Democratic Party
November 17th, 2013 by thesuper

About this society forced to awaken, to suppress the destructive dichotomy of presente, we must influence every day, you have to repeat that is it which makes decisions and which places in front suitable leaders for execute its decisions, not vice versa. Parties, for example, are our instruments, not us them instruments. And add that parties are a few more, a few guests at the Democratic Party where new forms of social organization reduced to control those who intend the instrumentalization and manipulation. Societies must learn that the main actors are who it integrate the nonclustered for the simple search of power. We are still in time. I don’t believe in the proverbial phrase that this is the last chance. The evolution of the political realities show us that there will always be others, only societies that let lose respiratory capacity, are approaching a kind of dyspnea, the body makes them difficult to move and resignation makes the present piles are driven deeper and representatives of the past try to bury theirs to give us the definitive stagnation.

Each circumstance must be exploited to make contingency a matter of construction forward. The societies living cornered only respond to the present comprehensive initiatives. Societies that have aroused retake control of the initiatives and proposals fill the scene. In education, economy, political forms. When this cornered Venezuelan society stop being reactive and passes to be propositive we will have the unequivocal symptom of your sizing to become master of its destiny, the fulminating indication of lightning that has assumed the fundamental bet, undeniable indication that it is ready to build a new reality.

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