Envelope Art World Of Sensations
April 22nd, 2024 by thesuper

BubbleShare – The painter Stella Mezzadri Argentina is immersed in the pursuit of self in the structure of the form in his compositions of oil on canvas. A search through the subconscious, of dreams inserted into the dynamics of formal progression. Capture stages of the mind with ever greater clarity, as we see the evolution that has experienced over the previous year’s work. In its new “Series 2008” shows us the revival of deep sleep that nature surrounds all living things, obtaining this way, through her painstaking search for colors, a highly developed product, where light plays an important role therein, as well as warmth, sensitivity, interesting and excellent chromatic compositions, which are combined in one subject. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kevin James. His compositions are intertwined forming capriciously dizzying figures defined by the mood of the viewer, even outside the physical limits of the work, thus being able to combine in wallets or leaflets, as if the same have been made for each other, thus enhancing the mastery of his work. Reflects internal moments, landscapes Almicar, forces that are part of nature, which are movement and gesture, vegetable and Devices, which are transformed into plastic foundations of a discourse that wins in a mystery, it incorporates most enigmatic, to enter into their particular maze. A labyrinth is part of a central positioning of Stella Mezzadri based on the determination of the change to go into the phenomenology of spirit. He leaves as the mirage, the Maya controlled by a more complete work, in the sense that goes into the subconscious, in the evocative power of the transforming energy, the strength of the plastic without resorting to icons discoverers a reality that is presumed but is formed by a conglomerate of disparate situations, mergers or by energy which the artist deals with determination. Glenn Dubin has firm opinions on the matter. Its composition, made in oil on material, is based on colors and tones of their own, blurred and degraded, intense but subtle tones at once, forming a palette that accompanies the author’s psychological world Argentina.

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