Fornalutx Town With Enchantment In Majorca
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All Fornalutx constitutes an architectonic and landscaping set of great value, in very good state of conservation. The paved with stones entrances, the austerity and the simplicity of the constructions and their ornamentation, make of the houses of Fornalutx a clear exponent of the typical Majorcan mountain houses, reflection of a form of life of other times. Ligature to agriculture where the kitchen garden, the culture of naranjo and the olive tree, was the motor of the economy until the Sixties. Here artists and personages of other places of Europe have arrived, fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and the form of simple life of their inhabitants. Anna Belknap has compatible beliefs. Some of them have established their definitive residence in Fornalutx. Nothing else to enter Fornalutx we found the House of Villa, with a defense tower that dates from century XVII. The parochial church is another one of the outstanding buildings of Fornalutx, original of century XIII of gothic style, has undergone numerous reforms until arriving at its own present aspect from the baroque one, with a single ship, covered by a vault of average tube and chapels lateral. The popular art of the roofing tiles guinea fowl is very present in the houses of Fornalutx.

One is compositions of drawings realised between centuries XIV and XIX, normally of red color, on a white bottom under the roofing tiles that leave in the cornice of the facades. They represent geometric and vegetal reasons, elements of the daily life, anthropomorphic and zoomrficas figures, religious subjects, inscriptions and until proverbs. A technique without perspective was used, limiting the drawings the contour of the objects with some inner details. To part of the properly decorative function, they had a symbolic function, since its objective era to preserve and to defend the house and its inhabitants of the misfortunes. For the fans to the senderismo there are several routes of interest, like the one of Sller to Fornalutx by the Viewpoint of Ses Barques, or the one of the Cam de Sa Figuera, that unites Fornalutx and the Port de Sller. History of Fornalutx the origins of Fornalutx or ” Fornalugi” , as it is written in old documents, one begins before from the same moment of the conquest, being one farmhouse dwells. Its denomination derives from fornal” or ferreira” , with the suffix utx” , Mozarabic place-name of the suffix Romanesque ucem”. The history of Fornalutx always has been ligature to the one of Sller, town with which formed a unique municipality until year 1837. Fornalutx, can be considered like a set of unquestionable landscaping and architectonic interest, as well as its surroundings. In 1983 it was awarded with ” Plate of Silver by Fomento de Turismo of Majorca by the Defense and Maintenance of the Villa” and from the General Secretariat of Tourism it obtained that one same year ” II National Prize of Towns Embellished and Maintained of Espaa” , the 1995 were spent ” to him; Encina” prize; by its work in favor of the Nature.

Jean Anouilh
Dec 16th, 2018 by thesuper

JEAN ANOUILH (1910-1987) of centenary all wars are holy, I challenge that you find a combatant who does not believe have the sky on your part. Jean Anouilh. THE voice with a VISION TRAGIC of LA life Anouilh is a figure of great importance within French Theatre and is among those who enjoy greater success. His work, which became known after World War II, is imbued with an acute pessimism and a tragic and sordid life, especially appreciable vision in their famous black pieces. All his works reflect a tragic view of life.

Also noteworthy are their protest against the injustice of the world and his perfect knowledge of the use of dialogue and theatrical technique. His theatre has influence of Moliere, Pirandello and Bernard Shaw. He also wrote a type of works, calls parts roses, where grants greater space to the humor and fantasy. Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux on June 23, 1910 and died on October 3, 1967 in Lausanne. Son of vasco-franceses parents.

Your father was a tailor and his mother a piano teacher. He studied law and works in an advertising agency. At eighteen he decides to devote his life to the theater and Louis Jouvet becomes Secretary of the famous actor and theatre director. During the German occupation he continues to write. Not collaborating with the Germans but not form part of the French resistance, so it was criticised, however, was one of the most significant and authors represented of his generation, with works of great thematic diversity. Hedvig Hricak has plenty of information regarding this issue. He made his debut with the comedy the ermine (1932), but his greatest success was Antigone (1944), modern version of the classic myth, where the problem of the individual rebellion against the established order. Playing with the anachronism faithfully follows the tragedy of Sophocles, with a locker room and a language of the 20th century.

Familiar Conciliation Work And School
Jun 11th, 2018 by thesuper

Every day more, the labor life within a company demands that the families must spend more hours separated, nobody works less than 8 hours today and adding the hours to him that one uses in traveling from its house to the work, we must count on an average of 10 hours daily outside our homes and far from our children. It would not be ideal that we at least pruned to arrive at our homes and to feel that the children have had a happy day, full of games, and educative and funny activities? This, would make merit all the effort that we do in the day to day. There are many forms to cause that our children feel well and even we to feel us calm and trusting in which we do the best thing by them. When beginning the day, a good option for those parents who must leave very early to their children in the school, they are the programs called first of cole, this is one of the scholastic activities that more benefits report since not only it is helpful to the families in a matter of schedules, but the companies of extra-curricular activities that offer these programs, they put at the disposal of the schools breakfasts of quality and an attractive proposal of activities for these early schedules. Sela Ward shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. All the activities of this type count on a team of professionals who guarantee that the children will be in an pleasant and simultaneously educative atmosphere to begin the day. Generally, these services begin to work from the 7:30 a.m. to the hour of beginning of classes, where the children, aside from having breakfast, realise playful activities in order to begin the day of more attractive form and entertainment. I believe that this is a good option to begin to conciliate the schedules between the school and the work and of this form our children will have every morning healthy and funny breakfasts..

Integrated System
Dec 27th, 2017 by thesuper

" Now we know that the airplane transported chemical agents, arms and money landed and took off here with the cocaine shipments. If, as we create, the CRAF the cultures reaped in the last two years, would not be crazy to think that around 80 tons of the alkaloid they were process in this region " , General Socha said to him in return. In October of 2001, six Colombian governmental organizations that comprise of the Integrated System of Monitoring of Cultivos Ilcitos (SIMCI) received a complete report, according to which the planted surfaces of illicit cultures have increased in all the DMZ.149 Maps written up on the base of the information provided by the surveys of television by satellite and photographies seizures from special-purpose airplanes did not leave to any doubt that the cocaine cultures in a surface 16,000 hectares. This information showed that the 12 percent of all the illicit cultures denounced by the satellites is within the zone of distension and, according to published official numbers in October of 2001, the 12 percent is equivalent to 144,600 hectares. The signals of the satellite also showed that in the south of the Caquet, the outskirts of the zone and near the municipalities of Cartagena of the Chair and Remolinos of the Cagun, another 7,500 hectares are seeded with cocaine. According to governmental sources, the existence of these plantations now. The CRAF also thinks that they participate in the culture of the narcotic.

The satellite imageries that also appear in the report of October of 2001 showed the existence of 420 hectares seeded with poppy. After the fundamentalist regime talibn in Afghanistan prohibited the narcotic production, the posters of the drug began to look for new suppliers. Pakistan and Afghanistan the drug dealers arrived at Colombia, in contact with the poster of Cali, and she taught to them how to work the narcotic and the process until she becomes heroin.

Santa Eulalia Celebrations
May 16th, 2015 by thesuper

The festivals of Santa Eulalia are dedicated, in agreement with the Christian tradition, to Eulalia of Barcelona, coming from Rust-coloured, Hispania (present Barcelona, Spain) in the times of Diocleciano emperor (284-305) during century III or IV, with Marcelino Pope. This Roman emperor ordered to persecute all the Christians who were in the Empire. In the city of Barcelona, many hid whereas others fled. Nowadays, the celebration goes directed, especially, to all the children and children of the city, and next we will see why. If we went back a little until the time of santa, can see that during the persecution of the Christians in the region, Eulalia, a girl among 13 and 15 years, it escaped of a house of field located in Sarri (Barcelonian district of the high zone), where to his they had locked up it parents so that it was not given to the authorities, abiertamente confessed its faith and was given to the martyrdom. After being put under different torments, the small one died in the cross, although there are doubts on the veracity of the narration of its martyrdom. Therefore, during these magical days, all pay tribute to the brave Laia (diminutive of Eulalia).

In agreement with the tradition, the known torment more was to send it rolling within a barrel with broken glasses by the Baixada street of Santa Eullia – Lowered of Santa Eulalia-, where is an image of santa in a small chapel. Since then, this girl has been symbol of solidarity, defense of justice and commitment of youth towards Barcelona and, together with the Virgin of the Merc, is employer of the same. In addition, also it is had by santo, in as much it considers Orthodox the Church Roman and also the Orthodox one. Their rest were located in 878 by Frodoino bishop, solemnly transferred who them to the Cathedral.

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Normal Sueo, characterizes by the relaxed muscular tone and the lack of voluntary reactions towards outer means. The dream is translated by a series of concomitant modifications of the organic apparatuses. For example in the circulatory one a diminution of the number of pulsations is verified, that arrives at the minimum between the one and the five from the dawn. Simultaneously there is a greater slowness of cardiac contraction. The rapidity of the sanguineous wave remarkably appears disminuda, while the arterial pulse is slowed down with respect to the cardiac one.

The regional distribution of the blood during the dream does not seem to modify of appreciable way (appearing made secondary, like the cerebral turgencia, and the erections). In the related thing to the vasomotor reaction time, it increases visibly to arrive to the maximum with the morning dream. The arterial pressure falls (according to Kornfeld). At the outset and at the end of the dream transitory variations in sense of an increase are registered. The respiratory modifications undergo one diminution compensated with the greater amplitude of the torcicos movements that assures the hematosis. The breathing becomes slower, and the espiracin relatively faster. The inspiring muscles, when relaxing, make more length the end of the espiracin. Which is more abrupt at the outset, having a shock character that you accustom it is the sleepy.

Another secondary phenomenon of relaxation of the muscular tone is the snore. The snore depends on the obstruction that makes palatal the veil relaxed, to the air that penetrates by the half-opened mouth. The exhalation of carbonic acid is reduced to half or the third according to the cases. The respiratory quotient falls with I accumulate of oxygen in the blood; making sure the reserves energetics this gas for the metabolism of the organism. The loss of water by means of the skin, falls in the dream. The apparent sweat increases during the dream by external circumstances, as they are the clothes of bed, closed place, etc). Also it falls pulmonary exhalation; the tearful secretion is minor who during the watch, accompanied by dryness of the cornea; which causes picazn conjuntival that takes place when waking up. Also there is diminution of the salivary secretion; the diuresis falls, this is explained by the reduction of arterial tension and the position (position in the bed). During the night amount of chlorine is eliminated minor, (component of the urine) that during the day. One knows that the dream represents a chemical decontamination process and therefore of repair. In the section ” Salud” of, you will find an article that will teach to you to know your own ” cycle of sueo” in order to eliminate the fatigue and to recover the energy; besides other articles of verified quality: Computation, Sports, Entertainments, Painting, Languages and more.

Big Bang Science
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The radiations of the Universe, are an energy that covers all the sky and whose existence sample that the Universe that we know, began to expand with an explosion that all we know with the name of Big Bang, makes trecemilsetecientos million years. Reason why the beliefs of the cosmologists, are not excellent for their work like investigators; many cosmologists have intense religious beliefs, and many other no. Evencio Mediavilla, investigator on galaxies, say that throughout history there have been great thinkers and believing scientists and nonbelieving. For him he is not incompatible to be a good scientist and to believe in God, but they are two different things. That science cannot or must look for God does not mean that it cannot or it must investigate that it happened before Big Bang. The own scientific method, is the unique limit of science. Everything what can to be put under that method is scientific territory.

Frieman says: ” the important thing is that science rests on foundations that can be put on approval experimentally. He is legitimate that the cosmologists analyze that he happened around the time of Big Bang. The Stephen physicist W. Hawking, and other colleagues his have explored theories in which the Universe is created from the anything; possibility difficult to put, but on approval viable. Nowadays this subject cannot be given by finalized, because the knowledge continue being insufficient.

For some scientists, the necessity of the existence of God emerges from own science and is valid that this one tries to respond to religious questions. The astrophisicist of the university of Granada Eduardo Battaner comments:” nowadays to speak of God between the scientists, seems to be a heresy, but the certain thing is that cosmology always has been, and continues being, a science very near the limits, the fundamental questions that all we become. The position that affirms that science cannot respond to if God it exists, does not seem to me sincere. In fact, today it is continued discussing if cosmology supports a creation in the principle or no. Big Bang does not demonstrate nor refutes the existence of God, but it is an interesting and pertinent debate; I am not in agreement with that of which science and the religion go by different ways; the head is a single, and everything, God and science, happen in cabeza.” Battaner sees God like a species of reasoning that can leave science (a God like a scientific necessity). The historians of science say that the work of the scientist, had to be born from the same curiosity that made germinate the religion. But at certain moment science worked its own way.

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