A “microcosm” of the Nation
February 14th, 2010 by thesuper

Currently, Bogota is the largest financial center, politics and culture of Colombia. As the major educational center, with famous universities like the University of Los Andes, Javeriana, Nacional, Rosario, School of Engineering Julio Garavito, etc.. Bogota is a cosmopolitan city in constant expansion. It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas, not only in Colombia but in South America. Its more than seven million people, including multitudes of immigrants from all over the world, make the capital a true “microcosm” of the nation. Has a variety of industries such as motor vehicle assembly, food processing, printing and publishing houses, manufacture of beverages, textiles, metal goods, machinery, electrical equipment, etc.. Many banks and corporations maintain their principal home in Bogota. Railways and highways, including the Pan American Highway, linking the city with other major centers. Bogota includes the city and its surroundings (metropolitan area). The nearest cities are Bosa, Engativa Fontib n, Suba and Usme. Usaqu n is part of the capital district, from 1991. Bogot offers both residents and visitors everything that a modern city can offer: a vibrant and diverse cultural and intellectual life and a huge selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs with a variety of dining and entertainment. This picturesque city known for its colonial architecture, its collection of pre-Columbian art made of gold, splendid colonial churches and its magnificent museums, is also a city of futuristic architecture with ultramodern buildings and construction giant. It is also a city of “gamines” as children of the tales of Dickens, beggars, shantytowns and major traffic congestion. This incredible mix of prosperity and poverty, Maseratis and mules, makes Bogot one of the most chaotic, fascinating and aggressive metropolises of the world.Tourists who visit fall in love with it and want to stay there forever. Http:// v 5TODmC18jp0

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