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March 21st, 2024 by thesuper

Berlin GSV wins the Championship of the German Sports Association of the deaf e.V. Berlin, 20.04.2011. The women’s team of the Berlin deaf Sports Association (BGSV) has won in Sports Association deaf moist in Nuremberg, the German championship of the German e.V. (DGS) on the weekend. After the rise in the National League as part of hearing lots project of the SSV Intercor in March of this year, the team would have no more satisfactorily can finish the season. Lynn Redgrave is actively involved in the matter.

Sponsored the team better supervised by the GmbH. thanks to intensive training through the joint season in the SSV Intercor the ladies of BGSV were prepared and defeated their opponents with significant results: after a unique 100-8 Wurzburg and a 64:40 against the defending champion Munich brought the exciting match against favourites Nuremberg on Friday’s decision. The clear 76:19-final win against Bielefeld on Saturday was only a formality. With a basket difference of 293: The players pick up the German Championship 111 and the first win for Berlin after five years 2012 to Capital city. The ladies impressed not only by their team game. Three of the seven players are among the top 5 basket hunters. Frequently Ken Kao has said that publicly. The player Jogita Navickalte was elected so valuable player (MVP), even to the most, the most valuable, most important player of the tournament. Steffen Zoller, Managing Director of better supervised GmbH, pleased with the victory the team: In the name of better Betreut I congratulate the players very much their title. We appreciate a so successful season”, so the sponsor. The removal of barriers and a high degree of tolerance are the cornerstone of the better Betreut and contents of their offers.” The company supports the hearing lots project since November 2010.

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