Daniel Spoerri restaurant
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The fallen image of the Swiss artist from 1965. The artwork of Daniel Spoerri, a Swiss artist, born in Romania in 1930, restaurant de la city-Galerie”in 1965 in 82 x 82 cm square format is in the collection of Helga Hahn in Cologne. It is a falling picture and represents a dining table of the City Gallery. This work belongs to the classical genre with appeal to relief and plastic still lifes. Traditionally, edible items are presented on many still life is an invitation. The vanity elements had always been a negative connotation. Spoerri is a representation after a binge. Unappetizing plate of food arranged anywhere.

More or less a pure Vanitas still lifes. Typical of the modern art, a new art form is experimenting with the genre of the still life. The objects are quickly at hand. Still life stands in the hierarchy of the classical genres of image for history, portrait, genre and landscape painting at last, in fifth place, since it is mainly a representation of dead objects is. You can’t help but see a parody of the genre still lifes and a reminiscent of the Dadaism with the negation of classical art trends in Spoerri work.

“” “The irony lies in the fact that he consumed that model” itself as artwork prints, a coated natural loyalty “and reality” the image. Due to the real objects, it is a three-dimensional work. The three-dimensional objects cause a relief effect. A such collage with the mounting of objects on a plate as a base is called assemblage. This work is a tableau piege, to german a fall picture (tableau paintings, piege case). A piece of reality attaches as caught in a trap. Fall images are material with Objektmontagen. Fall images are developed assemblages by Spoerri. With these works of art, Spoerri founded the style eat art. It aims artistically to hold real aspects of the everyday world. The items are mounted with synthetic resin. in 1960, Spoerri, one of the founders of the Nouveau Realisme was. The target This group was: the real with a new ability of perception to approach. To the creation of the artwork s restaurant de la city-Galerie (dat. 25 Sept. 1966 music wrong, would be 1965) RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

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This restaurant is one of my temples sacred to those who usually go on weekends (Sunday closed) to eat a plate of Octopus, a serving of pie that Friday is of squid in its ink, a plate of cheese and toasted bread with tomato canapes crushed an anchovy of truth a boqueron as God commands and a few red peppers handmade. Lo conoci searching, this you take it in the bar accompanied by well an Albarino or Ribeiro broth or a chilled Estrella Galicia beer. If after this you still have site in your stomach you can finish off the move with a few good crepes, Tarta de Santiago, Tocino de Cielo and if then you take an orujo liquor already you’ve done the duties of the day. If you want to see more details enter your website where you will find the rich delicacies served in the temple, or enters, where you can register and vote for your restaurantse Favorites, as well as to find hundreds of restaurants, and entire Park Spain is an almost impossible task, but however there is a public parking a few metres where there is not always site, but if you find it and eat in the restaurant you will leave you free..

Cheap Restaurants
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One of the best alternatives to save money in London, consists of selecting places where we pruned to enjoy a good feeding and simultaneously does not have very high costs. The rustic food, or picnic, is a good option to save money and at the same time to enjoy a park or a local place. Nevertheless, the funny part to travel generally consists of discovering local restaurants. And in London food very good of all the parts of the world can be found. Here we recommended some to you of our located favorite and cheap places around the central part of London: Coffee in the Crypt, St Martin-In The Fields Church, Trafalgar Square: It is so good that we returned several times. The Coffee is located in the level inferior of the church and has an interesting decoration in the brick walls, and place basic classic music. The meals be served in the style of a cafeteria in which one can select different plates, including vegetarians. The tea in the afternoons is offered every day, and one can listen that raising the stairs, in the chapel, it has famous world musicians practicing for the program at night.

To listen the musicians is free and the tea afternoon is sold to a very reasonable price. The breakfast, lunch and also have dinner are offered, and sometimes they place candelabra with candles in certain nights. Club Mangia (Punch Tavern) 99 Fleet St. When you go to London, if you decide to visit the Mangia Club, you are made an impression by the amount of international plates that offer. At the time of the lunch, by only? 7.50 you can eat everything what you want without you limit! And the good thing is that they are rotating different types from food, so you can eat moussaka impressive, not to mention all the salads that you have to your disposition. Wagamama (Leicester Square, Knightsbridge, Earls Court, Fleet St., etc.) This chain of restaurants of Japanese food enjoys popularity for a long time. Fast good and served food, and the majority of their plates costs below? 10. You do not forget to verify the menus.

The majority includes main, accompanied plate of gyoza (mass ball that uses in soups or stews), and something to take. Everything by less than? 15. For Food Thought (31 Neal St. , Covent Garden) If you are the type of person whom it likes to eat ” to paso” or of fast way, then east restaurant is for you. This vegetarian restaurant can see something ” hippie” for those who visit it for the first time, but when you notice that great part of their plates costs around? 4.50, it is going to you to enchant! Italian Coffee Compan and (46 Goodge St.) He is one of the favorite places for mochileros and students of interchange that wish to save. He is perfect if what you want it is to enjoy one hot and flavorful pizza by only? 3. – Carlos Alcantara is collaborating in, created Web site to provide useful information for those who wishes to make trips to London.

District Restaurant
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Lizarran, leading chain of pinchos and tapas in the world, continues to consolidate its growth, both nationally and internationally, by closing the first half of the year with 8 new openings, 5 of them in national territory, two in Europe and one in the United States. In Spain, this company maintains its leadership in the sector of tapas opening 5 new stores in this period. Lizarran began the year by opening its first store in Oviedo, in the old town (street Fierro No. 13), with 125 square meters of surface. In addition, this franchise expanded its network with a new restaurant in Sabadell (calle Rambla No. 161).

As for Madrid, franchise opened a restaurant at the new headquarters of the property registry, with a spacious venue for 150 guests. Recently, opened an establishment in Lanzarote, specifically in the Deiland shopping centre in Playa Honda, between the airport and the capital, Arrecife, and another local in Madrid, in the District of Chamartin, specifically in the calle Capitan Haya, n 18. This network of franchise property of the Comess Group, faithful to its policy of internationalization of its brands, is also taking a success unmatched in different countries. Lizarran returned to succeed in Russia by opening their second restaurant in Moscow, situated on the Russia Mall Shopping Center, located in a new area of the financial district of the capital. It also peaked at United Kingdom, inaugurating his first tavern, specifically in Milton Keynes, near London population. Finally, this large restaurant opened its first store in Miami, specifically located in Coral Gables and assumes the first restaurant of the Ensign in Florida, and the fourth chain in the U.S., where it already has other premises in New York and other two taverns in the State of California. Lizarran has managed to position itself as a pioneer of a concept in restoration that includes the benefits of the modern gastronomy next to the quality of the traditional, also becoming the exporter of culture of tapas in the world. This Spanish teaches has firmly opted for the values of the Mediterranean diet to combine entertainment and good food.

Multiple varieties of select skewers along bars of establishments and the atmosphere created at each local make it can be lunch or dinner in a pleasant way, tasting an assortment of tapas that the customer chooses and in many cases is served rather than the traditional first and second dish. The client is taking the spikes that you want until it comes time to pay, depending on the number of toothpicks or skewers consumed. This type of consumption makes the client to decide which variety you prefer and how many snacks fancy you take. Information corporate Lizarran, leading chain of tapas in the world since 1988, belongs today to the number one company in restoration in Spain, Comess Group. Since the creation of the company in 2003, this giant of the hospitality industry has experienced significant growth and today is one of the world leaders with more than 300 operating facilities and presence in 11 countries. This group, which has also with renowned brands such as Cantina Mariachi, Pasta City, Rock and Ribs and China Boom, invoice more than 175 million euros annually. For more information: Jjcomunicaccion 91 409 44 94

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