Between the sixties
January 22nd, 2010 by thesuper

Between the sixties and seventies, well-known companies and institutions in the United States staged a series of corruption scandals that generated a progressive loss of confidence in the public and which affected the income of certain companies. Then comes a critical movement that speaks of “Business Ethics”, ethics in business. A proliferation of publications on the subject, created professorships, institutes, foundations and associations that seek to recover the economic objective of meeting the needs of all citizens. In Europe, this movement is played during the seventies and eighties and added to some of the major ideological traditions of the continent, such as the cooperative movement, anthroposophy or the Church. In parallel, several groups Anglos begin to become aware of the importance of controlling the fate of their savings.First are the groups opposing the Vietnam War and then opposing the apartheid regime in South Africa. At the same time in the South, given the lack of access to the large economy and the mainstream financial system, there were many local economic networks that generated different funding mechanisms and local solidarity, among which microcr. What funding channeled and strengthened ethics. It’s a very diverse movement that brings into different types of organizations and takes different forms depending on the specific needs of each group.However, we find two common denominators: the effort from the third sector and social movements and citizens to create solidarity networks to channel financial resources towards social projects that are excluded from bank financing and willingness to overcome the lack of information available on the use made of our savings in order to know which companies are investing and, ultimately, what we are funding with our resources. All these movements have promoted ethical finance instruments, and when these instruments are considered insufficient establishing ethical banking, popular term equivalent to social banking and banking alternative.

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