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Charles I of England Published by Sebastian Mendez on November 7, 2008 Charles I of England and Charles I of England, born in Dunfermline, Scotland on November 19 1600. It was in London, the Palace of Whitehall that his parents were born, I am referring to Anne of Denmark and James VI of Scotland and I of England. Reign came to England, Scotland and Ireland from March 27 1625 until the year 1649 when he was executed. He characterized as developmental problems such as, three years old did not speak or even walk properly in addition to having a fragile health. Navy Mexico, as such, has its source in the maritime activities that indigenous peoples have developed in Mexico and in the culture and knowledge that is inherited from Spain.
Before the arrival of the first Spanish explorers in 1521, the Mexican Technology territory was run by small nations in matters of politics and culture. It might think that some coastal towns could have used small boats for the purpose of transporting troops into an area of the battle or may even be talking Israel about the Aztecs who, as a culture warrior and mainly dependent on the army which owed its power used for these boats to go out and fight from Tenochtitlan on Lake Texcoco.
The Mayans even came to be known as sailors and naval craft, since these vessels were found to be the first with the Spanish in one of the first expeditions in the new continent, not by anything J. Eric S. Thompson called the Mayan culture as “The Phoenicians of the New World.” Bernal Diaz del Castillo wrote in his letters that Catoche, located at northeast end of Yucatan, he saw “ten large canoes full of Indians who came to rowing and sailing,” he explains later as were those canoes, these canoes are made Arts and are so large and heavy timbers and dug … Zeff and many of them can fit forty Indians. ” Christopher Columbus wrote after his fourth voyage, which seems to be the Spanish encounter with one of these “canoes” that he found near the Islas de la Bahia calls in Honduras, describing the length of a hat and five cubits wide This would be like today some 2.5 m or so. We now know that the sea routes of the Maya included in the Huasteca region, Central America and some Caribbean islands, carrying goods from different places they visited for sale.
Hernan Cortes, after the defeat of June 30 of 1520 known as the Noche Triste, and the experience gained in the battle during which many of their horses and soldiers were killed in road cuts, deemed desirable for the better way to successfully attack and win the battle was to use a combination of two mobile military forces, is sending an attack by water and by land. The indigenous and Spanish would be the protagonists of one of the most interesting paradoxes in the history of Mexico as it was in the region known as the Altiplano, which is 2.300 m, the beginning of the history of shipbuilding on the continent of America when court decided to build in Tlaxcala mandar Berganti os that after thirteen to serve in place of the great Tenochtitlan generated a naval battle in the Lake Texcoco between Spanish boats and canoes Aztecs, with the victory to the Spaniards on 13 August 1521.
Primitive state of Lake Texcoco, where they sailed the 13 Berganti os Courts
It seems strange and almost impossible to make, in Tlaxcala, which was a very inland town about 100 km hilly terrain. This is because tlaxcaltecas, then, were the main and support they had only the Spanish. At the end of their design, the Berganti os were tested on the river that the Indians had Zahuapan dammed The zeffs to fulfill that purpose. At the end of these tests were dismantled Berganti os again to achieve their transport to Texcoco Tlaxcala, where he would return to arm and with artillery. It was born as well as the beginnings of shipbuilding in America with Finnish eminently military.
When the Aztecs lost their last redoubt of land, Berganti os began to pursue and destroy the Aztec canoes through the channels of the lake. Olguin Garcia, who was captain of a Bergantin, after the boat in which were the lords of Mexico, and Tezcoco Tlacopan: Cuauhtemotzin, Conacochtzin, maguey Tetlepanquetzaltzin wearing blankets and dirty by hunger and disease that had been generated in the city due to the site. Gonzalo de Sandoval and Garcia Olguin led them to Cortes, who was in the neighborhood of Amexcac, tlatoani is where the Mexican said he had already done everything he could on his part to defend its people, now the do what I like putting a knife cut on the hand to be killed.
Galleys which formed the first part of the Armada de Barlovento, which were of the merchant and colonial government bought a 40 ducats per ton, were the “Concepcion” T 300, the “Nuestra Senora del Rosario” 230 “the San Antonio 400, Urca a 400 built in Jamaica, a 150 Patache 400 and a frigate which was built in Campeche.

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