November 7th, 2021 by thesuper

Poverty and violence increase, also the wars and conflicts. Unknown diseases and epidemics appear in an era where natural disasters occur with drama. The voices of politicians are as confusing as the Church men, while the middle class is only kept afloat. Contradictorily priests sitting on their fortunes, appeal in his sermons more hypocritically than ever, that actions are made. But for them the teachings of the Nazarene were on the road, they have instead placed dogmas, rituals, sacraments and cults.

But this does not mean that many people recognize that so it cannot continue. The earth does not give more host the saqueador people who exhausted her and torture animals. Already Jesus de Nazareth prophesied the end of this world and for more than 30 years is manifested through his instrument and warns again about what had already announced many prophets who would take place if humankind didn’t change. This time has already crossed its threshold and one thing is certain: the Earth is purifying and the signs already announce the storm. The churches have not taken seriously the words of Jesus, as they have not done so with his Sermon on the mount that qualify for utopian, when it is the only teaching that could renew this world. But the truth WINS. You can live the Sermon on the mount! And it will be the anchor of salvation for the new Earth.

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