Former Grandmother
Aug 26th, 2013 by thesuper

JOSE BRECHNER demagoguery with good tone that characterizes the rhetoric of Barack Obama, relucio as ever in his public defense on the relationship that maintains, or rather maintained, with his spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., who became persona non grata in the Democratic candidate, because circumstances require it. Suddenly the man so loved that served him spiritual guide to convert to Christianity, married him and baptize their daughters, is no longer his friend, and said that disagrees with your preaching racist. Although over 20 years that did not seem to bother him. Does not seem to disturb the Muslims that a former ally abandons them, despite the fact that Islam condemns the conversion to another religion with the death penalty. Obama quietly hides its entrenched ethnicism and true theological conviction: Islam; the faith of contemporary Africa. Invisible for their fans that cheering, but completely palpable for him. Not for nothing, it feels comfortable announcing that it will engage in relationships with Ahmadinejad, Haniyeh, Nasrallah and other Islamic terrorists.

Also began to renege on any comments, friendship or compromising bond that can raise awareness among individuals, groups and communities that need to Captivate, to conform to the profile desired by the American electoral majority. The sophistry stylized in the skillful talker’s mouth can dazzle many inexperienced voters. His smiling wife for his part, said: for the first time felt proud of the United States. Or that his life scorned the land that saw it born, but now that her husband is a possible candidate to the White House the country improved. Barack Obama also criticized his white grandmother, who feared pass on a sidewalk if it had patotas of young black men.

Something which he said injured their feelings, but not reflected in the fact, that atmosphere to atemorizaria also to any black dress with elegant costume. The candidate wondered once why his elderly grandmother did fear? Why crime violent communities negras black is greater, not only in the United States, but in Brazil, Jamaica, Haiti, or same Africa, where most, let alone all, are black and there is no any white oppressor to blame their sad condition? Obama stressed that he has ancestors in three continents and is product of a mixed culture, without discrimination. However, only is identified with its color, though you have raised with his mother and his maternal grandparents, since his father, the only black family, abandoned child. The mask of the Obama marriage begins to fall. What a difference with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice! Two Republicans who not resorted to euphemisms or deceit, to shine in their political or academic activities. Both fully integrated into society, never used its color to get preferences. They also blamed the white establishment by their misfortunes. Which was intended to be a campaign without racial tone, begins to take the dye that strove to hide. The philosophy of Obama is shown as ethnic and religious. While more denies it, it is more noticeable. From a darkly sinister angle, the idea behind his popular preaching, could have its ideological basis in North Africa. Its objective as explains Muammar Qaddafi in his green book is ending with the Judeo-Christian civilization and the global dominance of the white minority, dominate the world and give birth to the Era of wing. Louis Farrakhan with Jeremiah Wright, agree with that proposal, even though Wright say to be Christian. If the ambiguous Obama is an accomplice or not of the stratagem, it is preferable to not find out with him in power. original author and source of the article.

Profit Payment Per Click
Aug 24th, 2013 by thesuper

pay per click programs are highly cost-effective compared to other online advertising tools. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad and goes to any of your web site or web site that is affiliated. The advantage of the pay per click is that you don’t need a website, and this is an ideal way for beginners in business to make money on a low budget. The main advantage of pay per click advertising is that you only pay for actual click on your ads. Pay per click online advertising according to the lists of their announcements with respect to its offer of your keywords. Of course, the ads that pay more are in top positions. AdWords of Google and Yahoo Search Marketing are the two most popular pay per click Network programs.

Another advantage of pay per click programs, is that you can constantly monitor the progress of your ads, edit your keywords, bids for your keywords, or changing the daily budget (a daily budget you can set for your ads. Then (of your daily budget is to exhausted, your ads will not be published, that day) this can be done at any time and in any number of times. If you find that your ads don’t work for you, you can stop the advertisement, or simply delete it. Before the release of a pay per click advertising, should ensure their competence. Give a good idea of how to structure your announcement. Also make a list of keywords you want to associate your product. A good tip is to try keywords tool to get an idea of the words necessary.

This is a very effective tool, gives you a good idea as to the supply of keywords to reach the target and click on their ads at an economical price. Pay per click advertising allows you to test the market for future campaigns. If you intend to launch a full website, pay per click advertising allows you to test the ground. You can analyze your keywords and find out what works best for you also can test the viability of the products for which you are an affiliate. Pay per click advertising not only helps you to make money, but that can also be a very effective marketing tool and information for your future company. Original author and source of the article.

Crisis Bolivarian
Aug 18th, 2013 by thesuper

Hugo Chavez faces a crisis of unprecedented power to his Government. Internal rivalries are proliferating, the world economy declines and Venezuelan influence in Latin America begins to wane. Public finances have been hit by the price of oil ($40), $20 lower than expected by the Government. Venezuela proposed a cut in production to raise prices before OPEC, but the idea was quickly dropped. To combat low oil prices, it will increase VAT and will triple its borrowing. A 20% increase in wages was also planned, but these will be below 30% of inflation that the Venezuelan Government estimates. Finally, instead of adjusting public finance, Chavez has decided to postpone failures prosecutors until absolutely necessary to resolve them. His trips abroad have also alienated it from the international community.

Thomas Sannon, the then Assistant Secretary of U.S. State for the region (2008), already claimed that do not obtain a place on the Security Council UN, the difficulties which passed some of their allies, and the damage to its credibility which marked the publication of connections of Caracas with FARC guerrillas have weakened it. He even says that if Venezuela seeks to establish links with the United States, it is because it has lost influence in Latin America. Hugo Chavez creates fictitious situations and ignores real-world situations. That has always been part of his game.

But this time has encountered an opponent even more powerful than the Yankees of the North: the reality. And before her, honest, and perhaps painful measures you should take to protect the economy, its citizens and especially its mandate. Is this further evidence to overcome? Or is it the beginning of the end for a decimated Chavez? It is difficult to predict what yet, but it is worth to observe how Venezuela will act before their adversities. Original author and source of the article.

Food Guide Pyramid
Aug 5th, 2013 by thesuper

Increasingly that come together to make the diet of the Moon, since it is a natural method with a fast or medium fast, as appropriate to the phase of 26 hours, which as well as helping you to lose weight or maintain it, cleanses the body of toxins, cleanses the skin and helps the digestive system to minimize clutter is. Why fasting is something that comes from our ancestors, wise them, applied in some religions by up to 40 days to purify the soul and medicine to perform examinations. During each stage of which we publish the schedule on our blog for each country according to your time zone, begins at the specified time and ends the next day 26 hours later. If for example the phase corresponds to exit to the 2.36 hours does not have to get up early in the morning to begin fasting or medium fast, but when thou risest and it eventually to the the next day 3.36 what when thou risest already comeras normally, not of binge eating. We emphasize that this diet of the Moon should not be performed by children, adolescents in growth, pregnant, Nursing, persons who are under medical treatment or older people, in addition to those who perform it, must first consulting with your doctor to know that are good health and not agrabar a condition that may not know you have. After the fast of the lunar phase, the cleaning of toxins must follow a balanced diet to not return to poison the body with what does not match you, so I suggest the following readings you will find on the blog: diet before and after the phase slim eating eating to lose weight room waning 24 February lunar calendar 2011 food pyramid the above attached to an exercise routine, at least 3 times a week a measured time, if you can more days and hours is much better, your body, your bones, your mental health and your physical health thank you you.

And is that the diet of the moon while it suggests fasting total in New Moon and full moon, and the medium fast in the other phases, not promotes stop eating before and after each phase, because eating properly is as low weight or is maintained. Eating in moderation five times, distributed during the day every 3-4 hours, as a percentage of calories for a time, appropriate portions and consume all foods from the Food Guide Pyramid, not less than 1500calorias daily, or more than 4 hours between meals, because our body, which is scheduled for times of crisis, can think that we are at that time and search among its reserves of fat, causing that keep us but with the result that gaining weight. The day of fasting or average fasting diet of the Moon not account because it is for a single day, but if you get used to such conduct of eating less and spacing the hours, only achieve weight gain. I hope to help you lose weight healthy! Diet of the original Moon author and source of the article.

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