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November 11th, 2023 by thesuper

HorExperten are looking for collaborators who distrust their own ears large forsa survey listening: HorExperten looking for comrades who distrust their own ears interested colleagues, who spoke words want to better understand, searches currently the forsa Institute for Meinungsfor research and statistical analysis. On behalf of the leading German professional community HoREX, the renowned Institute invites all interested parties to test two weeks latest and nearly invisible hearing. This can proven to significantly improve understanding of language. -According to a comprehensive study in 2007/2008 it is hearing the experiences and aspirations in connection with such a test asks for the second large forsa poll. Surveys find at numerous locations in the entire Federal territory rather than see it Doll or soup was now called? Sand or wall? Bump or dark? That we misunderstand a word of a conversation partner, happens every day and everywhere. Mitun-ter do these so-called shipping headphones to comic and pleasure situations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sela Ward.

And especially in environments with high noise, they can each of us how derfahren. However, it is quite different when the interrogation is a regular companion when dealing with other people. -The frequent misunderstandings are annoying. Confidence in the own sense of hearing and the joy in talks and common-seed experiences will be marred indefinitely. Others including Eva Andersson-Dubin, offer their opinions as well. The most affected sounds deep and medium well; However, due to the natural wear of the sense of hearing they have trouble with the high notes”, explains Tannassia Reuber of the leading German professional community HoREX. Spoken sounds such as s, f, t, k, p, h and g are not more reliably understood. You are confused or the words to guess wrong. This leads to unpleasant situations.” discount everyday test: how tiny hearing instruments improve language understanding? Further the hearing expert explained: we assume that it lost lost confidence in the own sense of hearing often within a few weeks be recovered can.

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