Beach Holidays In Tunisia
Dec 21st, 2018 by thesuper

Relaxing on the beach or adventure in the desert of Tunisia is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations and has specialized in very tourism. The white sand beaches are perfectly suited to the Sun and the cultural diversity of the country is extremely attractive. The travel portal shows that in Tunisia for everyone there is something. Tunisia has both in the East and the West Mediterranean coast. Especially the Djerba Island ideal for a seaside holiday. It attracts the most tourists to relax and bathing Tunisia.

The numerous hotels are comfortably furnished and offer exclusive equipment and lots of entertainment. But in Tunisia can vacationers not only the relax, discover the numerous attractions. Most hotels do various day trips in their offer, which are exactly tailored to the wishes and interests of the individual target groups. Historically, the country has much to offer. Carthage about considered an insider with his archaeological finds and is definitely well worth a visit.

Cultural treasures are also in the capital Tunis. Fantastic mosques invite you to visit, and the typical Tunisian markets offer a glimpse into the colorful culture of the country. Interested in history should also undertake an excursion in the Museum Le bardo. Those seeking the adventure, should a jeep ride or a camel ride through the desert don’t miss. A visit to the Amphitheater, where regular concerts under the endless starry sky can be enjoyed is advisable in the evening. It is regarded as the best-preserved amphitheatre of North Africa and promises an impressive atmosphere.

Jean Anouilh
Dec 16th, 2018 by thesuper

JEAN ANOUILH (1910-1987) of centenary all wars are holy, I challenge that you find a combatant who does not believe have the sky on your part. Jean Anouilh. THE voice with a VISION TRAGIC of LA life Anouilh is a figure of great importance within French Theatre and is among those who enjoy greater success. His work, which became known after World War II, is imbued with an acute pessimism and a tragic and sordid life, especially appreciable vision in their famous black pieces. All his works reflect a tragic view of life.

Also noteworthy are their protest against the injustice of the world and his perfect knowledge of the use of dialogue and theatrical technique. His theatre has influence of Moliere, Pirandello and Bernard Shaw. He also wrote a type of works, calls parts roses, where grants greater space to the humor and fantasy. Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux on June 23, 1910 and died on October 3, 1967 in Lausanne. Son of vasco-franceses parents.

Your father was a tailor and his mother a piano teacher. He studied law and works in an advertising agency. At eighteen he decides to devote his life to the theater and Louis Jouvet becomes Secretary of the famous actor and theatre director. During the German occupation he continues to write. Not collaborating with the Germans but not form part of the French resistance, so it was criticised, however, was one of the most significant and authors represented of his generation, with works of great thematic diversity. He made his debut with the comedy the ermine (1932), but his greatest success was Antigone (1944), modern version of the classic myth, where the problem of the individual rebellion against the established order. Playing with the anachronism faithfully follows the tragedy of Sophocles, with a locker room and a language of the 20th century.

Presiding Bishop
Dec 8th, 2018 by thesuper

respectively for V2-“Liturgies” such as “Carnival fairs”, “Techno trade fairs”, Pronounce “Theatre measuring” etc. Nevertheless, even radical renunciation of Christianity remains cemented in the particular V2 founding statutes. At best the way to apostasy may be “conservative” or “progressive”. Either is more insidious but probably the former, because then when the (self-), more effort was operated. In the Catholic Church, the Catholic faith is preserved unaltered; in the V2 group, however, the Catholic faith is incessantly distorted. That the truth is absolutely unchangeable, is already an absolutely compelling evidence of basic logic. Accordingly, the Unchangeableness of Catholic doctrine is an explicit dogma (Denzinger Schonmetzer, Enchiridion Symbolorum, Nr. 3043).

Jesus Christ remains the same “yesterday and today and for ever” (Heb 13,8). However, V2 is “always change.” The abolition of the Catholic Liturgy through–usually sacramentally invalid – “Novus Ordo” is therefore also “consequently” as the resulting in turn always ridiculous further variations this “Novus Ordo”in the above mentioned”Carnival fairs”etc. In particular the “World Youth Day” with the V2-“Popes” since Karol Wojtyla (“Pope John Paul II.”) are massive manifestations of waste from Christianity, which then arguably “conservative” publicly to Satanic inspired rock music dancing around. According to Lohmann INSA Feye, editor and Chief of the service (CvD) of Rotary sets magazine in issue 4/2013 after (“Francis – the new Pope and Rotary”): the new Pope, then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was appointed the honorary Rotarians of RC Buenos Aires and received the silver Laurel Prize in 2005 the Club as “Person of the year”. … Also in Germany, many representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches have received in recent years honorary membership in a Rotary Club. These include Karl Kardinal Lehmann, Bishop of Mainz, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Heinz Josef Algermissen, Bishop of Fulda, and Johannes Friedrich, former Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.” Karl Lehmann was “contrary to the animal seriousness” of the Aachen Karnevalsvereins GAB 2005 the 55th Knight.

Ulysses Theatre
Dec 1st, 2018 by thesuper

Villaurrutia is a poet endowed with vivid pictorial qualities aimed at attracting morning panoramas, but also melancholy twilight in which the only reality that awaits the man embodies: death. These qualities are affirmed from the first collection of verses, first poems (1923), reflections (1926) two Nocturnes (1931) and night (1933). Things as presented to our senses, are reflected in the smoothness of a Crystal, but in his pampers smoothness insinuates the uneasy conscience of life dominated by death, which is not in macabre, gruesome reality, but rather a source of nostalgia by a sense of radical orphanhood. Nostalgia for death (1938), tenth death and other not collected poems (1941) and a final Ode to spring and other poems (1948), form, together with the These collections, all of the lyrical works of Xavier Villaurrutia, flocked to his death with his theatre in poetry and theatre full of Xavier Villaurrutia (1953), and then with the prose in works (1966). The Mexican theatre its current importance mainly due to the enthusiastic and tireless work of Xavier Villaurrutia. In 1928 this author is co-founder of the Ulysses Theatre, destined for the representation of Mexican works.

The founders themselves were made at the same time authors and actors. In 1934, the comedy seems to lie earned Villaurrutia a scholarship to the United States granted by the orientation theater, and the writer attended Yale University for a course. Back to his country, intensified its work in favour of the National Theater, organizing even a theatre group: the Union of electricians. As a playwright, Villaurrutia contributed to theater with his works the obsessive sense of death lie seems revolves around a disturbing predisposition to suicide, rethinking the theme in other pieces, up to invitation to death (1944), comedy in which the playwright fully affirms its originality trying a deep sense existential problem that allows you to penetrate the uniqueness of the author, and also the Mexican in a broader sense. Be you brief (1938), what do you think? (1938), Ivy (1941), women legitimate, (1943), the red-hot yerro (1945), the poor Barba Azul (1947) and dangerous game (1949), are titles of major dramas, the Repertoire of Xavier Villaurrutia, in which the personality of the playwright is imposed in all cases to the deep knowledge of such or which author, whether this Cocteau, Girandoux, O’Neill, or even the same Pirandello. There are several poets and Mexican playwrights of genuine worth that have managed to attract international attention, but among them highlights Xavier Villaurrutia. And as the Mexican poet said: at the tomb of the bed I leave my statue without blood / to exit at a time so slow / in an endless descent / armless lay / no fingers to achieve the scale that falls from a piano invisible / without more than a look and a voice.

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