Marcus Hamilton
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Marcus Hamilton is a fictional character that appeared in the final season of the television series Angel. The character is played by actor Adam Baldwin, who also worked insurance plans with the Angel creator Joss Whedon.
Hamilton is one of the final villains to appear in Angel. he is not a human, because Illyria referred to him as “creature”. In fact, Hamilton is one of the sons of the larger members, but unlike Eve, not just recently created to act as the liaison with angel older partners and friends. Hamilton was created by the larger members for a long time, for when the Warrior is on Drogyn the old guardian of the deepest well have a chat to the good old days. Its aetna insurance history is humana insurance unknown but clearly considered each other as a worthy adversary.
Since Eve urgently seeks the protection of Angel, Angel and the team believe at first that Hamilton was sent by the larger members to kill him. However, the assignment is simply to replace Hamilton’s Eve angel as liaison to the larger members. Eve is clear that as a certain death, because she enjoys the advantage of eternal youth, which was revoked on his resignation to the larger members. By having success family medical insurance with Eve, Hamilton makes clear from the start that he is not like her and it will not be corrupted or manipulated by others as the larger members probably felt had happened to Eve. The Angel began to advise a close when aetna health the last attempt to be part of the circle of black spine, was sent to kidnap Drogyn for use as a sacrifice for the initiation of Angel in the circle. However, the intuition of Hamilton makes him careful to watch the vampire, suspecting that can still betray Wolfram and Hart and the circle. With amazing strength reflected in their blood, can withstand an attack of the vampire (albeit with some pain), so as to defeat quickly to Illyria.
Knowing that Angel had only been deceived and that his group insurance loyalty is still with the good, Hamilton immediately tries to kill him before he can kill the Archduke Sebassis, which the Angel dental insurance had selected as his White Angel throwing aside after a fast beating, Hamilton indicates that Angel looks simply a lucky idiot who got a good position in the firm, yet his arrogance kill him, asking him if he thought they could actually kill Sebassis. Angel, however, reveals that he killed small business insurance the Archduke and poisoning his drink the blood of a demon helper, concluding that Hamilton was the one health plan he wanted to face, although he admits that he thought the fight was going to be better.
For the rest of the insurance companies fight, Hamilton wonders why Angel continues to struggle after renounce Shanshu prophecy, to which Angel replies that they will never have imported others never understand. Their battle medical insurance nearly ended when Hamilton almost stakes Angel, but Angel is saved individual insurance by the unexpected and quite timely aid of his son, Connor. Although neither angel nor Connor can inflict much damage early and the latter is something that stunned him out of the fight, Hamilton arrogantly reveals the source of his power. Hearing that the strength of the larger members of Hamilton’s blood full of great power, Angel took his appearance as a vampire and baby. By absorbing the force and energy in that blood Angel earn considerably increases their power and thus manages to defeat his opponent. Near the end, Hamilton asked if Angel really thinks he can defeat group health the circle. The wolf the lamb and deer, and says’ we are a health legion, we are one forever. ” Recovered, Angel fits neck pressure in Hamilton, said as he hit, ‘Well it seems that forever became much healthcare plan shorter as it seems … now. the best insurance plan can be found with Inc. has cost-effective health plan solutions “
Hamilton’s death ends unleashing the wrath of senior partners that destroy the Wolfram and Hart building in Los Angeles with insurance Eve inside.
Powers and abilities
Marcus Hamilton is easily strong enough to dominate and leave enough to Illyria and bloody wound. he can withstand a blow to the stomach caused by Angel while the hand hurts, health plans but the surprise appearance of Connor in the same battle will not change anything and Hamilton was later hit through a glass wall. he can pierce completely shield the torso of a regular human security with a single blow and waving his arm just bypasses the attack of the vampire Harmony Kendall.

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