September 8th, 2021 by thesuper

(It is sold only proper permission to use images rather than copyrights). Microstock or mikropeymentovy photobank, is essentially a large collection of images there who are successfully sold. Indycar might disagree with that approach. Or rather not sold the images themselves, but only a permit for temporary use, a limited edition. In civilized countries are very closely related to compliance with copyrights equate them to their own material. Therefore the image can be sold an unlimited number of times, and once upload a photo, you rest of your life will receive a fee for its use. Size the fee varies depending on what will be the circulation of the product with your picture, or in other words, for any license it purchased. Royalty Free – this is the license for the most revenue, although it is only $ 0.25 per sale (for Sales via the Internet, it is generally the main license – on a temporary and limited edition to use, without the sale of copyright infringement). Yes, it's great! And who needs a whole lot of pictures? Potential consumers of this products are numerous publishers of newspapers, magazines, manufacturers and other printed materials, and various advertising agencies, designers, web designers, whom the world has a great many, and they daily require more and more new photos and illustrations on a completely different topic, and the trend is only increased the demand for their products. Have a look at any advertising material, brochure, website, or as a screensaver on the tv, and you will see illustrations or photos, purchased at microstocks (with few exceptions) If you want to literally begin a new life – join us in this business! By registering in the photo bank, you get a job with free graph, not depending on where they live, the whims of customers (you do not see them and never will know), superiors (yes no there is no boss), and with decent pay – controlled only by you.

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