Ford Focus II
Sep 19th, 2011 by thesuper

The second Ford Focus appeared three years ago but has already won many different awards, continuing a tradition of first-generation Ford Focus, which has won 60 awards, including one of Europe's most prestigious Awards "The safest car in its class." Safety And indeed, the car is the safest. All systems performed perfectly and did not pass smoothly. The body is made of high strength steel, adjustable seat belts. The same performance noise in the cabin reduced to a minimum by reducing the penetration of the cabin noise from contact with the road car and the engine vibration. Also, compared with the previous model, increased power conditioner. It was also enlarged the area of adhesion with the road cars, which in turn increased agility, so that made it more convenient control of the car.

A powerful engines including gasoline and turbo Duratec Duratecq, give the car high power. The development is not deprived of the car and innovative ideas, such as the management of certain functions by voice commands, the vehicle control system keyless KeyFree, communication technology Bluetooth. In general, external design Ford Focus 2 is not much different from the first Ford Focus, while retaining the basic features and maintaining the overall style of the brand. Design: Swift silhouette, the lines of glass, curved dynamics of the surface gives the car its sporty nature. Inside, everything is made perfectly, interior trim with leather, and increased capacity, can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers. Trunk just is enormous for this class of car and 385 liters composes and 1245 liters with folded seats.

Modifications There are four complete Ford Focus Focus II Ambiente. In this modification, the main attention is paid to the details of the car. 15-inch alloy wheels, electric glass lifts, central locking. All of these touches show the convenience and practicality of the car Focus II Ambiente. Focus II Comfort. The main bias in this configuration has been placed on design, comfort and style. System air-conditioning is standard on product completion. As well as the original painting the body. Makes the car look very attractive. Focus II Trend. This configuration computerized field. Equipped with on-board computer unique sport suspension, seats, leather-covered, racing steering wheel and fog lights. Focus II Ghia. Modification of the most luxurious in its class. Salon is made in an elegant style, steering wheel, gear lever, all trimmed with leather, 4 airbags.

Desktop Clock Assistant
Sep 12th, 2011 by thesuper

With these devices, you can always keep abreast of relevant indicators such as time, date, day of week. Moreover, there is a list of possible functions, which additionally may include one or another model of a clock: alarm clock, equipped with a function snooze, internal measurement of temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit) and humidity up to 7 different languages calendar, the projection of time on the ceiling or walls, the function of the radio and many other options for combining the units are reflected in the line of multifunctional clock TM Assistant. Different models have different power supplies – batteries, accumulators, and network. We bring to your attention the model AN-1004. This watch combines many useful functions: hours (like 12 or 24 hour clock display), alarm clock, reading the internal room temperature. Also separately, please note the original is very pleasant exterior design of the product – watch looks like a small cube, which is very pleasant to hold in your hand thanks to its ergonomic streamlined form that positively affects the nervous system. Also, a gentle blue light clock is always nice pat view of its owner.

The originality of this model can be traced in a circular dial, despite the overall square case. Meal hours – 3hAAA – 3 minipalchikovye batteries – an obvious advantage in the sense that no additional webs of wires in your workplace. Also deserve special attention network clock AN-1522 with the radio. The original model has an elongated design, held in an upright position by its own stand. Among the outstanding features models include: LCD display, blue projection of time to horizontal or vertical surface, two-alarm function – one of them – turning on the radio. Also in radio, a very convenient and popular feature sleep. Device power is derived from the network – it is very convenient for devices with the radio, since the batteries of this type very quickly become weak, which does not allow to get maximum satisfaction from your use of the device.

At the climax of this review should focus on that the appearance and condition of the working man's place great importance – for his impression of how people organized, responsible, attentive, diligent. With Desktop Clock Assistant TM is easy to emphasize their better business skills and always be in good standing with your colleagues, boss, and just be happy with a self. Among the diverse range of all possible clocks Assistant TM will find his version of everyone – and computer genius, working day and night and did not leave his job, and a musical virtuoso who spend hours playing the piano, combining favorite hobby with work. Choose your clock model TM Assistant and show your colleagues, friends or relatives, looks like the time in your understanding! And finally, if you value and respect your time, why not take his rightful place on the same shelf next to a photograph or your loved one happy mascot? ..

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