Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
June 4th, 2009 by thesuper

Translated from English Counterpunch Reunion Reunion for Fernandez Sinf by Pope Benedict XVI broke the program in its first day in Israel to leave on a Monday night meeting between the various faiths in Jerusalem, after a Muslim cleric who asked him to condemn the ‘killing’ of women and children in the recent … Outside the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the seat of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem in Rome in 1374 to 1847.
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem is the title given by the Latin Church and the Catholic Archbishop of Jerusalem. The Archdiocese of Jerusalem has jurisdiction over all practitioners of the Roman Catholic rituals, both in Israel and Palestine, Cyprus and Jordan. Has no jurisdiction over the faithful to the Catholic Eastern Churches, both the Greco-Catholic Church Melquita as the Maronite Catholic Church, several dioceses have established in these regions.
The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem is one of the Eastern Catholic patriarchs. Today’s the oldest among the patriarchs of data since 1099 and is the only Latin rite. Indeed, after the taking of Jerusalem by the Crusaders in 1099, I believe there is a religious structure, the Latin Patriarchate, which is complementary to a temporary structure, the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
At present, the Patriarch of Jerusalem is the only title in the Eastern Churches Catholic bishop assigned to one of the Latin Church. The Patriarch of Jerusalem is not a leader of a Church sui iuris particular, it is more of a bishop to hold the privilege of an honorary title of Patriarch, like the Patriarchs of Venice, Lisbon and the East Indies.
According to its statutes, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem participated in the Consultation of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, having a hierarchy just behind the Grand Prior of the Order.

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