Dion Fortune
Jul 10th, 2020 by thesuper

Experience an inner change, a profound transformation, an epistemological break. This change coincided with simultaneous reading three books, all of them very famous, the Zen in the art of archery, the Kabbalah revealed, and the teachings of Don Juan. Long after I knew that the transformation that I experienced, really was the result of years of study, practice yoga, and zen meditation. Coincidentally, it was the time that my practice was continuous, disciplined, reaching more than four hours in a State of meditation. 05 – Las Fuentes of the Kabbalah book of Mac Gregor Mathers impacted a lot about my personality and my way of thinking, I delved to deeply dive into the essence of the Kabbalah, devoured books and writings of various authors, Dion Fortune, Crowley, Blavatsky, Franck, Alvisa and Cordovero. While all that information that I received, they had deepened my knowledge, it wasn’t until I started in practice of the meditation on the tree of life when I experienced a new stadium, in the process of transformation that had begun a new phase. All this, from that first experience already had passed more than five or six years. 06 – The tree of life he meditate on the? tree of life, go again and again its twenty-two paths and their ten unicoo, was when you reach understanding with each of the cells of my body, that there is a deep knowledge, an irradiation of upper and subtle energy that emanates from each symbolic object that we submit to deep and continuous meditation for a long time. Energy that is source of universal knowledge, which is there at the disposal of anyone interested in the long path that leads after years of practice, to decipher this hieroglyphic, that opens as a great portal to show the essence of things, the being that it is hidden in each one of the elements of this world.

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