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Normal Sueo, characterizes by the relaxed muscular tone and the lack of voluntary reactions towards outer means. The dream is translated by a series of concomitant modifications of the organic apparatuses. For example in the circulatory one a diminution of the number of pulsations is verified, that arrives at the minimum between the one and the five from the dawn. Simultaneously there is a greater slowness of cardiac contraction. The rapidity of the sanguineous wave remarkably appears disminuda, while the arterial pulse is slowed down with respect to the cardiac one.

The regional distribution of the blood during the dream does not seem to modify of appreciable way (appearing made secondary, like the cerebral turgencia, and the erections). In the related thing to the vasomotor reaction time, it increases visibly to arrive to the maximum with the morning dream. The arterial pressure falls (according to Kornfeld). At the outset and at the end of the dream transitory variations in sense of an increase are registered. The respiratory modifications undergo one diminution compensated with the greater amplitude of the torcicos movements that assures the hematosis. The breathing becomes slower, and the espiracin relatively faster. The inspiring muscles, when relaxing, make more length the end of the espiracin. Which is more abrupt at the outset, having a shock character that you accustom it is the sleepy.

Another secondary phenomenon of relaxation of the muscular tone is the snore. The snore depends on the obstruction that makes palatal the veil relaxed, to the air that penetrates by the half-opened mouth. The exhalation of carbonic acid is reduced to half or the third according to the cases. The respiratory quotient falls with I accumulate of oxygen in the blood; making sure the reserves energetics this gas for the metabolism of the organism. The loss of water by means of the skin, falls in the dream. The apparent sweat increases during the dream by external circumstances, as they are the clothes of bed, closed place, etc). Also it falls pulmonary exhalation; the tearful secretion is minor who during the watch, accompanied by dryness of the cornea; which causes picazn conjuntival that takes place when waking up. Also there is diminution of the salivary secretion; the diuresis falls, this is explained by the reduction of arterial tension and the position (position in the bed). During the night amount of chlorine is eliminated minor, (component of the urine) that during the day. One knows that the dream represents a chemical decontamination process and therefore of repair. In the section ” Salud” of, you will find an article that will teach to you to know your own ” cycle of sueo” in order to eliminate the fatigue and to recover the energy; besides other articles of verified quality: Computation, Sports, Entertainments, Painting, Languages and more.

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On the other hand in the laranjeiras, us we placed leves, straw of maize and contained the erosion. We cultivated the laranjeiras, because we wanted return in form of fruits. They provided food. She has a very old question in the culture that is ' ' why to plant flowers if they are the potatoes and the wheat that in alimentam' '. I find that here in our liquid modern society we do not value nor the oranges the potatoes and nor the flowers, simply we give attention to our egoistic desires. I perceived here that in the city she has parks, but the people do not seat under of cinamomos.

Here the people suffer from a terrible solitude. But they do not obtain to seat if together in low of one cinamomo. fear more common contemporary, is of the solitude and the aging. In the current days it has people that to be without cellular or the Internet enter in panic. Which the explanation? They had lost the friendship obtain same.

They had lost the contact with its interior world. I do not know I eat if he explains this phenomenon. I think that the industry of the entertainment and the media are atrophying the interpersonal and intrapessoais abilities. He has same people that nor they belong itself, terceirizam the service to think of if relating. Which the result? Solitude, anguish, abandonment. However, mine vov liveed alone, in its casinha, and fear of the oldness did not complain much less of fear and solitude. It liveed in its casinha, but she had hens, cachorros and cats and grandsons encircled who it. It had same itself. She had psychological security and connection with the nature. I think that the only one that it had fear to be alone there where I liveed in my infancy. it was our dog. the Migo.

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