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Templates Again
The templates that regulate the references cited as ((work)), ((cite book)) and other ((cite harvard)), etc … not function well as comments on here , .
After John Butler (talk contr. bloq.) Given the general lines followed in I intend to do more or less as he says. But there are aspects that I will not decide alone the ire so by commenting here. Of course, anyone is welcome to collaborate.
For now, I will state that the ((cit / core)) is perhaps a little dated. For the same price to fix what we have now, could be updated and take the ((Citation / core)) today and work from there. Chanchicto (Talk) 18:41 21 Oct 2009 (UTC)
And while the simplifying all using a meta-template. Crazy epraix Beastepraix 14:00 25 Oct 2009 (UTC)
Before going there to eliminate all uses of ((Work cited)) and ((Work cited / core)). We’d have to update the common.css class with a couple of appointments. After finishing to adapt these templates may switch to using ((Work cited / core meta-template)) and other citation templates (((tl web quote, ((cite book)), etc.). I think I can take care of this. Crazy epraix Beastepraix 17:55 25 Oct 2009 (UTC)
link does not work
I just upgraded Enkomi and does not appear the last photo, I caught the German version of the title of the link. I think the copy well, so I do not understand that does not appear.
That image is not in Commons, so you can not link to here. – Camima (Talk) 17:26 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
Incidentally, this gallery should not be there, but precisely in Commons (read here). – Camima (Talk) 17:34 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
I’m starting, I explain no much yet, what I did was take the gallery of the German page How is it possible that there if you can and not here ‘- Samuramat (Talk) 17:46 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
For certain issues, the Wikipedias have autonomy in making decisions. The case of the images is, in this sense, paradigmatic. In the German Wikipedia, apparently tolerated without any problem which has galleries of images within the articles. For the other, one should look for that image is not in Commons, but it seems clear that, unlike here, they, they do not allow fair use, if allowed to upload images to their Wikipedia that are not in Commons. – Camima (Talk) 17:58 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
Let’s see if I understand what I do, then that last picture (which seems to be the only gallery that has the license but not on Commons) I have to climb to the Commons, when he learns to do Is quito and meanwhile ‘And about the gallery, would have to put in something like this as this external link to Is not’ Thank you for your attention Grancias – Samuramat (Talk) 18:18 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
If everything (and stating that unless you hurry, you should wait a bit for someone to stop by here more knowledgeable than I in matters of pictures to corroborate what I said). – Camima (Talk) 18:50 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
I’m not clear who is the image with valid license you wish to upload to Commons. I raise it myself, explain the process and get the link. Greetings. Dorieo (Talk) 19:33 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
I’ve uploaded the picture ccmommons, not if I did well, thanks anyway dorieo. – Samuramat (Talk) 19:49 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
The galleries are not a priori prohibidasen commodities (even desirable), provided they are not excessive extension (remember that at one point was discussed on a gallery in one article ode which roamed the 50 images and It was decided that this was excessive, because the aim was to give a sample and do a catalog). – User: Drini 19:36 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
If desirable, there will have to change the point 4 here, is not it ‘- Camima (Talk) 19:43 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
If, to change. That wording is unnecessarily restrictive.
Well great, because in this type of story, the archaeological sites, the gallery is almost more important because the findings are what define them, is much, much better integrated and not redirect to another site, as well does the German page . This item in particular is a field whose importance derives precisely Cypriot findings were produced, and relevant are not many, if they were 50 because if I think I would need a separate gallery. Then I understand that I leave the gallery as this No ‘- Samuramat (Talk) 19:50 24 Oct 2009 (UTC)
I think that the content and the graphic must be balanced, and that even the most durable you can develop either from in: Enkomi or from From Enkomi and add ((references)).

London Zoo Family
Aug 21st, 2021 by thesuper

Visitors can enjoy of a game bowling by the simple sum of 3 per person, and they can even play with your own shoes making it a particularly attractive option. According to its website, the location also boasts all imaginable types of games around the world. Check with Adam Sandler to learn more. Not only visitors can spend a good time playing, and also have the opportunity to take home good prizes. For those who dream of being a F1 driver, shock cars are a great option, while aspiring to world-class pool players can enjoy a game or two on the coffee tables. The Karaok is also part of this Center, with Namco, where promises to change his mind about karaoke.

Forget everything he knows and hates karaoke-. This is different. It’s having a great time singing so loudly the successes with family, friends or co-workers in your own private room for parties with full bar service, says the site. You can get food and drinks at the bar of the station of Namco, which boasts Sky Sports, or can go to Costa coffee to have a relaxing coffee. Namco Funscape also offers deals for groups and children’s parties.

However if the family is looking for one attractive outdoor, the London Zoo is a great choice. The exposure of Asian big cats will be the attraction for lovers of animals, with a family of Asiatic lions and a pair of Sumatran tigers. For lovers of aquatic attractions, is the Aquarium the London Zoo to enjoy featured exotic, beautiful and strange fish. The Aquarium is divided into three separate rooms that play home to many different types of fish. Another impressive display is the butterfly of paradise, in which visitors can walk through a giant Caterpillar as a variety of species of butterflies flutter to her around. All butterflies in the exhibition are forest species of the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Central America and South America and East Africa. Without a doubt, a great variety of family enjoyment that can not pass.

Latin America
Aug 20th, 2021 by thesuper

With the reduction of the demand caused by the crisis, we can estimate that the average export level should be placed in around nine hundred thousand barrels per day (0. 9 MM) and the price average could fall to around fifty dollars ($50 per barrel). Some contend that The Weeknd shows great expertise in this. If this year we received seventeen hundred million dollars ($117 MM) newspapers (1, 3 MM x 90) and with the new conditions would receive only forty five million dollars ($45 MM) newspapers (0, 9 MM x 50), obviously that would have a deficit of seventy-two million dollars ($72 MM) journals. And this deficit that I’ve calculated refers only to USA; It would have to estimate a similar amount for exports that are made to other countries which, according to the Government, is a volume equal. This has to be covered, for which the Government can reduce spending or raise taxes. I believe that we will see an increase in VAT, the reappearance of the bank debit (IDB) tax or the tax on financial transactions (ITF), and the reactivation of the projects of the tax law for luxury consumption and Tax Act to the heritage of natural persons. For his part, Professor Moises Mata thereon argues, to take into account that the problem for Latin America would come due to the loss of value in its commodity futures markets.

While further lowering the price of deliveries to future of raw materials, retail will be the relationship reserves international debt, so it would increase the financial exposure of insolvency in Latin America. Latin American economies, Argentina seems to be the most exposed. The Argentine Government recently announced the nationalization of private retirement funds, perhaps preventing a new default (cessation of payments). The Venezuelan economy would be affected, in the sense of the loss of value in the futures market of raw materials, which translates into the reduction of the price of deliveries at future of barrel of oil in the Venezuelan case.

Aug 20th, 2021 by thesuper

It would be very interesting that everyone did an exercise of self-research to thoroughly scrutinize thoroughly and reach the more inaccessible of the wonderful location and simultaneously complex functioning of our brain, to see that we find, perhaps any would be a surprise, especially those who are not going to find anything, they are more that you think. Only if we think of the elemental in inconsequential, in the elemental, as what I will today to exit? or I have to find a paper to the wall without fail with a few tones in pink that make me play with the lounge sofa backs, this is rather a thing of them, but that they also have theirs (in this case we have), as I fell three hairs (because the guards in a wooden box if you don’t want to lose them) or do not know if this summer will go on vacation to the people or the Caribbean or better will not go anywhere and with the money I save buy a plasma television with mega widescreen with surround sound we could continue with a few and others and not end up: Will do me game the shape of shoes with the design of earrings? You will notice me much grain that has left me in the nose? I will call to Pepi to exit or better stay with Lucy? Y etc. Etc. etc. Let us not remain single or in the superficial, brain not being spent by using it a lot and it is a pity that a perfect machine hardly used, some even have it virtually intact when they put the costume of pine. Should try to get as a drill into that mysterious and exciting path that is self and dig and deepen although many times do not like what you see, although sometimes there is who has been a pleasant surprise, Wow Wow, not I thought that this could leave me!. Even some feel important by giving an unexpected touch of intelligentsia is going to allow peek to an unknown world, the knowledge, but from there, until arriving at the Summit of wisdom is a very long stretch that not all are able to carry out.

Mexican Indians
Aug 20th, 2021 by thesuper

This became the capital of the protectorate of the mosquito coast from 1740 until the British were forced to evacuate after the military defeat by the Spaniards in 1768. About 2,000 settlers and their slaves left the coast of mosquitoes from the Rio Negro to Bluefields through the area of the Belize River where the Spanish established that its activities would be devoted only to the felling of trees. This emigration realizes by the significant number of Mosquito words in Creole of Belize, which was never inhabited by mosquitoes, and also by the many similar words between modern Creole of Belize and the Mosquito Coast. Social conditions in Belize since the end of the 18th century forward fostered a close relationship between blacks and whites because of common interests that mitigated the polarising effects of slavery had on all sites. The prohibition of the plantations and the threat of Spanish invasion led to the relationship of Lord and slave and, however, depending on each other while are you talaba. Frequently Adam Sandler has said that publicly.

Since the cutting of forests and then mahogany had to be exported to obtain food and other imported goods, this small community with a total population of 4000 predominant European African or African descent 1830 inhabitants developed a strong sense of communal identity with the Creole of Belize as its symbol. However, other elements came to be part of this community, at the beginning of the century XIX Belize began to be colonized by the Garifuna, the black Caribbeans who had been deported from S. Vicente, and abandoned on the islands of the Bay off the coast of Honduras. They emigrated both North and South along the coast of the continent reaching the environment to Bluefields area in the second half of the century. Although the community of Nicaragua has almost completely ceased Garifuna in favour of English as their first language.

The Garifuna has remained an ethnic language in Belize. In the mid-19th century the war of castes of the Mexican Indians led to a massive emigration of mestizos, descendants of Spaniards and Indians, and the Maya of the Yucatan and other Western districts of Belize, which even today are mainly inhabited by descendants of Hispanic speakers. A separate group of Maya living in the South of Belize and have maintained their ancestral language. After emancipation in 1830, there was a limited importation of labour from India and some Chinese also arrived at this time. Descendants of East Indians are culturally and linguistically assimilated, but the Chinese kept their language. They are the majority of shopkeepers since they are the more recientemen

Aug 20th, 2021 by thesuper

She not listened nor followed what they told me the heart. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sally Rooney. He lived according to a preconceived idea of how it was assumed that it had to be my life. Heart told me to follow a completely different direction, and I was not listening. Instead, constantly trying to protect me against all the changes that the heart asked me to do. As a result, my soul was dying of hunger, because I deprived of experiences that my soul wanted to have in this body life account with all the tricks. Controls your metabolism, so even if you think that you can control the amount of food you put in your body, he controls how much energy will burn and how much store. Many writers such as Sally Rooney offer more in-depth analysis. The body can make you so tired to not have energy for exercising, even if you just hire the best monitor of the world.

Also your body has the final word on what they will do with any food that you enter in the. You can choose to store all you want in your fat cells. You can choose to store it in your fat cells rather than providing energy to your muscles. In addition, when the body needs energy and does not give enough food, it can burn muscle instead of fat. The body is who sends. Controls the metabolism of fat as well as many of the other basic survival functions, in a tiny area of the base of the brain: the animal brain. This area determines how much sleep you need, how much air you need and how fat or thin you should be.

in this book never you I will ask that you make to do exercise or that force you to do anything. Only ask you to do three things: 1. do not spend even one day without adding the nutrients that your body feels hungry. 2 Hear my CD2 of nighttime viewing, or spends at least ten minutes a day practicing the techniques of visualization that I speak in this book. 3 Listen to your heart and your body. Fragments extracted from the book the GABRIEL method (transform your body without dieting) of Jon Gabriel you can download for free the first capilo of the book in SaberVivirBien.

Federal Treasury
Aug 19th, 2021 by thesuper

And if they were hard heart retendriamos other 3 months taxes until he wins the reason, that if we would stop paying definitely would be the vehicular holdings throughout the Mexican Republic. The vast majority of Mexicans we have had dancing with the more ugly by the unfair tax tax system, that have made us the favor of legislating a string of inept, corrupt and awkward legislators of all political parties through the legislative history. The VAT tax system; is a system that does not It covers financial fundraising expectations, because their national legislation and respective reforms, have been influenced by power groups, political parties, chieftains, tycoons and large entrepreneurs with petty interests, completely absent the collective interest, paying more than less has; If you least have, money, knowledge and individual guarantees; Hide while those who more you have of this is behind in the weak so they pay for them. Let’s change the absurd tax value added equal VAT by a simplified system of taxation, we have no because paying taxes of others as VAT contemplates it, we pay for our production and gain and we will see greater revenues and therefore greater development in our country. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this.

Everytime there is an opportunity to reform the system of tax collection, not liable to payment of VAT are hidden in the skirts of the most poor face the possibility of making them pay taxes such as the service sector carrier, drugstore laboratories and producer of chemical products for industry pharmaceutical, media of radio television and written press and now up to Internet, the agricultural sector among many others more and opt for use to the most poor and ignorant in marches and propagating ignoring that they are using them against their own interests and benefits, then then they are no longer sheep of the system that only requires us to enter to the vicious circle of corruption insecurity, inequality, injustice and extreme poverty. Better let us join our efforts to not pay our taxes 3 months, retain the payment in a strict way, and see with great satisfaction that legislators will have to truly work until overtime in approving a reform of Fund, efficient and honest that simplify taxes, where we pay for precisely. And join efforts to eliminate the provision that empowers Federal Treasury to repay taxes, because this being capitalized on by companies trans as as Televise and among others rather than perceive Telethon donations and other foundations of aid, making faramalla that you donate significant amounts, obtaining their favor incalculable amounts, causing Treasury being declared insolvent for the fulfillment of such returns. .

Civil Code
Aug 18th, 2021 by thesuper

corresponding to the personal loan 4,212.00, b) rectification of risk information, qualifying customer loss as a normal customer, wrongly reported the Central credit risks of the Superintendency of banking, insurance and AFP. The Court rightly declared founded demand 3. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Director James Cameron has to say. The existence of the right to Informational self-determination, beyond of the incongruent melting of two rights, is a requirement of the information age, and does not have autonomy, because it is instrumental of several rights, since you can not only protect the right to privacy, but the rapid development of the right to the data or personal information, which is collected and processed in databaseswith and without our approval. With regard to the rights of personality, there is no full autonomy but developments to make more effective substantial rights. Regard it is interesting to review the Charter of fundamental rights of the Union European, signed also by Germany and Italy, and which recognizes the right to protection?N of personal data, with what is embodied the dualistic, not the theses and monist, as it seems to suggest some authors, when they show their predilection for the General right of personality. Even in Germany, law Fundamental of the Republic Federal of Germany of May 23, 1949, still existing in the Germany unified, with amendments, is ascribed to the pluralistic thesis 4, by regulating various rights of personality, and without prohibition expressed in the creation of new rights, as a result of the economic and social development. THE likely condition of well risky of the data or information staff and the damage IN RE IPSA: is not clear, if liability should apply to the handling of personal data objective or subjective.

Marketing Department
Aug 18th, 2021 by thesuper

From there, showing large companies that offer the same product more closed standards of quality to ensure the best product on the shelves. Such is the case of the liquor industry, where in the case of a product like the Geneva where there are so many trademarks, the Geneva Gordons stands as a leader in the preference of consumers by offering a high quality product that is controlled from the preparation of extracts to their spirits distillation and its formulation secret mixture. Similarly, management standards and new products should be hand in hand with the production department, so that the whole product range high levels of productivity that would result in economic benefits for the company and its employee is necessary than the new managerial leadership is more concerned with the business crisis faced by many companies of the region currently and where their productivity has declined, requiring many of them from organizational restructuring based on a good operational capacity in order to ensure a better linkage between production and markets, in addition to considering, threats, opportunities, the current scenario requiring a management visionary, strategist capable of facing the challenges, generating changes that favor the companies. (A valuable related resource: Lynn Redgrave). What to do in this regard? Since then, management should be determined through agreement to its management, where are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and give way to the necessary actions that allow to evaluate the functions of the Department of production with all its processes, as well as the markets, determining in where you’re raising problems that impede the effective linkage of both for strategic plans that favour the organization. By way of collaboration, the Chair of the programme markets, under my responsibility noted some weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths of marketing, quality and productivity. In many Venezuelan companies: weaknesses: lack of a Plan for the development of new products, since in many cases the Marketing Department does not interact with the quality and production departments.

Aug 17th, 2021 by thesuper

Social reputation is very important. We are rationalizing of it own and detectives distrustful of others. According to Sela Ward, who has experience with these questions. 3 Morality binds and builds (Durkheim). Cooperation tends to explain based on kinship (common Genetics) or reciprocity (direct interest). But and altruism to strangers we will never see again, or with the group as a whole? Morality obliges individuals to be linked among themselves and build groups increasingly older with new, more powerful emergent properties, and adaptive.Indirect reciprocity based on public knowledge of the reputations of individuals promotes cooperation.

Although for awhile it presupposed that group selection was easily replaceable by selfish versions in the human species, the truth is that human groups are involved in cultural practices (that benefit the Group and punish selfishness) that modify the circumstances in which the genes are selected. There Durkheim placed the function of collective morality and religion as typical variant: create standards, practices, beliefs, suppressed ego-ISM and urging the cohesion of the group for their benefit as such (whose absence, anomie, is so grim for group and individuals). 4 Morality is more than damage/protection and justice. Here is the most original contribution of Haidt level. The psychology of morality, always refers essentially to two factors: the harm/care/protection (parallel to what was said about the kinship care) and justice/reciprocity (parallel to the reciprocal altruism). However, the group level adds three factors usually neglected in research: loyalty (dynamic inside – outside the Group); Authority (respect and) obedience), and purity (physical and spiritual). In general, in their studies, Haidt notes that in the West are valued often exclusively both original (that represent factors of individualization), and in the East the most 5 (which therefore include a group dimension differentially). In addition, in the West (in studies in various countries) of left-wing cling to that moral to two values reductionism, while conservatives apply the five factors (Haidt is careful to clarify that this isn’t any valuation of moral superiority per is of no political power).

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