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Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg shows plenty – the Kultursuchenden clearly in his role as the sixth-largest metropolitan area of in Germany. Learn more about the cultural opportunities, which has to offer Stuttgart. Learn about the annual events in and around Stuttgart. There are many possibilities in the Swabian metropolis. Global city of culture there is something for everyone. Many festivals, whether in music or theater, literature field, change throughout the year.

There, the international solo-Dance-Theater Festival, the imaginal – international puppet theatre festival, the Stuttgart-based cabaret Festival, which compete is the Stuttgart crime nights U20 poetry slam and Stuttgart-based children’s and youth book week. In the field of music, there is the American days, the countries under many other events Festival meeting point or the other the international theater house Jazz days. Even the International Festival of animated film Stuttgart has a place in the world of film festivals. All seasons whether it the Stuttgart summer of culture is, or the Hip-Hop open, the Musikfest Stuttgart, the Africa Festival or “free & outside” – the cultural calendar is very full in Stuttgart. But not only the usual events worth. About the Zapata, the biggest disco in Stuttgart.

An indeed big giant with four floors, where the celebration ends can dance. A special highlight: In the summer months, a beer garden attracts the visitors of Zapata. Are served on this occasion, in addition to delicious drinks, House, Wildstyle, reggae, mixed, black or Latin. In addition, the prominent Hall duo in the district attracts Bad Cannstatt. The Porsche arena there since May 2006. It has a common foyer with the Schleyer Halle. All possible events are held in these two halls. The Porsche arena, small and intimate, and the Schleyer Halle are something to convert fast – so music events, hand -, basketball and volleyball games can take place here, also for the ice sports or dance events, the Porsche arena is predestined. The Schleyer Halle, much larger and also older, is responsible for the mega event. The sting, the fantastic four and the red hot chili peppers, whether Stuttgart German Masters or Porsche have music night, the Hall more than 15,000 guests and is the largest Hall for various events in the southern Germany. Relaxed atmosphere and comfort Cafe, the La Concha is cosy pubs in the many quaint pubs and bars – from culture pub “Old mill” about the brewery to the Rossknecht, the classic rock or music pubs, bistros, pubs and bars are of course in downtown Soho.

The Singer
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The singer sounds a long, sharp whistle coming through the ears and at the same time feels an intense cold that freezes people. It is believed that when good sharp whistles is a woman who is going to die, but instead the whistle is thick, is a man or a friend dies. The Duende is a spirit of fun chasing women, especially pretty girls. This spirit will not be seen but the women he pursues and are presented in the form of a child who does all kinds of grimaces and throws small objects and offers you love. At that access, they bear fruit. The puck must be told all sorts of profanity and thereby be removed permanently.

Also if you touch will string music because it says that it remembers the heavenly music as elves belong to the angels who rebelled with Lucifer and were roaming the world without a body like elves, other with body like the monkeys. The Anima Sola is said to have belonged to a woman denied water to Jesus Christ when asked for the day I had to crucify him. God condemned to wander the world until doomsday. Nevertheless there are many prairie, especially women, who have great faith to help them in solving their difficulties. Other Beliefs or Agiieros The tiger knows when the person feels fear. As the prairie walk barefoot, the tiger put his paw on the footprint of the person, if the tiger will hand shaking is that the prairie is scared and he continues to hunt.

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