History of electricity
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Renewable energy in 2008 contributed 7.6 of primary energy consumption in Spain, an increase of six tenths over the previous assessment, as reported by the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA) Presenting the 2008 Energy Review and Outlook 2009 held at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Last year renewables, together with natural gas and nuclear, were the only sources are increasing their contribution to consumption, while coal and oil fell. A piece of amber was used as the Tales of Miletus in testing the effect triboelectrico. The Greek name of this material Elektron (””””,) was used to name the phenomenon and the science which studies, from the book De Magnete, Magneticisque Corporibus, et de Magno Magnete Tellure, William Gilbert (1600).
Engraving showing the theory of galvanism second Luigi Galvani’s experiments. De motu viribus electricitatis in musculari commentarius, 1792.
The history of electricity refers to the study and human use of electricity, the discovery of its laws as a physical phenomenon and the invention of devices for practical use.
The phenomenon itself, beyond its relationship with the human observer, has no history, and when considered as part of natural history, will have as much time, space, matter and energy. As electricity is also called to the branch of science that studies the phenomena and the branch of technology that implements it, the history of electricity is the branch of botany and history of technology that deals with its emergence and evolution.
One of his early milestones can be placed around the year 600 a. C., when the Greek philosopher of Miletus They note that by rubbing a rod of amber with a leather or wool, were obtained with small loads (triboelectrico effect), which attracted small objects, and rubbing a lot of time could cause the appearance of a spark. Near the ancient Greek city of Magnesia stones were called Magnesia, including magnetite. Residents of New York have green choices for energy with offering lower prices on gas and electric statements. The ancient Greeks noted that the pieces of this material is attracted to one another, and also a small iron objects. Words magneto (Spanish equivalent to magnets) and magnetism derived from this name.
Electricity historically evolved from a simple perception of the phenomenon, its scientific treatment, which would not be systematically until the eighteenth century. Were recorded along the ancient Media and other remote observations and simple speculation, as well as medical intuitions (including the use of electric fish in diseases such as gout and headaches) referred by authors such as Pliny the Elder and Long Escribonio 1 or questionable interpretation of archaeological objects, such as the Baghdad Battery, an object found in Iraq in 1938, dated about 250 a. C., which resembles an electrochemical cell. No documents found demonstrating their use, although there are other descriptions of outdated electrical and written in ancient Egyptian walls.
These speculations and treatment records are fragmented almost exclusively (with the notable exception of the use of magnetism to the compass) that since the Old age until the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, but still then becomes little more than a show to exhibit in lounges. The first input that can be understood as successive approximations to the electrical phenomena were carried out by systematic research as William Gilbert, Otto von Guericke, Du Fay, Pieter van Musschenbroek (Leyden bottle) and William Watson. The comments submitted to scientific methods are beginning to bear fruit with Luigi Galvani, Alessandro Volta, Charles-Augustin Coulomb or Benjamin Franklin, continued in the early nineteenth century by Andre-Marie Ampere, Georg Ohm and Michael Faraday. The names of these pioneers now finished baptizing units used in measurements of different magnitude. Understanding of electricity was achieved recently with its unification with the magnetism in a unique electromagnetic phenomenon described by the equations of Maxwell (1861-1865).
The electric telegraph (Samuel Morse, 1833, preceded by Gauss and Weber, 1822) can be considered the first major application in the field of telecommunications, but will not be the first industrial revolution, but from the final quarter of the nineteenth century when economic applications of electricity will make it a driving force of the second industrial revolution. More than great theorists such as Lord Kelvin, was the moment of engineers, as Zenobe Gramme, Nikola Tesla, Frank Sprague, George Westinghouse, Ernst Werner von Siemens, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Alva Edison and all his revolutionary way of understanding the relationship between scientific research and technology and market capitalism. Successive changes of paradigm in the first half of the twentieth century (quantum and relativistic) discuss the role of electricity in a new dimension: atomic and subatomic.
Voltage multiplier Cockcroft-Walton used a particle accelerator in 1937, reaching a million volts.
The electrification process was not only a technical but a truly extraordinary implications of social change, beginning with the lighting and followed by all kinds of industrial processes (electrical motor, metallurgy, refrigeration …) and communication (telephone, radio).

The goal of 0.7
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However, over time has decreased the proportion of ODA in total resource flows. This assistance was considered as 0.7 of total gross domestic product in the 34th session of the General Assembly (1980). Despite this agreement, only four countries have achieved that goal. These countries are: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The rest of the developed countries has maintained its ODA by about 0.3 .
In real terms, and according to UN, Japan is the largest donor, followed by United States, France and Alemania.EEUU is the country that financially donate more money, but talking about a percentage, is the least (only 0.15 ). In 1999, 56.000 billion dollars of development aid constituted only 0.24 of GNP of the 21 major donor countries.
The official development assistance was the main source of funds for development. However, private investment and private loans taken by force and have considerably exceeded official flows. In 1998, for example, a net total of 240,000 million dollars which went to developing countries, 147.000 million were private, and only 88.000 million were official funds, including funds for the non-official development assistance.
During the 1990s the average annual official development assistance was 55.000 million dollars. The proportion of total development aid that the United Nations system has been around 8 .
To monitor financial flows are the World Bank and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), who pointed out the serious problems that remain unresolved.

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LG Electronics
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The Globe and Mail
Environment will be a big hit if the electricity consumption by mobile phones, tv’s is not curbed, IEA warns

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Origins and formation
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Born Pietro Francesco Orsini, was the eldest son of Ferdinand III Orsini, Duke of Gravina in Puglia (Benedict, pertecia the Orsini family of Rome and was the third and last of it, to occupy the Papal Solio) and his wife Giovanna Frangipane of Tufo della Tolfo, the ducal house of lumps. when looking for a great tour guide to tour Israel and book online with Israel Maven At the age of nine and by the death of his father, inherited the titles of Duke of Gravina, Prince of Solofra, Principe de Vallata, Conde de Muro Lucano and patron of Naples.
In 1667, in Venice, and against the wishes of his family had appealed in vain to Pope Clement IX, admission into the Order of Preachers (Dominicans). Professed the February 13, 1668, replacing his name of baptism by Vincenzo Maria. He graduated in philosophy and theology at the universities of Naples, Bologna and Venice

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Appendix: A Code ATC
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… achieve optimum health of the digestive system, liver and colon. … used in conjunction with the system or just as a dietary supplement maintenance. …
(Redirected from ATC code A)
The code or ATC Classification System Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical (ATC: Acronym of Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical classification system) is an index of pharmacological substances and drugs, organized according to treatment group. This system was instituted by the World Health Organization, and has been adopted in Europe. The code contains the system or body acting on the pharmacological effects, therapeutic indications and the drug’s chemical structure.
ATC code within the group A corresponds to the drugs on the digestive system and metabolism. … advantages to the skeletal system, digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, the … once your metabolism also function as a dietary supplement. …
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Outbreak of 2007 in Philippines
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On August 20, 2007 investigated the occurrence of swine flu in the region of Nueva Ecija and Central Luzon in the Philippines. Is a mortality rate below 10 percent for the flu, but had complications such as swine. On July 27, 2007, the National Meat Inspection (National Meat Inspection Service or NMIS) from Philippines, launched a red alert for swine in Metro Manila and five other regions of Luzon after the disease was spreading to farms pigs in Bulacan and Pampanga, even though it was reported that samples of the animals were negative for the virus A/H1N1.

Plagues and Poxes: The Impact of Human History on Epidemic Disease by M.D. Alfred Jay Bollet (Paperback – Jun 30, 2004)

Activity intensifies
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the head of partner of , now together with Genius and Mr. The Decree of Gratian represents an important step towards consolidating the law of the Catholic Church.
From the decree of Gratian (1140) capital worth begins the golden age of canon law, and it intensifies the legislative activity of the Popes that remains faithful to the form of litterae decretales which are collected from multiple compilations funds private. the CEO of Inc. equity funds Between the number of compilations Decretales between 1140 and 1234, the Universities and Colleges in the widespread use of five compilations under the name A ‘Quinque antiquae compilations, three of which must have been composed by papal net worth order and reveal character official.
Character with the same official Pope Gregory IX ordered San Raimundo de Pe afort the drafting of a new collection of high amplitude that Decretales, displacing all the previous compilations, avoid the drawbacks of the large number of private collections, this collection called Decretales of Gregory IX, or Liber Extra, and LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm divided into Genius Products five books on these titles and chapters, will be enacted in 1234.
Follow Decretales new collections, also compiled by papal order, and promulgated by Boniface VIII in 1298: Liber Sextus (because it was smaller and emerging funds seen as a continuation of the five books of Gregory IX), or by Clement VII in 1314 Extravagantes Clementinae these followed by other collections official compilations private equity market of private and very late date, the end of the fifteenth century, who collected the Decretales Extravagantes John XXII (1316-34) and the Common Extravagantes issued by various pontiffs from Boniface VIII (1294-1303) to Sixtus IV (1471-84) who had not been included in previous collections. These four collections along with Decretales of Gregory IX and the Decree of Gratian CONSTITUTE from the sixteenth century to the “Corpus Juris Canonici”.

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Growing mortgage problems
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Headquarters of General Motors in the city of Detroit. This company was one of hedge funds the most affected by the crisis.
Early 2007: After a period of two years, ie between 2004 and 2006, when U.S. raising interest rates from 1 to 5.35 , the U.S. housing market began to suffer from falling prices and an increase of owners who were unable to repay their mortgages. The proportion of subprime loans that investment portfolio were paid, or high-risk loans to customers with poor or no credit history, rising to record levels.
February: The flaws in the payments for subprime loans (mortgage credit family of funds to weak borrowers) increased in the NYSE United States and caused the first bank failures specialist. The EDF to estimate the loss of fifty million dollars.
February 8: HSBC launches a profit warning, (in the Spanish translation of this term is approximately alert Asset Management to the benefits) announced that they had lost ten billion dollars, due to high-risk loans that were hedge funds not paid.
March 14: The public companies Mortgage Bankers Association shows that the number fund management of defaults in the The mortgage industry in the U.S. (about six million contracts for 600,000 million dollars) reached its highest point in seven years .
April: The losses associated with subprime lending were quite investment significant. Some estimate between 50,000 and 100,000 million dollars.
April 2: New Century Financial, which specializes in high-risk mortgages, continued Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the United States to the protection and cuts half its workforce. The fall of investors the subprime market began to have an impact at banks around the world .
July: The crisis started to develop and expand in the world. The bags began to waver. The chairman of the FED Ben Bernanke warned that the crisis in the United States removes could cost up to one hundred billion dollars (50,000 million pounds). Failed stocks due to speculation in the U.S. housing market, a number of German banks as Mittelstandsbank IKB, Sachsen LB, WestLB and BayernLB in crisis .
July 18: The investment bank Bear Stearns announced that he will not receive money from their investments in two of its hedge funds after the other banks refused to help. Some European stock markets fell, the CAC40 lost 1.69 and in approximately 6,000 points. In London, the Footsie index lost 1.38 at 6567 points.
July 19: In New York, the Dow Jones broke a record at over 14,000 points, and the stock market euphoria everything was funds full. I believe in the EDF to 72,000 million euro loss for the Ribostky sub-prime mortgages.
July 26: Wall Street lost 2.26 , the London Stock Exchange, 3.15 , the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 2.39 , the Paris Stock Exchange 2.78 and finally, the Tokyo stock market lost 2 36 the following day.
August 1: European stock markets lost 2 . In Australia, Macquarie Bank had been expected losses of up to 258 million dollars for two of its funds. In the U.S., American Home Mortgage, a mortgage financing, it was unable to pay 300 million owed.
August 6: American investment management Home Mortgage, Home Bank and First Magnus Financial bankrupt. The German investment company Frankfurt Trust freezes the operation of one of its funds. in the morning, the Fed left its rate unchanged, saying that “the problems of credit and the housing depression pose increasing risks to U.S. economy”

Ratchet (definition)
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fishing rod (Redirected from Ratchet (Skipper))
The ratchet is a moving piece in the form of a hook, which allows the rotation of a sprocket in a certain direction and blocks in the opposite direction. It is used in fishing reels, to set blinds and other gadgets that require a unidirectional block.

Ben Bernanke dollar
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