Big Opponent
May 26th, 2011 by thesuper

You go up to $ 300 on the button and get paid. The flop is 9 7 2 with two diamonds check your opponent does to you. Betting $ 150 on a pot of $ 600. Your opponent pay. You've got two things.

You've probably got your opponent thinks you are stupid, and you get some information from his hand. It is almost impossible for your opponent has two pair or better. On a flop with so many possibilities to link project would never call with a strong hand. Would rise to protect and make money from it. You can now use your information to bluff against weak hand later or to slow down and get all the value out of your strong hand. We also have the opportunity to see a river of very cheap, since it is likely that you check on the turn. Here is a hand I played recently against a very good professional player and very aggressive high-limit.

We were playing at a table of four of $ 200/400 NL. He has $ 47ky I have covered (I have more money on the table than him). Up on the payment button and the big blind with Ad 8d. The flop comes K 8 offsuit 6. Paso; betting ($ 2,600) Payment. The turn is a 6 stick than those in the flower. Step and bet pot again $ 6,800. It is very aggressive and definitely a value bet on the three streets a hand like K Q.

Soviet Tower Of Babel
May 17th, 2011 by thesuper

Tower – Monument to the Third International (Tatlin's Tower) – the most popular overseas product of Soviet sculptures and architecture. In the United States and Western Europe, this tower is considered one of the most enigmatic characters of the twentieth century culture. Project "tower", appeared in the devastated by two wars and the revolution half-starved country and the first step in lifting the innovative architectural creation as we do, and in the West. It is a huge building in its conception, the height of 400 m, consisting of a mast-based console, double twist, forward-up of steel coils and suspended between crystal volume of a cube, pyramid, cylinder, hemisphere, breaks all the traditional ideas about architecture. It has gained worldwide fame and become a way of stimulating the creative idea of modern architects to this day. Tatlin entirely renounced the architectonics of traditional mullion-beam and frame structures, who carried a metaphorical expression to overcome the forces of gravity and the inertia of matter. "As a principle to be approved that the monument was the site of the most intense movement: the least it should stand and sit, You should bear mechanical "Steel spiral tower effortlessly lifted up into the sky – in the form of a spiral is the idea of movement.

Visually, this movement is supported by filling turns triangular designs, facing an acute angle upward, but in fact it sell many electric elevators connecting the separate parts of the building. Category motion is interpreted not only metaphorically, but really – the movement of lifts, free hover in space and the rotation of the main building volume on its axis included in an artistic image. "Tatlin Tower" has been long forgotten. But, fortunately, not forever. Cost cultural officials to declare participation of the ussr in any world or simply an international exhibition of contemporary art, as West put the necessary condition: there must be the work of the Constructivists and especially Vladimir Tatlin. Ministry Culture of the ussr, which had so wanted to export to overseas exhibitions ideologically "correct" the artists had to make concessions, and the West gradually gained access to the constructivist work of Russian avant-garde twenties. Copies tatlinskogo layout adorned the Guggenheim Museum in the usa and many museums of modern art in Western Europe. "Tower" and today are held in universities and high schools around the world as one of the peaks of the world culture.

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