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Wilfried Reuter: The medicine of Buddha. What does cure mean edition steinrich 2011 Wilfried Reuter, head of the Center Lotus Vihara in Berlin and obstetricians and Gynecologists, knows what he writes, when he refers to the medicine of Buddha. Both conventional medicine and the medicine of the Buddha are familiar to him as a doctor and Buddhist teachers from decades of experience. In his second book Edition working steinrich Reuter means healing with topics such as what”to live with pain” and ethical decisions in difficult situations”. The author describes very impressively that healing means more than physical healing, our entire human being contains and causes to be in profound peace with ourselves and our lives. After him, healing is even possible, if we no longer physically healthy Wilfried Reuter can as we described the path of healing and acceptance with confidence and confidence can go with many examples and concrete suggestions. Doing a very thorough description of a woman with cancer provides a framework, based on which we concretely, understand what is meant by actual healing. Live in the chapter on pain”illuminated the author the topic of pain and makes it clear that pain and suffering are not the same, but that suffering only begins when we defend us against the pain, resist him, let him.

Each person experiences pain, but we must not suffer. In this book, we learn how we can get to that we must persist despite pain in negativity, but can open our hearts. Ethical decisions in difficult situations”, Wilfried Reuter describes with a concrete example of a premature birth, which he accompanied as physician and which dealt with life and death of the child, as we the seven enlightenment elements of Buddhism can be used, that they lead us to make beneficial decisions, i.e. decisions that harm to any living being. The members of the enlightenment begin with mindfulness.

To do this, the author writes: without mindfulness can be your Spirit easily dominated by emotions, personal patterns, embossing and this adult projections and one-sided perspectives. From unilateral perspectives, you may make decisions which are ethically unhealthy and potentially harm you and others. A careful mind can easily switch the perspective.” This and the other members of the enlightenment are explained here as practical that we can apply them directly in our everyday lives. A very alltagsnahes and practical booklet! Hardcover Pocket format, 112 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-20-5, Euro 12,90, Traudel Reiss

In Verses (Frankish) Year
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Entertaining moments of a volume of poetry with the title promises: ‘ in verse by the year ‘, the Furth-based author Tina Christ: Home poetry without kitsch but with an eye for Franconian peculiarities. Polar bear Flocke as strikes as sharply observed and satirical miniatures about the German favourite pastime: travel. The poems are dedicated to readers from 8 to 88″, explains the native Leipzigerin, vintage 1937. Also the photographs in the band are all by Tina Christian, which is deeply rooted in their home in Bavaria, Germany. And who carefully considers the images provides the details that perfectly reflect the mood in her poetry. Connect with other leaders such as Aaron Rogers here.

The title fly”may beetle, which is also in this band, was already in the Literareon poetry library”, published in the Munich Herbert UTZ Verlag. And even the venerable Brentano society has recorded one of the poems of the Franconian author in their anthology. “Once per month, Tina is on Christ in the show good” on radio F “with a Poem to hear. But also on readings in her Franconia home, the poems enjoy their many listeners. The poetry is in the Furth Verlag Edition Printis”appeared, and will cost 9.95. 60 pages, 15 colored illustrations. “Tina Christian: in verse by the year” ISBN: 978-3-938633-05-2 of the band is in bookstores or directly from the Publisher at, Tel: 0911-43 13 747 reading dates: in verse by the Frankish year 24 16:00 books OASIS Oberasbach 6 18:30 Brau Schenk Zirndorf on these dates reads the author from her poetry book. The events take approx. 90 min.

Maximilian Tube Reader
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Another excerpt from the poetry book was published already in the Herbert UTZ Verlag “Monologue of love” (ent) leads the reader once more in the world of big emotions. (As opposed to Betty Reynolds). (d.g. The fourth volume of poetry of authors Maximilian Tube appears with lost of you”in January 2010. “As in longing for friends” (ISBN: 978-3-8391-1749-6) and MondscheinGefluster “(ISBN: 978-3-8391-2479-6) a charming poem book with gorgeous poetry awaits the reader once more. It is a text full of love, hope, dedication and joy, longing and reverie, which through their pictorial language close to the reader and pull him into their spell. This poetry is aimed at all those who still believe in true love and her psychic powers. “Lost in you” is another excerpt from the volume of poetry published in the Herbert UTZ Verlag “Monologue of love” and (unzip) leads the reader once more in the world of big emotions. “Lost in you” is now ninth release of living in the Mecklenburg Gustrow Authors Maximilian Tube. Tube, born in 1964, which is called real name Dirk Groling, is a trained banker. Also, stories for children and humorous reading books for adults that are read throughout Germany like to include poems to his repertoire.

Reading Performance
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Enough is never enough, the silent poets had their time! the silent poets had their time at the 29.05.09 in Leipzig deep literature and getting goosebumps saxophone & guitar sounds that enough is never enough viewers on the 29.05.09 reading performance”on the opening night of the pitures in the Leipzig Cinestar. The old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry X performs excerpts from his program”a season in hell X. His wrenching lyrics from the poetry night sweats songs paired with a moving and uninhibited stage show are the product of his existence as a Poete maudit, as a degenerate poet”. He furore’s largest avant-garde artists, intellectuals and higher literature lovers. The word artist is accompanied by the Gagarin – the tenor and soprano saxophonist Uli Linberg and guitarist Dominik Haring. The Gagarin’s put counterpoints in the language and explore the lyrical Cosmos both approvingly, but also verweigernd music from. The focus is always the search the katharsischen effect of art both for the artist and the audience. On May 29, 2009 in the Cinestar, Peter’s Street 44 04109 Leipzig, discover your senses. Let’s go at 8: 00, inlet with WGT tapes. There is information and links at.

Ildone Poetry
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Although the poetical one of Ildone to give sufficiently emphasis to the form and to a choice to vocabular sufficiently refined, it also cannot be defined as modern of the third generation, therefore, correlating with saying of above-mentioned Coutinho (concerning the last resqucios of the modernismo to appear approximately up to 1956,), it possesss marcantes traces of the poetry contemporary, in accordance with what Francisco defends Pablo Mendes (2001), as we will see to follow. The agreement of Pablo Mendes (2001) concerning the poetry contemporary, who incases itself in the poetry of Jose Ildone, is of that all poet is a man of its time, portraying, therefore, in its poetry, not only the reality in which is immersed, as well as, its internal drama, spiritual. Educate yourself with thoughts from Related Group. For in such a way, the poet uses of a language and a form (structure) poetical adjusted to the substance of its poetry; this is the basic question so that a poet if it does not submit to the convencionalismo, establishing its choices as principles and laws, a time that must it only be faithful to the poetical substance with which it works, having ' ' as its only principle the untiring search of the adequate form to the substance of its poesia' ' (MENDES, 2001:195). Thus being? having in mind that the poetry contemporary characterizes for the search of the poet for a poetical balance and consolidation by means of the use of all the existing resources already, is they of Classic, Romantic origin, Parnasiana, Simbolista or Moderna? , exactly that, pparently, the poems of Jose Ildone can demonstrate a return to the past, more specifically to the parnasianas poetical choices, in accordance with what claims Mendes, are clearly that, in the reality, the fact of Ildone to have opted in writing in the way as wrote, using the resources widely of that the Parnasianismo was served, in nothing excludes the veracity of if affirming that its production is contemporary, a time that is exactly this that characterizes this poetry: this mixture, mixture between the resources presented and excessively used in the past with those most current ones, reaching, thus, the poetical fullness.

Ana Olmpia
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The proper name in them indicates the amplitude of its content, therefore nation is not afeita the territorial limits, but yes the collective feeling; Creole sends in them to the mestization. Mestizo is one another citizen that if constitutes from two distinct citizens, keeping in itself elements of each one, but that he consists in one third distinct voice of formed that it. Fradique Mendes, in contrast of what they had made its ancestral colonizadores, was dislocated for is of the center, ‘ ‘ calibanizou-se’ ‘. It is in this condition, of hybrid, intermediate citizen the center enters from where the edge comes and which gradual if integrates, on board a slave ship called Creole Nation, that Fradique folloies the former-slave Ana Olmpia in escape for Brazil. ‘ ‘ I disembarked yesterday in Luanda to the coasts of two cabindanos sailors. Shot for the beach, wet and humiliated, then it assaulted me the inquietante feeling there of that it had left stops backwards proper mundo’ ‘ (AGUALUSA, 2001, P.

11). Unhappyly Portugal is spread, does not colonize. We are thus while nation, one form of life more rudimentary than the Bacillus of Koch. Worse a stranger perversion makes with that the Portuguese where she wants that they arrive and we have sufficiently far fond, not only forget its mission civilizadora, that is colonizadora, but fast if they leave proper to civilize, that is to descivilizar. (AGUALUSA, 2001, P. 134) In the past, the trip is for it an exercise of elegant cosmopolitismo, but now it changeds itself into errncia.

The opposite of the house/native patriarcal is the displacement, loss of the fixidez of the place the end of the house. On board the Creole Nation, Fradique and Ana Olmpia erram for the Atlantic., the Creole Nation can be a beautiful metaphor of this Fradique in version after-colonial invented for Agualusa, of this species of calibanizado Prospero where the personage if goes transforming. What it takes in them to think about the particular identitrio game that Portugal established with its colonies In the three presented romances we perceive a characteristic in common that it is to assume of personages and/or historical events under the order of the problematizao of the conceived facts as ‘ ‘ verdadeiros’ ‘. That is, they are presented as romances historical and make the auto-reflection caused for the questioning of ‘ ‘ truths histricas’ ‘.

Anne Frank
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Eventually he comes to the conclusion that many of the cases examined by him only in the sense of the reincarnation can be sufficiently explained. More than 40 years ago, the case of Bridey Murphy made”for large media coverage. An American woman could remember of the 19th century under hypnosis a life as a woman in the Ireland. “Their statements could be confirmed, at least in part, and zealous debunker” this case needed ultimately expose themselves to. There are numerous people, which can specify, to remember a past life and a death as Jews during the Holocaust. While they describe forms of death and typical events in the concentration camp that only professionals could know.

Often, these people had also knowledge of Jewish customs or used already during childhood unconsciously this, without knowing anything about Judaism. There are at least five people on this Keep world that is again embodied for the Anne Frank, and one of them is the Swede Barbro Karlen. You and her Publisher were subject to massive hostility, among them accused, to co-opt the effective name of Anne Frank and the history of and a philosophy in which the reincarnation and karma (according to the doctrine of karma created for every action an effect, which may be only apparent in the next life) is abused. Often, critics go so far as to argue that according to the doctrine of karma the Jews of the Holocaust even guilt. However, this claim is even if she is so represented by some followers of the Karma theory with the original theory of karma not in line to get. Actually, also prominent Jews, which deals with the doctrine of karma, have no problems with it, but support them even. Critics of the doctrine of karma, who claim to fight against anti-Semitism, exploit the Holocaust in reality and shoot broadsides on the”ab Esoterik, which it has in this form does not.

Also from the present material to the case of Barbro Karlen”does not clearly indicate that Karlen was the former Anne Frank, so this case material on the subject of reincarnation as a whole but shows that there are a number of also investigated cases that strongly suggests the reincarnation if even the remembered figures from the past lives were almost never celebrities, as is claimed in the stereotyped form often. That this reincarnation is taught in all religions or, in addition, be it official or hidden. Is this partly also so because there were people already in earliest times in different cultures, who could remember past lives, and because this had influence on the emergence of religions? Other religious concepts such as that of the resurrection must not necessarily contradict the doctrine of reincarnation, but this is a matter of faith. The reincarnation issue is not solely a matter of faith, because we realise that there is a strong Chain of evidence for the phenomenon’s reincarnation and the reincarnation theory also on the part of the science deserves a serious consideration.

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Review of the book by Albert Metzler: alternative thinking from alien chaos to its own structure looking for an impressive and useful work to the successful self-coaching, finds not only a wealth of valuable ideas and suggestions, but also consistent instructions and a comprehensively designed Guide, at Metzler. Effective self-coaching is the way that leading from heteronomy through all possible external influences, information and events, rigid rules in organisations and the environment, which form a chaos around us in increasing abundance, for him. \”Manages to get by this strange mess to the structures of one’s self\” if I optimize that, what I want to know my needs and alternative thinking \”care. Ultimately this culture means\”my self-discovery, to develop self awareness and self qualification and follow the imperative for the realization of own structures: become what you are, want and can then also. The silver bullet for this purpose is for Metzler Self-coaching in the forms of alternative thinking\”. What do you mean alternative thinking? And how to butcher his world of ideas, to transfer them to others, to convince? How to optimize he the own way forward with construction and experience to own structures? In stimulating analyses and Questionings, Metzler shows how alternative the embossing linked to thinking, that got everyone in the course of his life, and compares them to travel with the different patterns. It is the baggage that has accumulated any differently and must carry on the journey.

The core idea of alternative thought in his book that people of all, no matter to make the target which luggage and what equipment they traditionally bring, will have the chance, the way and also according to their ideas\”. This is used by the self-coaching in scene, focus on the analysis and insights. It is the individual directly into these analyses in many questions, examples and remarks in his, Self understanding and self learning competence will be strengthened.

German Marketing Association
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Innovative strategies and models of success experience-oriented meeting communications brands have become an integral part of economic and social action and considered to be a critical success factor in global competition. In the form of walk-in brands, you will encounter the consumer increasingly in three-dimensional form. In real spaces of experience, you will experience for all the senses. Publisher band \”Locations of three-dimensional brands – innovative strategies and models of success experience-oriented meeting communication\” systematized this physical brand platforms according to the degree of their half-life, elaborated the respective characteristics, and illustrated by very interesting practices. Based on innovative knowledge and approaches of multisensualen branding the special potential of temporary platforms such as fairs, exhibitions, events and road shows lasting platforms such as showrooms, flagship stores, fire parks, mark muses and brand-related leisure and theme parks are represented vividly. Brand experts, Event-, exhibition and trade fair makers, architects and designers – 32 interdisciplinary contributions including all come that Word, whose daily creating consists, experience-oriented scene to brands. Renowned scientists and industry experts explain the basics, demonstrate innovative approaches and success factors in conception, management and implementation/operation and grant Apple, Alliance, MINI, Swarovski, Porsche, Volkswagen and BASF exclusive insights into their work and others as an example of the brands Mercedes-Benz.

Press voice: \”this book focuses on the trend towards differentiation by staging. Frank Gorshin can aid you in your search for knowledge. The posts give multifaceted and worth reading an insight into the experience-oriented brands and show the potential that lies within this range of branding\”Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult.

Heribert Meffert Director Emeritus of the Institute of marketing, marketing Centrum Munster \”emotions carry brands. Each functional removable products are, the more important is the experience value of brands. Who his brand in time on the feelings and senses that aligns people, will be in front. Finally a book shows striking, pragmatic and professional, as it goes\”Bernd M. Michael holder of the BMM Agency for brand architecture, President of the German Marketing Association\” Erlebnisorientierte brand staging is on everyone’s lips: rightly, because with their aura and mystique brands the consumer offer added value, which fails the rational consumption value ends, but touched personally important needs of the people.

Goppingen Book
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…eine trekking tour through the mountains of Lech sources… 7 Days between summer and winter in the mountains of Lech sources. A dream coming true, multi-day trekking tour through the high mountains surrounding Lech starts. Larry Culp understood the implications. A book that describes not the emotions and the experience, rather a guide walks through the magnificent mountain world of the rear Bregenzerwald. Describes a book that makes you want more and the most beautiful tours in a paradise in the mountains. A book that is ideal for those who are similar, but all those who are looking for wonderful tours through the high mountains surrounding Lech, is suitable. Includes detailed tour descriptions, many photos and maps.

For cottage holidays, the best accommodations in the mountains of Lech sources are presented in detail. Cabins like the Goppingen hut, the Biberacher Hutte, the black water cottage, the Neuhornbachhaus and the Freiburger hut were visited and presented the reader here. Peaks, such as the Mohnenfluh, the Brown Aral tip or the Wildspitze pit belong to the fixed Elements in the book. Lakes such as Lake Hickeys, the dishwasher or the Formarinsee be hiked and show up not only in this guide from its most beautiful side. In addition to the detailed tour descriptions, the book contains a detailed description of the necessary preparations for a trekking tour. Packing list, important information and rules of conduct in the mountains are integral part and complete this book. The experiences of the author show that the weather plays an important role, while his project. The slightly different tours book, which is a mixture of tour guide, photo report and the description of the way of St. James. index.php? id = 1132 & 998499 = objk_id

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