Metal Art
Jun 27th, 2011 by thesuper

Virtually absent spiraling wrought iron items. They are presented only in the design of the space between the sections of arrays, where there are vertical columns of a handrail, as processed technology products. Also, the curly wrought-iron elements spiral shape, curved on both sides, located in a plane perpendicular to the rails, and welded to the bottom of the vertical columns on the outside. Manufacture of metal today acquires a high degree of relevance not only in engineering but also in many other industrial activities. Metal Art more widely distributed and penetrates into the landscape and urban rural areas, thus making the art for the elite in the pleasure that can afford to people of moderate means. And we are not even talking about that exquisite wrought-iron furniture, luxury, metal fences and charming small architectural forms are now available through the company QMS. Metal fence that separates the strip of road traffic, wrought iron fences, fencing and planting lawns urban area – in a recent production of metal structures of this type quietly acquired aesthetic value.

Forged steel lattice made out with exquisite ornaments, metal fence, in its artistic compositions contain a variety of numerous forged elements, which in its simplicity and unpretentious look impressive, bright and beautiful. Significant role in mainstreaming the role of art in wrought Modern industry has played a company SQM. QMS is currently one of the few companies contributing elements of artistic blacksmiths in all spheres of modern life. Small architectural forms, implying strictly artistic approach, metal fences landscaping areas, suburban areas, wrought iron fences in the frame of the green areas of the city, the production of metal in other areas of artistic forging – All these kinds of skills together in a company's activities QMS, and today is one of the most successful, fastest growing companies in St. Petersburg. All this makes it highly likely predict that the evolution from an artistic point of producing metal, not just go ahead and monopolizes all spheres of life, including the production of rails for high-rise buildings, but will move to other areas industry and life in general. Only a creative approach to solving problems and issues of contemporary society, economy and production leads to the most productive change in the life of the individual and the entire humanity as a whole.

New Capital Exhibition Art-Space-Art-Ferma
Jun 27th, 2011 by thesuper

Moscow has long been a real boom for the creation of new art spaces. They occur mainly in the industrial zones, factories and hangars of the former depot, creating a cultural clusters. Another such cultural cluster is “Art Farm” – a new capital Exhibition ART-space, got its name by analogy with the location. Is located “Art Farm” in the pavilion “RosStroyExpo” formerly known as the Farm Centre. “Art Farm” suggests to combine under one roof both known and most young designers of different styles, from classical to avant-garde. Wide range of tasks: it covers virtually all areas of contemporary design.

It’s not just interior design, but also industrial design, graphics, furniture, etc. At the “Art Farm”, is supposed to collective and personal exhibitions. So zheorganizatsiyu permanent master classes for professional audiences (students and graduates of architecture and design schools, novice designers), and ordinary consumers who are interested in equipping their homes. The organizers of the project (Sergei Semenov and Raya Ivanovskaya) are the designers and their works will be exhibited immediately after opening. The first exhibition project of the new Center for Contemporary Interior “Art Farm” will be exhibit “Three rooms or Traveling in your own mind.

” Conception of the exhibition space – a journey into his life in his own world. The first room, according to the concept of the exhibition – “office”, that is external, the business world. Direct graceful lines, the rigor and clarity of thought and brevity. Second room – “House”, the boundary of the external world and internal (in fact the one hand, his house, and on the other – it let strangers). The space is cozy and diverse decorated. Here, fun, cute, ironic. The third room – “consciousness, inner peace. Traveling in his own imagination. It embodied the most crazy and amazing ideas. The room looks very, very strange. The space of this room is playing, transformed, interactive. It erases the boundaries of reality, things are not what they seem.

Jogging – Where To Start ?
Jun 25th, 2011 by thesuper

Probably, jogging, new fans. For the avoidance of common errors in this article provides basic tips and advice on Recording jogging, proven experience of half a century. Jogging, aerobic running or jogging (the American) – the most common means of recreation in the world. Millions of people around the world, with morning or evening runs, have found good health. Indeed, under the concept of "race" lies a surprising phenomenon. In one case – etoidealnoe means of physical perfection, allowing the strongest athletes of the planet reaches the limits of human performance (sports running). In another run – this is elixir of life, a fantastic healing power.

This race is called wellness or aerobic, or jogging, even – Healing. With the proper treatment of jogging, he will bestow any joy, true bliss good health, high performance and active longevity. Realizing that jogging is to make friends for life, you need to immediately legalize the only two major rules. Rule number 1 – the smoothness and gradualism. Only slowly and gradually to move from probeganiya few tens of meters to one hundred, two, three hundred meters, etc. We, at his birth, spare parts, do not get.

Yes, and then they were nowhere otyschesh. Therefore, we must literally "sneak up" to each regular exercise. Just getting used to one, you can begin to master the longer run. "Climbing up, as on top of a vertical cliff, slowly and carefully, step by step, but true. Often jogging pushes human health deterioration. During the years of sedentary living his whole body, muscles, ligaments, joints, heart (also a muscle) decrepit.

Art Nouveau
Jun 22nd, 2011 by thesuper

On the walls of a large bathroom is a significant change. In general, it is said by experienced builders, the rack is a nightmare, which can happen anything. Thus, only the implementation of supervision designer plus competent contractor can provide a solution to problems encountered at the facility, which will create a high sense of the word beauty. On the daily work interior designer Everyday my job interesting and difficult, but nonetheless, I love this job.

As a rule, we get his artistic education for a long time: an art school, college, college, graduate school. But characteristics and methods of design work we learn in practice. And the practice of the design work at everyone. Thus, in multiple meetings and negotiations with the customer to create a project folder and can begin to construction works. What is the interior designer for a global problem? My opinion, the global objective is to create a conceptual interior perfectly calibrated stylistically. We are all well know the basic stylistic flow as the twentieth century and earlier periods. Today the search for a new style lies in the compounds have not joinable or not yet connected. It may be, for example, a classic loft with large windows with a steel pillar bearing structure, with coarse or aged finish materials and furniture can be a cutting-edge plastic neon colors.

We can create an interior in the income Nouveau apartment building in the quiet Moscow side street, which will combine a bit of antiques since the early twentieth century and modern twenty-first century, technological advances, such an interior is not the reconstruction era Art Nouveau, and a new reading of this beloved of all styles. In summary, the main concept of the interior – this is the hardest and most responsible in the work of interior designer. And here we have a concept of the interior, We have created a project folder, where there are drawings of all parts and components of our future interior. The next stage is the production of finishing and assembly facility finishing materials, ceramic tiles and mosaics, lighting fixtures and furniture, and textiles. At this stage it is important to gather all this complicated interior, pick up things so that they were heard in the ensemble. The lion’s share of working time is spent on designer negotiations with contractors and clarifications on outstanding orders from them.

Urals Trading House
Jun 19th, 2011 by thesuper

Parts Urals – which to choose? Buying parts for the car Urals, very often faced with a dilemma – give a large sum of branded products or search for car parts Ural little cheaper? For many, this not even a choice – they just prefer the second option. But the experienced and prudent people know – saving here often goes sideways. It is important to remember that a quality product can not be cheap, and the pursuit of low price may result lead to more substantial costs. Buy spare parts, which will serve for years or alter it every few months? As a result of fuel? Decide in the end, you will, but let's really look at what offers us to the modern market. 'Uralovskie' spare parts Car Urals, produced in plants of 'Ural' – it's branded products which are manufactured in full compliance with the developer and the cd includes a guarantee of reliable service. Worrying about their reputations, industrial association 'Ural' produces only high quality parts with high reliability characteristics. Guaranteed to purchase spare parts can be in the Urals Trading House 'Ural', as well as at authorized dealers. In other cases, the hallmark of this 'uralovskih' spare parts can be a quality packaging, which listed the manufacturer and part number, as well as the absence of most details of signs of recovery.

'Neuralovskie' parts Ural There are many plants and garage manufacturers that produce parts for automobiles Ural, guided by its own technical documentation. All certified and legally, but quality often leaves much to be desired. Carried out by specialists of the plant 'Ural' research has shown that these parts are different from the Urals branded, and sometimes quite substantially. In this case, different is not the best. Other manufacturing techniques (eg, molding instead of punching).

Use of other materials (steel grades, additives), the inaccuracies and defects in the product geometry (increased roughness, gaps), etc. – all this affects the 'life' of such details. Substandard parts ural quickly fail themselves and contribute to increased wear of other units of the machine. But the price of spare parts Ural (neuralovskie) an order of magnitude lower. We can not say that all 'neuralovskie' parts so bad, but the situation leaves much to be desired.

Tanya Sell
Jun 11th, 2011 by thesuper

” Instead of using multi-level sales – to try to sell the product directly. This method is suitable for people who love to run the client. 2.Do not know their target audience. Trying to sell your product to all, indiscriminately. What is segmentation? What are you talking about? Uncle Valera also sells his pies and a woman Tanya and runs in the fifth entrance to it, and Mom Tolik not pass by – and then I get sell! 3.Ispolzovat one source of advertising is generally ineffective.

And what is it? We are just fine. We have a 1 in 100 people buy it. And the fact that the rest can be converted into customers – we do not know. And do not want to know. We are here now increased 6 times the advertising budget – and customers will be more. 4.Dempingovat prices. Deliberately reduce the price of the product to increase sales.

Operate at a loss – not an option, and did not last long. It employs a chip: the higher price – the more adequate the client. 5. competitors. Yes, here they are terrible! And they have more money! And a good car. And the service better And then And lo And more You do not even realize that in actual fact they are afraid of you than you them.

Cascading Style Sheets
Jun 10th, 2011 by thesuper

Perhaps delve into the code ready template – the lot of experienced programmers. Option Three. You can create a template for the site on their own, but need to learn html, css and php, as a minimum. However, with something we should start, so I suggest you create your site template Joomla. Course of ten lessons, “How make a template for the site Joomla will help you in more detail to get acquainted with the kitchen building sites. Using a universal three-column template, you’re in a very short period of time can make a unique template to Joomla site on the basis of Cascading Style Sheets css layout with a block that is the most important criterion for compliance with the website current Web standards. This kind of patterns are well regarded by search engines.

The course “How to make a template for Site Joomla is a real boon for novice webmasters. It describes in great detail all the components of a template to Joomla site, comment on all the lines of template code, there are recommendations on how you can change the design template and other useful information. Option Four. The most viable option for the wooden dummies – is to use the generator templates Artisteer. Program Artisteer – a unique product for the automation of web design, which represents the generator templates for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Even if you are a beginner in web design and web programming in just minutes you can create professional templates for your site. Using your imagination and features of the program, you create a website design and write code for you program.

It should be noted that the features are striking. Artisteer offer you all the elements of design that you can customize to your discretion. How to work with the program, how to install the template and how to configure, you can learn in detail, studied the materials section “Generator templates Artisteer. You should clearly understand that Artisteer not designed to work with content of the site, with its help you determine the representation of that content, ie site design. Content, you’ll add when installing make a template with cms. Which of the four options to choose to create your own unique template for the site – you decide. Everything will depend on what your plans for the future and how much money you have. You want to make only one site, and you have the money – go for help to professional programmers. If goal is similar, but no money – look for free templates or use the Artisteer. If you want to become a true web master – learn to make their own templates!

Water Supply Partly Restored Haiti
Jun 10th, 2011 by thesuper

In mid-January specialists U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) said: "The main problem in Haiti remains the supply of fresh water." The report stated that the water points that used mains, not functioning, making it impossible to access to drinking water. Currently, water for earthquake victims island is partially restored. In the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, established in September pumping systems grundfos SQFlex, working on solar energy. Pumps provide clean water of about 30 000 people. Active participation in the restoration of Haiti's water supply has an American charity organization Water Mission International. In Over the past few years she has worked with grundfos in the past has already established a system SQFlex on the island. Immediately after the earthquake professionals organization, who lived in Haiti, started to look for suitable sites for Installation of downhole pumps.

The first two systems to work seven days after the tragedy. Currently the water supply is carried out nine installations SQFlex. Three more systems are already in Haiti and will be delivered as soon as specialists will find suitable locations. In SQFlex include downhole pumps sq, working on solar energy. To supply the island with drinking water to the system adds a special unit for disinfecting water with chlorine. Therefore, Haitians can immediately get clean water. In the near future on the island will go another 20 of pumping systems. Thus, the Fund Paul dn Jensen (founder GRUNDFOS) decided to contribute to the reconstruction of Haiti. Olga Borisova, press office, llc Grundfos'.

Welding Equipment
Jun 4th, 2011 by thesuper

In the garage or in the country often are minor works, where it is necessary to use conventional arc welding. So that all the time not to ask for a welder from Housing, you can learn these skills themselves. We present for the beginning only a few useful tips that can help in this matter. Selecting the welding machine. Attempt to determine the appropriate welding machine for non-professional use, which can be easy to learn arc welding, and which does not need to change with time. First: welding machine should take up little space, so as not to clutter up the space in the pantry. Second: its weight should not exceed 12-15 pounds, so as not torn the back while dragging him at home. Train working with welding equipment is best for welding equipment models that are equipped with a regulator power supply.

The most important condition for welding, is the appearance of arcing, which depends on the strength of welding current in the electrode. Electrodes for welding of various companies, the chemical composition of domestic flux on them, the diameter of the welding wire and held together by metal, all this requires selection of electric power current. Welding machines equipped with mechanical controls amperage, greatly simplify the setup process, what we need. Closest to these characteristics corresponds to a new impulse welding equipment – inverters. Their size is not larger than a shoe box, and the weight of individual models is not more than three kilograms. Some units have additional features of ignition of the arc and protect against voltage surges.

Price Pulse welding equipment usually does not exceed the cost of the cheapest transformer welders. Security measures when using welding equipment. You bought a welding machine, the time has come protect yourself from harmful radiation of arc discharge and the spray of liquid methane. Protective mask or shield welder simply indispensable. Short-term exposure arcing on the eyes and skin is akin to the simultaneous action several quartz lamps. So, work with welding machine without welding mask is fraught with lots of sunshine, but you can get a nasty injury: burn the cornea. Do not spare money and buy a welding jacket, pants and leggings made of solid material. They are designed to protect your hands and body from splashes of molten metal, which would be a great many during welding. Begin welding. Should not be from scratch to do something right, will transfer a lot of material is dry. Choose two – three unnecessary glands of various sizes. Find a place where there are no combustible materials, put there a workbench with a vise and try to cook. Get used to carry out welding electrodes 2,5 – 3 mm. They suitable for all major types of welding in the house and in the country, are optimal for unprofessional welding equipment. For efficient welding electrodes of large diameter requires strong industrial apparatus which is absolutely not suitable when working with household current. However, if you want to work with fine metals, it is better to buy a semi-automatic welding, where the electrode will serve as a thin wire.

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