it was the maid’s media and the far right mastiff (video)
February 8th, 2010 by thesuper

cleavage chichi says goodbye to his audience.chiquita gives his reporters: “It must learn to fly by themselves (as Sonsito), there is a new group (” guille rat ) waiting their turn for a chance .. “in other words,” move down and bum “. and think that until a few weeks ago were” a great team. ” poor devils who were sold to the easy money of chichi aback. “Some apology for his irresponsible journalism yellow-fascist who served as an excuse to corrupt and repressive power to kill and imprison citizens contrast, do not miss the latest program to continue maligning of “international terrorists” who oppose the banana republic of the extreme right and their puppet jester Garcia. a few months ago began the beginning of the end of the window (fascist).April demominado held a rally for the freedom to think differently – against servile press against channel 2 in the chichi moments transmitting a servile interview megacorrupto hundred young people expressed their rejection Cecilia Valenzuela and his journalism scoundrel edited videos, and music effects claims that were “evidence” in the eyes of police and Alva Castro Octavio Salazar (those two idiots pulled) to melissa Patino, Roque Gonzales and the other detainees in continuous tomb in prison, “tomorrow afternoon (melissa Patino, roque,) can plan an attack” sentenced more than once to justify his journalism chichi terror.

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