Virgin Islands
Jun 16th, 2012 by thesuper

I am an indian quucha. I live in an adobe house quucha, resistant the sufficient one stops sheltering in them from the cold, in a desolate hillside, surrounded of relva scarce. I do not know what it is Nike, Microsoft, best to seller, esferogrfica penxs, notebook spiral, oven microwaves. I am an indian quucha, we inhabit Peruvian high plateaus because of the invader. It happened has much time. In virtue of rarefied air, our bodies if had molded thus: ample pulmes, 20 hearts bigger percent that the average, corpulent trunks, short arms and legs, everything to facilitate the circulatrio system. But I do not have conscience of this. I know that necessary to survive here on.

Of this I have conscience. I am an indian quucha. I do not know what it is NASA, Hollywood, happy-hour, carboidratos, Porshe, Ferrari, dental cream, Virgin Islands, plasma monitor, electro encefalograma, official propaganda. My adobe house emanates fragrances of bodies without bath, more esterco of lhama and sheep that serve to foment the heat of the small fireplace. The cmodos are dark therefore it does not have windows, thus smoke is perpetual and the odors idem. Perhaps this intervenes with the breath and the eyes. I do not know.

The aged women weave blankets even so woman some, young or aged, Spaniard speaks. Some men say a little. He was only through the dialect quucha that my parents did not hear nor, nor my grandmothers and greats-grandmother, if to complain of the scarce ventilation of the house. I only know that I must take care of of lhamas. I am an indian quucha. I heard to speak of Iraq, NATO, of the Beatles, Vinicius and Jobim, never do not know what it is tungsten league, pen drive, DVD, HD, Sony, and wage readjustment. Our family takes two banns per year, in Cailoma. There the hot water is available.

Boris Karloff Century
Jun 6th, 2012 by thesuper

A dozen of productions will revivirn to the mythical monster. Guillermo of the Toro, the chain FOX or Adam Sandler is some of the implied ones in these new versions. ' Frankenstein' Mary Shelley in 1818 was created by the British writer. In the heat of reign of vampires and zombies, Hollywood prepares its following monstrous big wave already of the hand of the iconic Frankenstein, to which it will revive with a dozen of varied productions as much for the small one as for the great screen. Created by the British author Mary Shelley in its Frankenstein work or modern Prometheus (1818), the history of that creature of laboratory has been object of numerous films from his first and stranger adaptation of 1910, passing the classic one of Boris Karloff of 1931 and to most recent of 1994 with Robert De Niro.

A century after its cinematographic debut, that clumsy, giant and frightful one to be will receive an ready washing of face to demand its protagonism in a saturated ticket office of teething rings of blood of all type and condition, and some of hungry living deads. The Mexican film director Guillermo of the Toro one is behind remake of the tape of 1931 for the studies Universal and in which it seems to count on Doug Jones, (the labyrinth of fauno, 2006), to incarnate to the monster. Fox has in march his own update of Frankenstein with a script that has ordered to the son of the director, actor and producer John Landis, Max Landis, quecolabor with his father in the series Masterful of the terror (2005). The monster will visit the 21st century in Wake the Dead, tape based on graphical novels of Steven Niles, that will see the light in 2013 and will have as head of distribution to Haley Joel Osment (sixth sense, 1999), that Victor Franklin will put itself in the skin of a called student who experiments with corpses.

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