David Beckham Otea New Horizons
May 14th, 2008 by thesuper

Ay, ay, ay, Deivid small, or not letting you think of your stuff. You, who choose a partidito basketball to reflect on the meaning of life, on the Kyoto protocol, or on the feasibility of the theory of Theory to explain quantum theory of gravity?

And so, when you had egg squaring the circle when inadvertently reparaste that a few metres from your visual horizon was one of the most basic reasons for your existence: Is your next conquest, perhaps?

I am not a bad thought, Mr. Beckham. I am among those who believe that the photographer had to either take advantage of the unfortunate location of the focal point of the image, and that the odd punt gave chalado is wrong to think of a man as you are Andres.

In any case, the collective male editors Poprosa strongly ask you a phone number for this nice woman.

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