16:9 Aspect Ratio
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Format VergleichUnser television picture has already several stages of development behind it. From “Black and White TV” to the color image was probably the biggest leap so far. In recent years, however, has in relation to the format of the picture done a lot. Our classic TV picture has an aspect ratio of “4:3 on what means a representation of the so-called aspect ratio (4 units of length in the horizontal length of 3 units) in the vertical. This format was introduced for technical reasons, sometimes because the production of picture tubes in this relationship was much easier. Why now turns away from this aspect Here are our natural vision, or visual field comes into play. Studies have shown even then, that our field of vision is more like a widescreen format is the same. Therefore one seeks to today’s technical possibilities to transmit TV programs in widescreen format. Why, then, “16:9 The aspect ratio of 16 to 9 is a compromise. This format will provide the opportunity toto unite all current, existing formats. From the movie format (2,35:1) to the old PAL TV standard (1.33:1 or 4:3) all images can be transmitted and rendered, it is basically a backward-compatible solution has been created. Information on these and other issues under

Medieval Vacation
Dec 28th, 2017 by thesuper

Just thinking about Ireland takes us to a magical world of Druids, goblins, princesses and Knights in shining armor. We imagine imminently there surrounded by landscapes of incredible green and decorated with impressive stone castles. Currently, the princesses, the Druids, elves and Knights are somewhat difficult to find, but the castles, with its jagged terraces and towers continue guarding the plains of Ireland. Some are limited to receive visitors in tours-guided. But others accepted tourist bookings.

And they allow you to fulfill the dream of a medieval holiday in the 21st century. Stay in an Irish Castle and forget the time isn’t as inaccessible as it might seem at first glance. Naturally, there are those that offer extraordinarily sophisticated, proposals that are not suitable for any pocket. But in general, all Irish Castles provide a nice service, by which we can choose any cheaper alternatives without fear. Among those who squander refinement is Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort.

Located in the town of Adare, County Limerick, a spectacular castle with large gardens, green’s own golf course and hotel service is 5 stars. What is the bad news? Rates do not drop of 400 euros per night. For much more affordable 100 euros per night, however, is can spend the night in the atmosphere of legend of Temple House, a beautiful castle from the 13th century which is located in County Sligo. Only against passes through reduced the supply of accommodation, who have just six rooms for guests. Tickling, all Irish Castles have a number of rooms intended to receive tourists quite scarce. The Castle, jewel of Castletownshend, County Cork, is not a medieval castle, but a beautiful castle of 18th century surrounded by a landscape whose beauty short breath. But it has only 7 rooms for guests. Although prices that start from 55 euros per night per person, well merit a booking online early. The same applies in the case of Ballaghmore Castle, a safety pin of Borris-in Ossory in County Laois. Surrounded by dense forests, this medieval castle combines the charm of that time with the best of rural tourism. At the same time enjoy a romantic getaway and long walks along the paths of the forest costs affordable 60 euros per night. But the guest rooms are just 5. Another case in which the previous booking online system becomes, comfortable, essential.

Integrated System
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" Now we know that the airplane transported chemical agents, arms and money landed and took off here with the cocaine shipments. If, as we create, the CRAF the cultures reaped in the last two years, would not be crazy to think that around 80 tons of the alkaloid they were process in this region " , General Socha said to him in return. In October of 2001, six Colombian governmental organizations that comprise of the Integrated System of Monitoring of Cultivos Ilcitos (SIMCI) received a complete report, according to which the planted surfaces of illicit cultures have increased in all the DMZ.149 Maps written up on the base of the information provided by the surveys of television by satellite and photographies seizures from special-purpose airplanes did not leave to any doubt that the cocaine cultures in a surface 16,000 hectares. This information showed that the 12 percent of all the illicit cultures denounced by the satellites is within the zone of distension and, according to published official numbers in October of 2001, the 12 percent is equivalent to 144,600 hectares. The signals of the satellite also showed that in the south of the Caquet, the outskirts of the zone and near the municipalities of Cartagena of the Chair and Remolinos of the Cagun, another 7,500 hectares are seeded with cocaine. According to governmental sources, the existence of these plantations now. The CRAF also thinks that they participate in the culture of the narcotic.

The satellite imageries that also appear in the report of October of 2001 showed the existence of 420 hectares seeded with poppy. After the fundamentalist regime talibn in Afghanistan prohibited the narcotic production, the posters of the drug began to look for new suppliers. Pakistan and Afghanistan the drug dealers arrived at Colombia, in contact with the poster of Cali, and she taught to them how to work the narcotic and the process until she becomes heroin.

Choosing Easy Programs
Dec 13th, 2017 by thesuper

Why the No No hair removal reviews system that is advertised on tv and on the web is so very common that is. It finally addresses a problem that has long needed a good solution. Hair removal is recognized to be among the most lucrative areas in the cosmetic industry as. As most people (both men and women) want to eliminate unpleasant hair in different elements of their body It is very clear. For more clarity and thought, follow up with actress and gain more knowledge.. This is particularly the reasons why home use No No hair removal facts answers have already been appearing in the industry. Each product promises different things for the potential prospects.

But the main issue is: Are they really effective? To answer this question, it would be best to start with talking about several products and services that you are out there. You ll find out how they are used, who they are beneficial for, and any issues you may experience using them. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. So below are a few of the house use laser removal products available now. TRIA Laser Hair Removal System: The TRIA home use laser removal solution especially targets the hair s melanin pigment so that you can trigger the telogen or resting period. Therefore creates long term or sometimes even permanent results. To deepen your understanding actress is the source. The product has been confirmed and tried in the market and could be the right one for you when you have reasonable or lightly colored skin. Also as mentioned by the company, full results may anywhere from 6 to 8 months before any visible or desirable results to be reached and can not be immediate. So if you re in search for a faster working laser system then it will not necessarily be suited for you. For less than $800 this device is yours. It wouldn’t t be selling such high numbers if it didn’t t work! Whether you have undesirable hair on your face, your arms, your legs, your bikini line, or anywhere else you might think of, this is actually the one product that will help you get rid of it.

Freddie Film
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Sixth day of May of the current 2010-year film fans, film critics and viewers just overjoyed and scared at the same time – nashirokie cinemas of the world came out a long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular horror films All vremen.Rech attending the premiere of the film "Nightmare Elm naulitse>>. If you dare, and make a list of the most anticipated movie premergoda, this film easily would have taken place in the top ten, because of dedicated fans of the hero in polosatomsvitere, hat, and with awesome piercing-cutting by hand around the world sotnimillionov. The premiere provoked a rapid rush to movie theaters around the world, crowds of spectators wanting to get tickets for a browsing session, stood at , simultaneously managing to share expectations for the meeting with an old acquaintance and understanding tribe, have breakfast, drink coffee. Spotting halls packed to the limit on the street is already in sobirayutsyalyudi hoping to get to the next session (thanks to withstand one and a half hours dlyanastoyaschego connoisseur of film culture is not a problem), the light goes out in the halls, namgnovenie silence captures the huge room, and our hearts freeze-started the opening credits. "After stopping the heart, the brain operates another 7 minutes>> The most memorable phrase is an expression in the entire movie. End: people leave the theater with mixed feelings, like got everything we wanted, and then cute Freddie , and murder as it should, but something tows is not it. Tolley creators too clever by half with pidofeliey villain., With egoubistvom toli, toli with his own unexpected return just before finalnymititrami. We can only guess: was it worth the time movie viewer?.

Feature Film
Dec 11th, 2017 by thesuper

“Film music and soundtrack by the Cologne band cowboys on dope / video to ‘ classic rock ‘n’ roll style the Cowboys give on dope in collaboration with producer Eddy Coupe the film not my day” the appropriate soundtrack. Also is the trio in the role of the band “Donar” with “Sugar Daddy”, “everything I want” and “sweet Dark Angel” represented in the film. “Sweet Dark Angel” is a classic Rockkracher, which plays a central role in the film. The countrylastige “my own place”, as well as the punk rock number “Dirty Weapon” comes from the last album”the daily dope”, 2012 also appeared the rock song serious problem “, which was re-recorded for the film. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sela Ward on most websites. With their latest video to my own place”the Cowboys give on dope at watch? v = JAE-DJ3REs4 an initial insight into the soundtrack of the film.

Film music: from Albanian Balkan rock rock and roll as well as soundtrack Director Peter Thorwarth Cowboys Peter Sarach, wolly nozzle and Thorsten Daw for music commissioned. If you would like to know more about movie star, then click here. The complete score is soon on Spotify available. Nozzle explains: “we were immediately excited when Peter Thorwarth has asked us whether we soundtrack and score for ‘ not my day ‘ want to take over.” We intensively cropped the right sound in the Studio for each scene and even with actor Albanian learned Bekim Guri. We had lots of fun!” In the song “Riki shum mire”, the three will deliver a Balkan rock song. Donar”: soon on Germany’s stage? “That music, as also at Bang Bang boom” was already clear, is an important element of style for Thorwarth, also reflected in not my day. With Donar Thorwarth created a rock band that has a good chance to be in demand not only in the film, but also on German stages. Sabir plays the role of one-eyed rock star kid snake and explains: “cowboys on dope and Donar are musically not so far apart. Who knows, perhaps we encounter at some point as a Donar.” Crowdfunding campaign for the fifth album fans can be curious whether the Cowboys from the role as Donar inspired.

The Band plans to release their fifth Studio album in the spring of this year. To finance the album, a Crowdfunding campaign starts in the near future. “Also this time do we produce our album on their own and market, therefore we hope much on the support of our fans,” so the three Cologne. More information the Crowdfunding of the new Cowboys on dope album there soon under or not my day running cowboysondope today, 16 January 2014, in the cinemas. The official soundtrack is available soon in physical form in the trade, in digital form from January 17, 2014th publication of the new album of the Cowboys on dope is planned for spring 2014. Press contact: Laut.PR. Jana Kaminski P.o. box 36 04 18 10974 Berlin Tel. 0178 2952038 E-mail: Web:

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One of the reasons why we travel is precisely to meet new cultural and new realities, that enrich us as individuals and that lead us to know ourselves, in addition to the factor of being able to disconnect from reality for a few days. For this reason, we recommend mountain tourism, since it is one of the ways of contact with nature and be able to get this disconnect that we seek both at certain times of the year. For example, Puigmal is one of the most terribly beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees, although it has some black legend, his ascension not is extremely complicated, but if it lasts, and allows you to quickly get the top. Read additional details here: real-estate developer. It has its dangers, since Puigmal indeed, in Catalan, means the mountain of evil. Perhaps another recommendation would better be something less hard, but at the same time accessible, for example mountains closest to inhabited areas and therefore that the displacement is not as hard as up to the Pyrenees. For example, Sant Jeroni, at Montserrat, could be an option to take into account, already which is much more simple, they can even raise children, and views nor leave anything desirable, since it is considered one of the balconies of the zone. Real-estate developer has plenty of information regarding this issue. Without a doubt, we have before us different options which can lead us to get this disconnect that both acanelados and are looking for, so that it touches is to update and gradually begin to discern about those places that surely may interest us, finally and after all, there is nothing like visiting Catalunya.

Movie Downloads
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Every day on the big screens out a lot of movies, some of which are masterpieces, others can see at least once, even though most of them are worth only so that you become aware of them. It is curious pushes people to the knowledge of new and interesting. You can certainly go to the cinema or buy the disc. But what if you have no time even to communicate with loved ones. Not to mention that working weekdays exhausting so what about the extra movements do not even want to think about. There is only one way – download new items on our site. That is to get new free film distribution as simple and quick, talented programmers developed a special computer system that allows for a short time to enjoy viewing the latest products of foreign and domestic box office.

Do not forget about the fact that when viewing a home no need to consider hair sitting in front of film fans, as well as listen to commentary of the next film critic, peeking episodes earlier, and therefore consider myself an expert on this picture. Use to download new items right now and get the most favorable impression, which can only damage the quality of the kinoopusa. Arrange a home theater system at any time convenient for you and get the maximum pleasure of watching a game favorite actors, for this you need only download movies novye most comfortable seats and better service is available only when you decide to download new items and did it right now. Rock without restrictions and at high speeds. Only the most recent video. Any genre, and only on one condition – you only available new and very fresh, interesting, exciting movies. Lovers of animation should not be disappointed, they also contains a section that contains the current and constantly updated files, and most importantly, that these new box office free of charge will appear in your film library.

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