Rainer Marie
January 12th, 2022 by thesuper

No longer just for ears. A sound that, as Rilke wrote, it seemingly listening us like a deeper ear.” (Rilke, Rainer Marie: poetry 1910-1926, p. 117) And so felt the creative energy that spread because she had it in her and could fill her heart so beautiful. While only the terrible monster was recognized, all others in the beast Belle the only one who could carry out the hidden behind the appearance. And like all fairy tale motifs, also the beauty and the beast has”a direct reference to our personal reality in their holistic development. Are sure that you always recognize any beauty or sometimes by the superficial appearance of sand in the eyes sprinkle also is? Maybe are our feelings and thoughts in reality arrested often probably even significantly differs from other, also possible realities? The beautiful Belle from the beauty and the beast”could see the world and hence the beast with completely different eyes alone because she was wearing beauty in her heart. She had approved for themselves, that reality obvious for anyone not necessarily at the same time the one that had to be the binding of the reality. She followed their heart…

If we the branches and the complexity accept the realities, recognize that beautiful, it want to especially recognize and accept also, revealed to us is a completely new look at the creative world on our individual being. It can’t hurt to try it. You can perceive that the creative energy is present in their inexhaustible potential in your personal reality. “At this point you may ask: what does mean mean” personal reality? “It is not our” reality reality of all people, in which we live? What does this mean for my holistic personality development? But these questions also sound so simple, the answers are not so easy to find. With the conscious thinking (meditate) about we touch disputes be taken already since centuries and millennia of philosophers, scientists, theologians, mystics, artists and many others.

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