February 1st, 2013 by thesuper

Dear, if God said that you go to pass for this situation It to support you go you in the desert, the moment most difficult of your life, and instead of running away, you goes to be to see the glory of God in your life. What today something terrible for you is, that something difficult of you is to swallow, is something that hurting is you, tomorrow will be the reason of you to glorify the name Mr. and to say: I passed therefore, I I passed for this moment and I did not give up, faced everything, won the fear and am in foot for the Glory Mr. Jesus here. Agar was dominated by a called feeling FEAR and there it receives a word from encorajamento: Not Subjects! Words of encorajamento produce effect when they are of God and us we are mouth of God. The angel supplied the forces of Agar for it if to raise, it could go until Ismael because it is who had a promise, but first encouraged it and after he ordered that it raised its son. What God wants to say for we through this word is that while you will not be sarado she will not be able to raise nobody, a blind person does not guide another blind person. God is in fulling of courage, is in raising to raise others.

He goes in front brave warrior Mr. Jesus! he does not give up, he is not waiting the death to arrive, is not motionless, he does not cross the arms, he does not think that this goes to finish because it will have a provision of bigger God for your life. This is the time of the largenesses of God, not of more continuing eating of the crumbs that sobrou, while It prepares a table, a slap-up meal says and you: ' ' Son drinks and eats because only I in your life, only fortify you to I, I I raise who you, I who I encourage to you in the mornings where you raise discouraged, only I only face, does not give up, is not of far seeing everything to finish. Not subjects! ' ' The eyes of Agar if had opened, v19 – and opened God to it the eyes, and saw a water well; was to full odre of water, and gave to drink the boy. When God opened the eyes of Agar it saw the solution. God wants to open its eyes spirituals now and to remove all the scale, all impediment, all the fear, all the problems and to make you to now enxergar its miracle, its victory and the provision that God has for yours life! If somebody said one day that does not go to give certain, that it does not advance, starts to contemplate the eyes of the faith that your miracle, your dream is if carrying through, it starts to enxergar your Ismael because it is alive, your dream still is alive, it does not go to die and you go to enjoy of what God has here for you in this land, you you go to live a great restitution. Your miracle is close to you. It has a water source reserved for your life. Amen.

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