High School Music
August 14th, 2016 by thesuper

Since last Thursday, November 5 series of Fox Glee, which has proved to be a success in the United States, where has awakened an unexpected boom thanks to its original theme, in which the protagonists are the least adjusted the parameters of beauty or success, which we are accustomed American series premiered in Latin America. Series where a group of just losers seeks to form the musical group in his high school, overcoming the fear of ridicule and with the firm intention not to pass more unnoticed whatever it takes, has received the best reviews and with only his chapter on premiere in an unprecedented event, came to receive 3 nominations at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. The series, as it was not a long time, manages to break the paradigms of series in this case of teen musicals, and this is possible thanks to the vision of its producer Ryan Murphy, which many say nothing his name, however when speaking of shows such as Nip/Tuck, we can already recognize because Murphy has been catalogued as one of the producers more original and outstanding in the current entertainment industry. Acceptance of the series has been total, and already it is forecast that the cast of the series will have secured a concert tour throughout United States, and to increase the expectation, already sold his first cd with songs that will be in the first season. The bet of the Fox for his new project has been such that even not thought twice when they took the decision to delay the transmission of the speech by President Barack Obama on health reform, when for the bad luck of the mandatary, coincided with the transmission of the second chapter of the series. Glee seems destined to become a mass phenomenon, proposing a story more grounded with the reality of teens, and away from the perfect fussiness of series such as High School Musical and its similar, which can even be direct victims in the fight for the rating and the river of fans who have been accustomed..

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