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May 3rd, 2010 by thesuper

A project of Education of the image. CINEMA IN THE CLASSROOMS. Educational Resources. and HALL OF FILM AND EDUCATION CENTER STAFF AND RESOURCES CACERES. FILM AND ARTICLES ON EDUCATION. FILM AND SOLIDARITY. EDUALTER. FILM AND VALUES IN EDUCATION. FAD: Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction. id nodo 51 HISTORICAL FILM FILM AND PHILOSOPHY: Grup Embolic CINEMA I ETHICS: filmography per applied ethics (Grup IREF) MATRIX. FILM AND PHILOSOPHY DRAC MAGIC (Cooperative promoter Audiovisuals Mitjans) Cultural services company pioneered the educational use of film in our country. THE CINEMA IN THE SCHOOL (an educational project for school in Ignacio Ortega) BIZIAK Irudi Partnership working drug prevention programs, values education and health education from the cinema in Euskadi and currently in other communities. CINEFICHAS. DIDACTIC USE OF FILMS IN THE CLASSROOM. FILM SCHOOL: Proposals for reflection and work on films that have as an added value clear didactic. FILM AND EDUCATION (Argentina) A private initiative that promotes the spread of cinema in the educational field through the projection in movie theaters for student groups. FILM WORKSHOP THE MATE el mate/.

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