Department of Boqueron
March 14th, 2010 by thesuper

Department of Boqueron Location Basics Paraguay Country Population Capital Coordinates Philadelphia n / dn / d Largest City: Philadelphia Area Total of Paraguay Since 1st 91.780 km n / a Population Total of Paraguay Density Ranked 17th 67,514 ( 2009) n / d 0.7 people / km ISO code PY-19 Website (None) Policy and Management Governor Walter Stockl ruling Alliance Party Boqueron is a department of the Western Region of Paraguay. It is the largest department in the country with 91,780 km , but its population is only 67,514 inhabitants (est. 2009). Call belongs to the Western Region, and despite having only 2 of the total population of Paraguay, the Mennonite colonies produce about 65 of the dairy and meat production in the country with advanced technology.In 1992 the department was joined Nueva Asuncion Boqueron, and the capital was moved from Doctor Pedro P. Pe a to Philadelphia.

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