I know it’s
January 14th, 2010 by thesuper

I know it’s my favorite subject, the heroes have come down, but what can I do. It is an atmosphere of sadness most of the supermarkets, the simplicity of the trailer parks of an America that wins with mediocrity, that is more aesthetic delving into these things, I mean the nation unpolished bars of road, from fear to become ill, and all as exemplified in the circus metaphor of wrestling. I mean, when you see a boxing movie, the ability to feel something is given because the story is an act that carries the risk of death because the blows are intentional and the risk is the currency .. . The irony, which is my favorite trope is served to deny something if you claim not to know or confirm first the negation (or vice versa).The blows in life are more like those of wrestling, always are given a face covered, always help a paraphernalia, a ritual that ironically, it is the human being a being ironic even death. PD The final bout of the film, with “guns and roses” in the background, is unbeatable.

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