International volleyball Volleyball
March 9th, 2010 by thesuper

International volleyball Volleyball game. Women’s international volleyball match. The volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball or just volleyball (English: volleyball ) is a sport where two teams face off on a flat pitch, separated by a central network, trying to pass the ball over the network to the floor of the attacking. The ball can be touched or driven with blows clean, but can not be stopped, seized, detained or escorted. Each team has a limited number of touches to return the ball to the opposite field. Usually the ball is hit with hands and arms, but also with any other body part. One of the most peculiar is that volleyball players have to be rotating their positions as they get points.Chapters of Regulations Chapter 1: Facilities and equipment Area Games, Online Network and desserts Balls Capittulo 2: Participants Equipo n team Responsible Chapter 3: Formation of the game annotation substitutions Chapter 4: Actions Games, Online Lock Status Games, Online Game Balloon ball in the net Remove attack hit Chapter 5: Interruptions and delays Chapter 6: Conduct of participants Requirements of conduct and misconduct penalties tactics and game systems disitintos Given the moments of a meeting, each team must have prepared various provisions of their players to cope with insufficient guarantees any option team. To consider that a team has a good tactical arsenal, has at least one serve-receiving system, a defense and a well trained attack. If not, you will usually become a whole that can be defeated rather easily.The logical starting point before the start of the tactic is to locate the various players on the pitch depending on their specialty or facet of the game to master. In this way we underwriters players, players and even auctioneers multipurpose or universal players, which are those capable of playing both setter facets as auctioneer There are various modalities. The name identifies the modality volleyball is played in indoor track, but also very popular beach volleyball is played on sand. The sitting volleyball is a variation with growing popularity among sports for the disabled and Cachibol practice is widespread in older communities. The Ecuadorian community distributed by the world practice the local variant, the ecuav ley. The Chinese community in North America maintains a volleyball league nine (nine man volleyball).On a more informal there are other variations that are practiced so popular in summer, beaches and tourist areas, such as futv ley, the water volleyball or bossaball. Volleyball is one sport where greater parity between male and female competitions, both on the level of competition for popularity, in the media and public who follow the teams.

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