Poets Hostel
Apr 24th, 2012 by thesuper

The holidays of Passover are to arrive, in this are an excellent chance to go to walk a little without spending very. It visits the north of pasO verdejante Minho, comes to take a walk in the north, it establishes an itinerary that can pass for Viana of the Castle, Bridge of Lima and Barcelos is charming cities of small dimension that they can be calcorreadas in one afternoon. It is lodged in a pension and it enters in tascas and restaurants of lesser dimension where it goes to be able to prove minhotos tidbits of traditional form. It uses to advantage the promotions of the hotels, for example in the Inn of the River it has a promotion two nights for the one price! Granite port – the capital of the north, has much to offer without having to spend richnesses. The bookstore Lello, the House of Serralves if to enter in the sunday until the o noon, a visit to Caves of the Wine of the Port is gratuitous only moments! In one day francesinha in the Prompt one tries one, in another one goes to the Z Boots, baratinho with comidinha equally unpretentious. It is lodged, for example, in the Residential one of the Allies in the Poets Hostel, but it makes the reserve it saw to get the best promotions.

Madrid- and the reader thinks, to visit a foreign capital for less than 200 euros? Yes, clearly! If to mark with some anticipation can obtain flights for 15 euros/person. Madrid has very to see and can until visiting the Museum of the Prado gratuitously if entering after the 18:00. Very downtown becomes well the foot, but of any form a ticket of meter for a trip in the center costs 1? to arrive of the airport at the center is 2. It is fed of you cover and is in a cheap downtown hotel. It finds good prices in the site indicated on.

Algarve – the crisis is to make with that many hoteleiras units of the Algarve lower the prices to attract customers. It uses to advantage! It is possible to find stays to less than 50 euros. It sees for example in Galahotels. Here the great cost goes for the gasoline, but also it has flights for Faro the 7 euros with the Ryanair. Woollen coast Light, Andalusia – Here in the distance the trick can encarecer a little, but with 300 euros already escapadela to vast water beaches becomes excellent hot of the Coast of the Light. It searches a house of vacation in the south of Spain, in Andalusia and to save efforts it invites a familiar couple friend or to divide costs.

Pike Spinning
Apr 18th, 2012 by thesuper

Lures are excellent bait for pike. Can not stop wondering how exactly lures imitate a live fish. Consider the main characteristics of wobblers: 1. Buoyancy wobbler fishing success on crankbaits lies in the fact that they have the buoyancy. Unlike all the other baits that are designed for pike fishing, lures have different degrees of buoyancy: positive, neutral and negative. Lures can be divided into three types: surface, floating and sinking. Each of these types of wobblers has its advantages under different conditions of fishing.

Due to the fact that we can varirovat buoyant crankbaits, select the optimum buoyancy under the specific conditions of fishing, we can pick up perfectly schuchyu bait in a specific location. That is, if the other baits, such as kolebalka, spinner or jig head, we have to keep a certain speed, below which the bait stops working or will drag along the bottom, then with wobblers this will not happen if we choose the correct buoyancy wobbler and its characteristics. Lure will move so smoothly and slowly, that will be able to persuade him to attack even the most passive pike. Ideal buoyancy wobbler reached at pre-testing. Necessary to choose the right accessories wobbler that he had zero buoyancy. This is achieved by correct selection of weight clockwork rings and hooks.

Thus we reach the horizontal position of a wobbler. And if we did dobemsya and wobbler will be 10-15 seconds to hover in a horizontal position in the water, this lure will work wonders for catching pike. Pike biting can be divided into two parts: passive and active.

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