Film Market
Dec 17th, 2013 by thesuper

Last years leaves a lot of movies. Films of different and always good and interesting. Especially filled the Film Market movies western movies. It is known that there is a long time well make films and as a result of because of price declines. We have considered all this on our site http / / tried to collect only high quality movies that will please the average consumer. Your favorite movies are presented in very clear quality, There are movies and 3D format, new to us. All news, all the classics, both foreign and domestic production. For those who still do not know, 3D format – a format that uses the features of our eyes.

When this is removed film uses a special camera having multiple lenses, which are located a short distance from each other. When displaying a moving picture, each eye looking in glasses and sees his image in the brain they combined. Therefore, there is an apparent image depth and volume. This is the format 3D. In recent years show films 4D and 5D. Have been applied additional effects: the tactile and olfactory.

See it all in Online or on our website. Various films both foreign and domestic proizvodstva.Dobro Welcome to our website http / / When there is a display of films, each eye looking in glasses and sees his image in the brain they combined. Therefore, there is the apparent depth of the image and the third spatial dimension. This is the format 3D. In recent years show films 4D and 5D. They apply advanced effects and tactile olfactory. All this you can easily find online or on our website.

Combine Third Party
Dec 8th, 2013 by thesuper

This is the third part of a series that we have entitled to sell, a verb that must combine all we invite you to read the earlier publications and that will be soon published the Secretary had passed the third page of his Tome. He was exalted and moiling crowd applauded to rage. Sellers shouted down frantic: die the dictatorship of charlatans! -Ladies and gentlemen, continued the Secretary, who only had a page of the speech in hand. Amigas y amigos. Companeras and companeros of affliction or a step backwards! Reclaiming the rights of non-sellers! Together we will win! Separate us will expire. Always forward! The Auditorium was in Ecstasy.

Everyone was standing applauding the speech of the Secretary and launching vivas to the International Union of the sellers. Each one greeted each other as if they were siblings of the soul. And all were in agreement on a common feeling: never for anything in the world would be sellers. The Secretary He collected his papers from the lectern and returned to the head table where he received an effusive embrace of those who were there. The President was who greeted him with the greatest affection while flattering comments about the splendid oratory piece that everyone had just heard. Little little calm was returning to the Hall, but it was necessary to press the ringer button again to achieve a total silence. -Dear friends and friends from this moment we will grant you the opportunity to discuss their experiences and explain their ideas – the President said, putting on foot for the first time in the morning-.

-We will put everything in order. Each who you will have the opportunity to speak, but please do so in order so that we can make true note of what you say. Whoever wants to speak can lift his right hand, the Secretary shall note them and may make use of the word in the in their respective turn.

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