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March 21st, 2016 by thesuper

Even scare not passed him the PP that Gema Amor could pose for Mayor of Benidorm aside from his party. Not to mention it expressly, Gonzalez Pons has come to saying that theirs would be a tantrum resembling the starring in Asturias Alvarez Cascos. You can. But the municipal and regional elections have a personal component that goes beyond political acronyms, as much as the Party of Mariano Rajoy attempt to convert them into a general plebiscite against Rodriguez Zapatero and the PSOE. This explains nominations caused by divisions in the traditional parties arising for reasons several among them, and not a minor, by individual account settings. That has happened to the PP, for example, in Calpe, Torrevieja or la Vila. To the contrary, the major parties have also had to apechar with candidates escapee, on penalty of loss if not the respective Mayor.

In the aforementioned Benidorm, is what has happened to Jorge Alarte, who after having very much railed against Agustin Navarro, located outside already from the PSPV-PSOE, has ratified it finally as head of his party electoral list. Stating that I don’t think incorrectly that loss of power of the all-powerful party machinery. To me, as many citizens, increasingly I can hardly vote any policy in the abstract acronym and less concrete and recognizable people with which I can identify. Continuing with this personal political striptease, and you forgive, I acknowledge my admiration and my affection for my Mayor, Rita Barbera, but also towards the candidate of Esquerra Unida, Amadeu Sanchis, deserving any of them for my next vote. What they want to say: so are the things of love. And not tell them of the other city, as well as Valencia, currently occupying part of my life: Salamanca. How much smaller is the population in this case we are talking about 160,000 inhabitants, more know us all and, if it is registered in it, most it would cost me to me having to choose between two friends and good public managers: the politician of the PP Fernandez Manueco and Professor Enrique Cabero, independent of the PSOE candidate.

Let me count these intimacies as one symptom of growing disaffection citizen towards the traditional parties, which can be checked by anyone in street conversations, public interventions in radio and television programs, writings and comments on social networks, etc, etc. Increasingly occur more opinions in favour of open lists of candidates, modify the size of the electoral districts or going towards a majority system that public representatives closer to their constituents. Failure to do something one way or another, runs the risk that increasingly have more electoral abstention, to increase the white vote, or, as they begin to suggest some blogs lately, is involved with the broken vote, Yes, literally torn apart, to show that way confusion and discontent of the citizens. Original author and source of the article.

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