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October 22nd, 2019 by thesuper

Isla Magica has reopened last Saturday, April 2. This theme park, so close to our hotels in Seville, presents the following new features for this season: new attractions at Magic Island for this season new attraction of the Buccaneers: on the Lake, seven boats equipped with four water cannons each fired not only the enemy ships but also the spectators who repelled the attack with their own water cannon in response. Jaguar: Premiere more flexible and ergonomic harnesses and an automatic anchoring system to save time in the run-up to the trip. The Temple of Terror (the Maya area): a tour of fourteen classic scenarios of fear, with all kinds of cries, howls, ghosts and undead. Movies: Dimension 4 premieres the little Prince and Symphony of fish. The first is based on the book of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, with much imagination and travel through space. In terms of the other movie, it’s a musical submarine. Cinemocion, a display of 600 square meters.

Bumper, new virtual roller coaster. This time it’s an incredible journey in giant and especially rapid shock cars. Pleasure: The Cazadragones, a spectacle very hard to liquidate the Dragon and rescue the Princess. The market of clutter, next to the entrance: it’s two stalls with the latest of the latest in fashion, facing each other jumping Sparks, clothes, shoes and everything. The Fort: La Taberna la turtle Muerta, a musical set in a pirate cantina, with their games and their fights will be rendered. The Corral de Comedias: The Retablillo de Don Cristobal, Thumbelina and La Lola goes to the bulls are three works in poster.

The first is the comic version of for puppet farce written by Garcia Lorca on the bad loves and amusing deceptions. Thumbelina is the adaptation of Andersen’s tale, for the more little ones. The Lola is a folkloric desmadre that mixes the copla, the Lydia and love. In few days, our hotels in Seville will offer you an interesting promotion (Hotel + tickets), which may be accessed through our website. This corporate BLOG will give account of it.

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