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February 9th, 2024 by thesuper

How to defend the environment citizenship: create platforms or environmental associations of quick action in cities, rural areas at the level of municipalities; with close relationship with official bodies. The intention is to give meaning to the words: action solution. Official estates: programmes of implementation and support to the research of the areas most damaged by pollution. More rigorous and up-to-date environmental protection laws. Focused towards pollution industrial, private and citizen re-education.

Water: create formal and associative organizations with sufficient resources to address the following points:-revise the system of canals and pipes at the level of municipalities. Karina Reardon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. ar picture of the situation. Ken Kao might disagree with that approach. Availability of municipal crews for fast repair of possible losses. If damage is by precariousness of installation or for being an elementary system built in times of abundant availability of water and the current losses are multiple, draw an investment plan Engineering for urgent renewal of the channel. Not be allowed that the inertia and administrative slowness that can produce too many delays in the implementation. Create a follow-up mechanism for negotiations through a Committee created by the City Council, association or Guild affected.

Do not leave or a loose end. -Optimize or extend deposits in reserve in the municipalities with very unstable rainfall cycles. Perform calculations and engineering to optimise consumption water reserve tanks sizes citizen responsible for the water supply: monitor the cubic meters each user consumes, not apply only from certain amount of metres higher rates, this serves only, not to persuade that it is not consumed in excess. The percentage of citizens who do care is not enough – most remain with consumerist inertia or negligence. When the meter indicates excesses of consumption relative to usual activity, contact the consumer: check the installation, find out habits and apply corrective mechanisms. -Energize control of the quality of the water. Water can be a carrier of microorganisms transmitters of diseases that are contracted by the ingestion of contaminated water, we quote the best-known: typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery and hepatitis.

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