Big Bang Science
Aug 30th, 2012 by thesuper

The radiations of the Universe, are an energy that covers all the sky and whose existence sample that the Universe that we know, began to expand with an explosion that all we know with the name of Big Bang, makes trecemilsetecientos million years. Reason why the beliefs of the cosmologists, are not excellent for their work like investigators; many cosmologists have intense religious beliefs, and many other no. Evencio Mediavilla, investigator on galaxies, say that throughout history there have been great thinkers and believing scientists and nonbelieving. For him he is not incompatible to be a good scientist and to believe in God, but they are two different things. That science cannot or must look for God does not mean that it cannot or it must investigate that it happened before Big Bang. The own scientific method, is the unique limit of science. Everything what can to be put under that method is scientific territory.

Frieman says: ” the important thing is that science rests on foundations that can be put on approval experimentally. He is legitimate that the cosmologists analyze that he happened around the time of Big Bang. The Stephen physicist W. Hawking, and other colleagues his have explored theories in which the Universe is created from the anything; possibility difficult to put, but on approval viable. Nowadays this subject cannot be given by finalized, because the knowledge continue being insufficient.

For some scientists, the necessity of the existence of God emerges from own science and is valid that this one tries to respond to religious questions. The astrophisicist of the university of Granada Eduardo Battaner comments:” nowadays to speak of God between the scientists, seems to be a heresy, but the certain thing is that cosmology always has been, and continues being, a science very near the limits, the fundamental questions that all we become. The position that affirms that science cannot respond to if God it exists, does not seem to me sincere. In fact, today it is continued discussing if cosmology supports a creation in the principle or no. Big Bang does not demonstrate nor refutes the existence of God, but it is an interesting and pertinent debate; I am not in agreement with that of which science and the religion go by different ways; the head is a single, and everything, God and science, happen in cabeza.” Battaner sees God like a species of reasoning that can leave science (a God like a scientific necessity). The historians of science say that the work of the scientist, had to be born from the same curiosity that made germinate the religion. But at certain moment science worked its own way.

Game Playing in Ma

And talk is now easy. The result has been so overwhelmed to do now would be cowardly blood. I speak for myself and knew before the game against Barcelona was a great opportunity to reclaim what has been this season as a team, or succumb as in other times and blur an illusion that we are generating for the past seven months. And that’s only a game, a classic Madrid Barcelona. Winning and losing was the best thing was knocking on the doors of pessimism great. But is that the opponent was Real Madrid and win at the Bernabeu is difficult. Fortunately for the world of soccer, a game like this with what it entails, the warmth as it should after ser.Presidentes queen, coaches, players and journalists are responsible to see that it is primarily a sport and that the rivalry well understood and with respect is the best argument for the sport is under a load of emotion that unleashes. Fans should take example and shake hands and wish us luck and know that one day win one and the next day which is the neighbor smiles.

Pores, yesterday finished and satisfied. The game will be historic and some plays from this meeting would serve as a sample of what you could do with a ball and some space in a match as hard as it was. And look where we know little about football all, including journalists, who in the previous few radio stations said that marked the first take “the upper hand.” Gonzalo Higuain guess not imagined the outcome of the match after hitting in the Valdes meshes with the superb header that opened the marker. I said that I do not want blood, nor wound. It is not my style. Just note that Barca did yesterday a dream come true, a wish. We saw our team won with dominion, masterfully with conviction and of course with an exquisite sportsmanship. We saw as football becomes elegant boots lads called Xavi and Andres as if it were a movie have that little squire burly protagonist who is Ivorian Toure and together with Puyol represent what I like my equipo.Nobleza, strength, tenacity and a touch of elegance without extravagance. So I’m going to go running to the park with my favorite music and since today is Sunday and on holidays, I will feast upon my things and thoughts and as I jog through the streets to rejoice in the six goals were scored yesterday that somewhere in our memory Blaugrana have already been made hollow. Greetings ramispop

The Instructor
Aug 2nd, 2012 by thesuper

If you weigh over 85 kg, notify your instructor so he could pick up under your horse. What better to wear? The first time you can do in normal clothes. Best fit jeans and boots at low bottom with a heel no more than 3-4 cm Clothes should not hamper the movement. If you decide to engage in horse riding seriously, then you should go to a specialty store that can help you find the right gear: helmet, gloves, breeches, boots or shoes with leggings. And then came the day when you come to the stables.

How did themselves should be conducted to be here? First, be sure to wait for the instructor and clearly follow the instructions. As a rule, Each barn is not only good but also aggressive horse, so do not rush to approach the first that fell beast – it is unknown what his temper. If your experience with horses is very small, it is better not to stay with horse one on one. And never approach the horse from behind, she can kick! Do not hesitate to ask the instructor even the most absurd, in your opinion matters. To feed a horse can only with permission of the instructor and only what he permit. Serve refreshments to be with an open palm. Do not run the stables and do not break the silence, as the horses pretty shy animals. Loud noises and sudden movements frighten them. If you arrived at the stables with the child, keep its next to him and not an eye on him, no one knows where will his curiosity.

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