Egyptian art
July 2nd, 2009 by thesuper

While the largest part of the initial Met on Egyptian art came from private collections, almost half of the current collection came from discoveries made through archeological excavations sculpture organized by the museum between 1906 and painter 1944. The collection consists gallery of more than 36,000 pieces of Egyptian art, ranked from the Palaeolithic posters to the epoch of Roman domination, and nearly all of them are exposed in the forty museum’s Egyptian galleries.
Temple of Dendur
Among the most valuable pieces of the collection is a set of 24 wooden models, discovered in a tomb at Deir el-Bahari in 1920. These print models giclee are in great detail a truly oil painting representative sample of the daily life of the Empire of the Middle Egypt: boats, gardens and scenes of everyday life. However, the most popular piece of the department continues to be the temple of Dendur dismantled by order of the Egyptian government to save the future of flood canvas caused by the construction of the Aswan dam, the small sandstone temple was donated to United States in 1965 and rebuilt poster in the Met in 1978. It is located in a large room, partially surrounded by a layer of water and lit by large windows overlooking Central Park.

The abstract Cambrian
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San Jose Mercury News
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This Week watercolor Hilliard
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Louisville Courier-Journal
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