could facilitate the growth of skeletal muscle in laboratory animals, leading to the use of these compounds first by bodybuilders and weightlifters and then by athletes in other sports. The abuse of steroids has spread to such an extent in athletics that it affects the outcome of sporting events. Have developed more than 100 different anabolic steroids, but it requires a prescription to be used legally in the United States.Most come from steroids used illegally smuggled from other countries, are removed illegally from U.S. pharmacies or synthesized in clandestine laboratories. Most users are athletes who engage in high-performance, so it must rely on ergogenic aids that allow them to be at the highest levels of sport they are playing.

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